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Panther and Beany found but Lucky missing for 2 days…

…Anna’s sick Ginger is also missing.

Found Panther yesterday. As I suspected, he kept away because of that new Siamese.

I had not seen Beany for 4 days but wasn’t worried (until today) as he goes missing quite often. He has a big territory (including Blk *10). I finally found him safe and well at *09 Area 2.

Then I went on to *52 Area 3 to look for the sick Ginger and meet Anna and Sylvia. When I looked at the place where he used to sleep, I saw the remains of the 4 bicycles, a blackened wall and the floor covered with ashes…trying to stop myself from imagining the worst.

Anna seems not to care much about the cat. When I suggested that we look for him and bring him to the vet, she replied ‘what for? He is old already…let him die’.

There used to be 6 or 7 cats at *52 now there are only 2 left (broken-leg Clover and another Ginger). Anna beliefs that TC has removed them…though they didn’t turn up at AVA.

Then Sylvia and me went to *78 to look for Lucky, who didn’t turn up for feeding yesterday…

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Medicated oil on Genie

M saw Genie this morning, her wounds were raw looking and there was a smell of medicated oil. I took her in and have washed the wounds and applied powder. I think someone put the Chinese nutmeg oil on her wounds… R suggested to feed her lots of water to dilute and get the stuff out of her system. Will have to keep her in until the wounds are completely healed…so that this person will not put the medicated oil on her again.

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Stitches at AVA

Stitches, who was sterilized in September and had wounds on his tail and cheek that needed stitching had been missing for 3 days already. I almost didn’t call AVA, because I had spoken to the Property Manager before, and whenever any cat was missing from that area it never turned up at AVA….

It turned out that Stitches and another unknown and unsterilized cat had been caught by pest control at blk *10 on the 28th of Nov. The unsterilized cat had already been killed.

An anonymous complaint had been made directly to the MP about an Indian man feeding at the lift landing of blk *10 Area 2.

The Property Manager agreed to fax a letter to AVA, so I will be collecting Stitches tomorrow morning. He is also agreeable to putting up CWS posters on responsible feeding.


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Big Head sterilized and stiched

Big Head had the infected granulating wound on his right front leg cleaned and stitched, plus antibiotic instillation and injection. The vet charged only $ 45.-for the material costs. I still have Vibravet tablets, antibiotic powder and cleaning solution.

Big Head had this big wound, and other wounds, for a long time…always getting into fights again before the wounds get a chance to heal. I will keep him in for 2 weeks until the stitches can be removed… and hopefully he will change his ways now as a tipped-ear community cat.

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Big Head

I went early to look for Judy…but was too late, her belly looked saggy. I fed her and then looked for Sandy. She was rolling about…probably on heat. Her 2 kittens are about 3 months old now. Sandy was also very suspicious of Mohan. He finally made one attempt to net her but failed. Have to try again next month…

We then went to look for another cat and saw the black Big Head at *78. Mohan managed to grab him and drop him into his carrier. Big Head went wild but calmed down later on.

Mohan also had a look at Anna’s sick ginger cat. He was still sleeping on the canvas but jumped down when Mohan came too close. We could see a small; wound at his neck and there also seemed to be something wrong with one of his front paws and Mohan said that he also has mites.

On the way back we drove by the petrol station and Mohan pointed out the spot where the black-and-white cat was killed.

At about 1am Sylvia called me…on her way home she passed by blk *78 and found my carrier and Mohan’s net there…

Ooops…what would I do without Sylvia 🙂


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Update on Fury, Old Ginger, Panther and Sophia

Fury had to be released after 2 days. She is one of those very stubborn cats who refuse to eat in captivity. She went straight into the condo compound hiding under a car. I left a paper bowl of food where she could see it. Fury has been back for every feeding since…eating large portions…so I guess she is fine.

There is this Old Ginger at *21 Area 1. He is quite thin and always needs some coaxing before eating his food. I started to give him Fancy Feast as he seems to like it better…but lately he hardly eats anything…started giving him Nutri-plus gel.

