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Dirty Harry

Caught him!!! Walked towards blk *29 Area 1 and there he was looking quite hungry. I set up the trap in a hurry. He went in, I pulled the string… and nothing happened, somehow the string was not attached to the bottle holding the trap door open. Had to go to the trap to tie the string and of course Harry retreated. So one more time…Harry went in and the trap closed. He went wild and slammed against the door so hard that it partially opened. I tied both ends up before carrying him home. Which was not easy as he is quite heavy and was trashing about. I walked slowly and kept telling myself not to drop the cage when I get clawed…

But everything went smooth. Managed to transfer him to a carrier and we cycled to the vet this morning. I am really admiring the vet assistants, what brave people they must be, fearlessly handling such wild cats with their bare hands!


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