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The Big Catch!!!

Yes, Mohan finally netted the untrappable Sandy (mother of Hazel)!

Now there are only 2 more difficult ones left, Judy and Pearl.

I saw Big Head yesterday for the first time after his release. He is quite friendly with Sylvia now but keeps away from me. I guess he remembers how he was caught and then kept in the cage for such a long time and then his escape at the vets… Well, can’t blame him.

Took in Golden Lion as a spare cat, in case I fail to catch either Judy or Pearl tonight for tomorrow’s sterilization slot.

M and myself visited the dog (Xiao Hei) at his temporary home today. We were surprised to see a group of people there. J and other residents were also visiting her and taking photos J

The place is not ideal for long-term and hopefully she can soon be adopted or transferred to a boarding facility.

Photos: Sandy and Golden Lion

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Oh no! Back to square one…

Sylvia saw Big Head yesterday, limping and with a bloody wound at the same old spot. Worse…now he doesn’t allow her to apply the powder probably remembering how he was caught a month ago. I had just released him two days earlier. The old wound had already healed and I just kept him a few days more because of the rain…

Silver is still the same or perhaps there is a slight improvement…hard to say. She will sit down and flop to her side after a few steps. It may be similar to this case:


…like Orange Boy but less severe. I am applying the electric stimulation on her lower back.

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Up the wall and into the false ceiling

I brought Big Head for removal of stitches today. While I was waiting and wondering what took them so long, the technician came out twice climbing up a ladder and lifting parts of the false ceiling. Maybe some electrical problem or so I thought…

Only after Big Head was safely back in his carrier was I told that he had somehow managed to escape while being pushed back into the carrier. Don’t ask me how he got into the false ceiling…

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One sneezes, one coughs and another has watery eyes…

Stitches is still sneezing but otherwise he looks much better, the fever is down and he is eating well. The wet eczema is still not improving.

Big Head’s eyes are both watery now but the new wound (torn skin next to the stitches) is closing up. He is now sleeping in the hammock. I can stroke him, syringe him and wipe his eyes clean but have to move very slowly as he is all tense…ready to defend himself.

Orange Boy has started coughing recently, so I am giving Vibravet to all three of them now.

There is a new black kitten at *14 area 2 (maybe about 6 months old). He has quite a big wound at his back, just where the tail starts. I suspect that he was bitten by the same cat that terrorized Stitches.

Fighter has a skin problem…hair loss, red irritated skin and even wounds at his neck and hind legs. Have applied neem oil several times but no improvement. Then started to apply the cream that I was given for Stitches’ eczema and that seems to help. Wonder if it could be mites? The Photo was taken a few months back, before he skin problem started.

Old Ginger and Sophia are not eating well…now I always give both of them Nutri-plus gel to supplement and improve appetite.

There is also a new and very skinny black-and-white boy…who doesn’t eat much… he too gets syringed with Nutri-plus.

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Photos of Big Head

Big Head is very scared and eating only a little. Managed to give him the antibiotics and some Nutri-gel and apply the powder.

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Big Head sterilized and stiched

Big Head had the infected granulating wound on his right front leg cleaned and stitched, plus antibiotic instillation and injection. The vet charged only $ 45.-for the material costs. I still have Vibravet tablets, antibiotic powder and cleaning solution.

Big Head had this big wound, and other wounds, for a long time…always getting into fights again before the wounds get a chance to heal. I will keep him in for 2 weeks until the stitches can be removed… and hopefully he will change his ways now as a tipped-ear community cat.

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