I have not seen the big cross-eyed Panther (blk *21) for several days. Hope he is safe…Panther is very afraid of this new big Siamese male cat that appeared recently. This cat must belong to someone because he looks well fed and is never interested in food… only in terrorizing the other cats.

Sophia (the old black Persian cross at *48 Area 3) is doing well. She looks stronger and seems she has put on a little weight. We (the Aunty, Sylvia and me) pamper her a lot, giving her special treats and sitting with her coaxing her to eat more…someone else is also feeding her in the morning.

Photos: Sophia and old photos of cross-eyed Panther and Old Ginger

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Anna’s sick Ginger

Anna called me 3 days ago saying that one of her cats had a brown string around his neck. Sylvia went over to check as I was still feeding the cats at area 1. Was wondering how someone could tie a string on a cat who does not let anyone come near him…Sylvia said there was no string but that he looked very sick and all wet…

This old ginger cat had a leg injury previously and had difficulty walking…but it healed in time. My son and I helped Anna trap him for sterilization and I remember he almost escaped while transferring him to Anna’s carrier.

Later I went to *52 area 3 to have a look at the cat. He was still lying on the canvas that was covering 2 bicycles. I was shocked to see him so skinny and all wet and dirty. I managed to put a plate of food in front of him but he was not interested. I tried different types of food and finally he took a few mouthfuls of the Fancy Feast. I left some dry food and water next to the bicycle and reminded Anna to check on him in the morning.

I sent metta and kept thinking of him…

I dropped by again yesterday while Anna was feeding the cats there. He was still lying on the canvas sheet. Anna said that he ate his food and he also jumped down to drink the bowl of pet-milk that Anna offered him. He is half the size he used to be….Hope he will get well…

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Another fruitless trapping attempt…ending with taking Twiggy instead. Today will be my last chance of getting Judy for tomorrow’s slot.

Twiggy is a shy and skinny newcomer at *28 Area 1 and she was on heat. I used to think poor cat…more risk…slower recovery. Now I just think ‘Oh good…I caught her just in time’.

Twiggy refused to come out of the carrier so I placed the open carrier in one of the big cages. She will come out to eat and do her business…so I am not worried.


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Two more cats killed by cars

The cleaners at the blk *05 area 2 bin center told me that the big and very nice cat was hit by a car and had died. First I thought that it was Shadow who didn’t turn up that day…then I realized that it must be the ginger cat who belonged to a resident of *02. He frequently joined Shredder and Shadow at feeding time.

Another cat was killed today at the SPC petrol station quite near to blk *52 where Anna feeds. Mohan went there and called me in case it was one of the feeders’ cats. The big black cat with white paws used to sleep under the cars there. Sylvia thinks it could be one of Anna’s cats…

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Genie & Silver


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New photo of Orange Boy

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November 22, 2006 · 6:36 am

Fury had an infection of the uterus

Tried 2 more times to trap the pregnant Judy then Mohan tried to net her…but she wouldn’t even let him get near her. So we went to *18 area 2 to catch Pearl. When we saw the 5 paper plates with leftover wet food on the floor and no cats in sight we gave up and went for my 3rd choice, the pregnant looking cat at *78 (sister of Garfie’s mother Gaby) Like Garfie’s father Garfield, she had also moved to the nearby condo, but now she is back at blk *78 for feeding.

The Auntie told me later that Pearl had already given birth “tummy small already?…but I have my doubts because she didn’t really look pregnant to me.

Anyway, won’t catch her now until we are sure…

The *78 cat (named her Fury) took her own sweet time to enter the trap…and when she was finally fully inside…the trap door didn’t close. Lucky she went in a second time later on and finally the door closed.

Big Head was also there, his leg swollen and the wound open again…and I didn’t have the powder with me. I was tempted to take him in as Mohan could stroke him while he was eating and I had the carrier with me…but where would I keep him? Plan to take him in next week (after some of the other cats have been released) to let the wound heal and then have him sterilized next month.

