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We have a home

Even though it’s a home shared with 20 more… it beats living on the street! Actually only 19 more now that Orange Boy had passed away… miss him very much!


Bunny was hit by a car and almost died after hiding with a broken jaw unable to eat and drink for many days. Nush can be seen in the background at the window. Everywhere there are steps for her to go up onto the furniture.


Nushi was abandoned at the void deck at the old age of 9. She was sitting in her own pee, too scared to move. Now she is 14 years old and the queen of the house! No one dare mess with her… not even Darly!


Hope was at risk of drowning in the drain. After sterilization he fell sick then started limping… in the end didn’t have the heart to release him.

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New mats for the cats

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Cute Bunny

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Bunny & Tommy

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Some clashes… but manageable

Damy harnessed

Stitches puzzled

Little Peaches

Not a good place Billy Boy

Trouble brewing!

Billy harnessed

Not an easy task trying to combine the different groups but usually fights can be settled with a spray bottle and some rolled up newspaper.

Damy however will just be running from one cat to the next to challenge them for a fight… so for the time being he needs to be either restrained by a harness or caged while balcony and bedroom doors are open for all the cats to mingle.

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Bunny – wire removed and teeth done

Brought Bunny to MPVC for removal of the wire today and thought might as well do the teeth at the same time. He had one upper fang pulled and one tooth filed down. Seems he is still not able to close his mouth completely… but it’s much better!

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New toys

Lots of useful cat stuff was given to me by another caregiver. They love the 3-way tunnel. The cat-tree went straight into my bedroom… before Ashley’s could spray on it!

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