Misty & Rose missing

Misty is gone for more than a week. She was always together with 2T belonging to resident of *22. She is a shy one but seemed more frightened the last few times I saw her… frightened by pest controllers trying to catch her? Of course, I suspect the pest control… after all the lies!

The worst is that I didn’t realise it until today because when I asked the son of the family that adopted 2T about the white cat, he told me she was inside. I thought they probably kept her in because they had heard about the 2 families loosing their cats last month… but I still saw 2T outside occasionally. So when I spoke to them again today, the father said that they had not taken her in.

With Rose… I still cannot be sure that she is missing because she is not regular…just like Thor whom I also have not seen for a week or so.

So much pain… it’s hard not to hate those who did this…


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  1. Misty is back! Rose was seen by Malay feeder yesterday… but King is missing for about a week!

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