It turned out that Fury wasn’t pregnant. Her belly was swollen because of an infection of the uterus. Lucky cat…to have it removed in time…

Knowing that she is Gaby’s sister I expected her to be difficult…but she is much worse…even Dirty Harry was a pussycat compared to her.

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A beautiful world…

Relax, smile and enjoy the pictures…

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Silver and Patchy sterilized

Silver is a new abandonee, very skinny, very shy. She was always hiding at the bin center (next to *29 area 1) and would only come out to eat after all the others had finished. The place is quite dark and I never realized what a pretty silver-tabby she was.

That night I was out to trap a pregnant Judy…but no luck…then suddenly there was a hungry Silver very eager to enter the trap…

Silver is a young and very affectionate cat. I have let her out on the balcony together with Genie, the two seem to get along.

Patchy, the pregnant calico from *11 Area 2, was drowsy for quite a while but she seems all right now and is eating.

I am now really considering using tranquilizers as a last resort for Judy and Pearl…we just can’t have another batch of kittens in these areas. Mohan said that there was some risk that the drowsy cat would manage to hide somewhere….but what other option is there?

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Attacked by a dog

Our little Genie girl was attacked by a dog at blk *24 Area 1.

I actually heard the dog and was thinking of Genie but then didn’t go down to check on her. Later at night I searched many times but couldn’t find her.

The next day received sms from M that Genie had several bite wounds. M suspected Rocky but these are definitely not wounds from a catfight. Someone let his or her dog attack her! It sounded like a small or medium-sized dog. The dog must have tried to nibble and pull off patches of hair. Genie has 7 wounds on one side of her body (2 on the hind leg and one behind the ear). I am applying antibiotic powder and the wounds are healing well. Will be able to release her back soon.


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That’s short for Orange Boy 😉

Orange Boy has taken over Nushi’s favorite spot on my bed…no respect for elders…and he just needs to chase and bite someone (anyone) sometimes. No wonder Ashley likes him, they are two of a kind…. It’s playful biting and he seems to learn that the others do not like that kind of rough play. So we don’t have to call out ‘Oy’ so often anymore. Otherwise he is well and also very cute 🙂

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What if…

Shivering from coldness

Soaked to the skin by the rain

Huddled together on a bench

Caught in a thunderstorm

Under a roof that doesn’t provide shelter

Only thoughts of home and a hot drink

to keep me warm

With plastic sheet and dysfunctional umbrella

we finally make our way along the beach

Bracing myself for the long cold bus ride home

comforting thoughts of a warm shower

dry clothes and food in the fridge – BLISS!!!

But what if…

born as a stray cat

my only home would be the streets and drains

No food… no shelter…

No hope!

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Sometimes it all seems so hopeless…

new abandonees, pregnant cats, kittens… everywhere. How is TNRM ever going to work?

Most of these new cats do not come back for a second or third feeding…probably wandering around looking for food somewhere. Those who stay to be sterilized will add to the population of community cats. Some old male cats who are not regulars never get a chance to be sterilized because the new females always come first.

There is this calico at *14 area 2 who was highly pregnant when I first saw her. She disappeared for several months and has now come back…pregnant again. I will get her done this time. Hope Mohan can net Pearl …she is probably also pregnant again.


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Boy Boy is scared…

Right after being released Boy Boy was chased into the drain by broken-leg Clover. Even the next day he appeared only after the Auntie called him. On the third day, they found him only after Sylvia heard the sound of his bell. Gave him a (loose) collar with bell, though Anna said “no use…people will take it?

Sylvia told me that he seems to be afraid of people now. Could the vet have been wrong…could he have been ABUSED? Why this change of behavior? Really hope he will settle in time…Anna now feeds him some distance away form the other cats. That he is weary of humans is actually not a bad thing…just hope the other cats will accept him back.


