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Misty & Rose missing

Misty is gone for more than a week. She was always together with 2T belonging to resident of *22. She is a shy one but seemed more frightened the last few times I saw her… frightened by pest controllers trying to catch her? Of course, I suspect the pest control… after all the lies!

The worst is that I didn’t realise it until today because when I asked the son of the family that adopted 2T about the white cat, he told me she was inside. I thought they probably kept her in because they had heard about the 2 families loosing their cats last month… but I still saw 2T outside occasionally. So when I spoke to them again today, the father said that they had not taken her in.

With Rose… I still cannot be sure that she is missing because she is not regular…just like Thor whom I also have not seen for a week or so.

So much pain… it’s hard not to hate those who did this…

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Twisty, Darky, Rose

Twisty aka Peony was injured and needed to be stitched (5 deep bite wounds).

M brought her to the vet. Tommy is the suspected culprit.

Darky was finally revolutionized yesterday.

Rose was locked in the Pump Room (probably since yesterday morning).

She was released at 1am.

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Pretty Rose

Sporting a nice collar with bell

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Update on hoarder “B”

13 cats (5 females and 8 males) have been sterilised so far. B was cooperative, bringing the cats to the vet as agreed and also seemed to appreciate the help and asked us to visit him. However when I tried to confirm a day and time… there was no reply to my sms. Hmmm…maybe I wait one more day but then it’s time for another visit to check on the condition and number of cats. B claimed that the remaining 7 were still too young to be sterilised.

Rose looks a little unwell. I applied the eye ointment as there is some discharge and also the third eyelid is showing…will wait and observe. She still has appetite… ate the Fussy Cat.

Have not seen the Little Princess for 3 days and was very worried… until sms from R that she saw Princess today . Probably taken home by someone… just like Bamboo when he was lost for 4 days. Also one side of her whiskers were cut when I last saw her and she had a small wound at the other side of her mouth.

There is still the filled food and water bowl on the 13th floor and suspect that this family took her in… even though I had told them that a resident of this block had recently complaint about “many cats” to the MP.

Stroked Noisy Joe today….hopefully can nap him soon for sterilisation. A moment later he started a fight with his brother Alex… had to splash water on them.

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A quick update

Pixy, Trixy and Maxy have been adopted. Their mother (named her Black-Tail) has finally turned up and was napped for sterilisation.

Black-Tail tipped

Novena mother-cat is pregnant again… will have to trap her as soon as I can.

New orange kitten ( about 5 months old) with collar and bell sighted at area 1…very frightened and skinny.

The new young orange-white female *30 area 1 (Rose) has been sterilised.

Rose sporting a tipped-ear

Ocean has been to the vet and was sterilised at the same time. His limping seems slightly improved he had a jab and is on antibiotics for 2 weeks.

Took in Jake yesterday. He has wounds all over his face and neck…they seem to dry up. Could it be a dog attack?

House full… and me exhausted…

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