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Panther and Beany found but Lucky missing for 2 days…

…Anna’s sick Ginger is also missing.

Found Panther yesterday. As I suspected, he kept away because of that new Siamese.

I had not seen Beany for 4 days but wasn’t worried (until today) as he goes missing quite often. He has a big territory (including Blk *10). I finally found him safe and well at *09 Area 2.

Then I went on to *52 Area 3 to look for the sick Ginger and meet Anna and Sylvia. When I looked at the place where he used to sleep, I saw the remains of the 4 bicycles, a blackened wall and the floor covered with ashes…trying to stop myself from imagining the worst.

Anna seems not to care much about the cat. When I suggested that we look for him and bring him to the vet, she replied ‘what for? He is old already…let him die’.

There used to be 6 or 7 cats at *52 now there are only 2 left (broken-leg Clover and another Ginger). Anna beliefs that TC has removed them…though they didn’t turn up at AVA.

Then Sylvia and me went to *78 to look for Lucky, who didn’t turn up for feeding yesterday…

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Medicated oil on Genie

M saw Genie this morning, her wounds were raw looking and there was a smell of medicated oil. I took her in and have washed the wounds and applied powder. I think someone put the Chinese nutmeg oil on her wounds… R suggested to feed her lots of water to dilute and get the stuff out of her system. Will have to keep her in until the wounds are completely healed…so that this person will not put the medicated oil on her again.

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Stitches at AVA

Stitches, who was sterilized in September and had wounds on his tail and cheek that needed stitching had been missing for 3 days already. I almost didn’t call AVA, because I had spoken to the Property Manager before, and whenever any cat was missing from that area it never turned up at AVA….

It turned out that Stitches and another unknown and unsterilized cat had been caught by pest control at blk *10 on the 28th of Nov. The unsterilized cat had already been killed.

An anonymous complaint had been made directly to the MP about an Indian man feeding at the lift landing of blk *10 Area 2.

The Property Manager agreed to fax a letter to AVA, so I will be collecting Stitches tomorrow morning. He is also agreeable to putting up CWS posters on responsible feeding.


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Big Head sterilized and stiched

Big Head had the infected granulating wound on his right front leg cleaned and stitched, plus antibiotic instillation and injection. The vet charged only $ 45.-for the material costs. I still have Vibravet tablets, antibiotic powder and cleaning solution.

Big Head had this big wound, and other wounds, for a long time…always getting into fights again before the wounds get a chance to heal. I will keep him in for 2 weeks until the stitches can be removed… and hopefully he will change his ways now as a tipped-ear community cat.

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Big Head

I went early to look for Judy…but was too late, her belly looked saggy. I fed her and then looked for Sandy. She was rolling about…probably on heat. Her 2 kittens are about 3 months old now. Sandy was also very suspicious of Mohan. He finally made one attempt to net her but failed. Have to try again next month…

We then went to look for another cat and saw the black Big Head at *78. Mohan managed to grab him and drop him into his carrier. Big Head went wild but calmed down later on.

Mohan also had a look at Anna’s sick ginger cat. He was still sleeping on the canvas but jumped down when Mohan came too close. We could see a small; wound at his neck and there also seemed to be something wrong with one of his front paws and Mohan said that he also has mites.

On the way back we drove by the petrol station and Mohan pointed out the spot where the black-and-white cat was killed.

At about 1am Sylvia called me…on her way home she passed by blk *78 and found my carrier and Mohan’s net there…

Ooops…what would I do without Sylvia 🙂


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Update on Fury, Old Ginger, Panther and Sophia

Fury had to be released after 2 days. She is one of those very stubborn cats who refuse to eat in captivity. She went straight into the condo compound hiding under a car. I left a paper bowl of food where she could see it. Fury has been back for every feeding since…eating large portions…so I guess she is fine.

There is this Old Ginger at *21 Area 1. He is quite thin and always needs some coaxing before eating his food. I started to give him Fancy Feast as he seems to like it better…but lately he hardly eats anything…started giving him Nutri-plus gel.

I have not seen the big cross-eyed Panther (blk *21) for several days. Hope he is safe…Panther is very afraid of this new big Siamese male cat that appeared recently. This cat must belong to someone because he looks well fed and is never interested in food… only in terrorizing the other cats.

Sophia (the old black Persian cross at *48 Area 3) is doing well. She looks stronger and seems she has put on a little weight. We (the Aunty, Sylvia and me) pamper her a lot, giving her special treats and sitting with her coaxing her to eat more…someone else is also feeding her in the morning.

Photos: Sophia and old photos of cross-eyed Panther and Old Ginger

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Anna’s sick Ginger

Anna called me 3 days ago saying that one of her cats had a brown string around his neck. Sylvia went over to check as I was still feeding the cats at area 1. Was wondering how someone could tie a string on a cat who does not let anyone come near him…Sylvia said there was no string but that he looked very sick and all wet…

This old ginger cat had a leg injury previously and had difficulty walking…but it healed in time. My son and I helped Anna trap him for sterilization and I remember he almost escaped while transferring him to Anna’s carrier.

Later I went to *52 area 3 to have a look at the cat. He was still lying on the canvas that was covering 2 bicycles. I was shocked to see him so skinny and all wet and dirty. I managed to put a plate of food in front of him but he was not interested. I tried different types of food and finally he took a few mouthfuls of the Fancy Feast. I left some dry food and water next to the bicycle and reminded Anna to check on him in the morning.

I sent metta and kept thinking of him…

I dropped by again yesterday while Anna was feeding the cats there. He was still lying on the canvas sheet. Anna said that he ate his food and he also jumped down to drink the bowl of pet-milk that Anna offered him. He is half the size he used to be….Hope he will get well…

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