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A poem to remember…

…when you meet an older person

Found this here:

Crabby Old Woman

What do you see, nurses?
What do you see?
What are you thinking
When you’re looking at me?

A crabby old woman,
Not very wise,
Uncertain of habit,
With faraway eyes?

Who dribbles her food
And makes no reply
When you say in a loud voice,
“I do wish you’d try!”

Who seems not to notice
The things that you do,
And forever is losing
A stocking or shoe?

Who, resisting or not,
Lets you do as you will,
With bathing and feeding,
The long day to fill?

Is that what you’re thinking?
Is that what you see?
Then open your eyes, nurse,
You’re not looking at me.

I’ll tell you who I am
As I sit here so still,
As I do at your bidding,
As I eat at your will.

I’m a small child of ten
With a father and mother,
Brothers and sisters,
Who love one another.
A young girl of sixteen
With wings on her feet
Dreaming that soon now
A lover she’ll meet.

A bride soon at twenty,
My heart gives a leap,
Remembering the vows
That I promised to keep.

At twenty-five now,
I have young of my own,
Who need me to guide
And a secure happy home

A woman of thirty,
My young now grown fast,
Bound to each other
With ties that should last.

At forty, my young sons
Have grown and are gone,
But my man’s beside me
To see I don’t mourn.

At fifty once more,
Babies play round my knee,
Again we know children,
My loved one and me.

Dark days are upon me,
My husband is dead,
I look at the future,
I shudder with dread.

For my young are all rearing
Young of their own,
And I think of the years
And the love that I’ve known.

I’m now an old woman
And nature is cruel;
‘Tis jest to make old age
Look like a fool.

The body, it crumbles,
Grace and vigor depart,
There is now a stone
Where I once had a heart.

But inside this old carcass
A young girl still dwells,
And now and again,
My battered heart swells.

I remember the joys,
I remember the pain,
And I’m loving and living
Life over again.

I think of the years
All too few, gone too fast,
And accept the stark fact
That nothing can last.

So open your eyes, people,
Open and see,
Not a crabby old woman;
Look closer . . see ME!!

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Acupuncture works

This cat “Meow” was sent for acupuncture after he couldn’t walk for 3 weeks, then finally stopped eating and going to the litter box.

Here is the full account of the visit and treatment –

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Orange Boy has been introduced…

…to the gang of 6. Will keep him for a while longer to make sure he can fully control his bowels before putting him up for adoption.

This boy is fearless…challenging anyone who growls at him…not even respecting Nush…but apart from some minor tiffs they all get along. He is exploring the house…got stuck, hind legs in the air, while trying to walk across the cord of the standing fan…and a while later he was hanging over the rim of the bath tub…his hind legs are still not as strong and flexible as he thinks they are…have to keep an eye on him.

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Is it about me or about the cat?

People advised me not to keep Orange Boy for so long (with no hope of recovery) as it would be more painful to euthanize him after ‘sayang’ him. The vet who suggested euthanasia also said I could give him 5 more days if I wanted to, if it would make me feel better.

Yes, we love those that we ‘tame’ and care for…but should this love not be given freely… never fearing the pain of loss?

Some feel that strays should not be given expensive medical treatment unless they can be adopted. Can we predict the future? Yes, they may get into accidents again…or they could have learned and stay away from cars and go on to live a long life. At least we give them another chance…help them on their way…


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Boy Boy, Orange Boy and Ashley

Boy Boy will be released back to Blk *52 area 3 tonight. We worry for him…he is just too friendly and timid…and Orange Boy will surely miss his friend. Boy Boy didn’t like my cats though…there would be lots of howling and growling if any of them went near the balcony door.

Orange Boy had one ‘relapse’ on Sunday and needed to be squeezed but after that no more problem so far…. most of his poo also ends up in the litter box now…he is regaining control.

Ashley has also recovered and been reunited with the rest of the gang. He didn’t pee for 5 days!!! There must have been some blockage…The vet said to give him 200ml of water a day but I managed only about a quarter of that amount and added some vit.C to it.


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