Undercover Mouse


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0 responses to “Undercover Mouse

  1. My cats LOVE the undercover mouse!

  2. Good to hear that they still love it… thought they might get bored with it after a while.

  3. Haha !! What is underneath ?

  4. A stick that moves in an irregular pattern… irresistable to cats – Enemies will play together! Want to try it out?

  5. HAHAHA !!! It is totally funny ! Greyee went gaga over it and Scrawny behaved like a kitten ! 😀 All these big boys playing like ninnys ! 😀 Thanx for lending it . 😀 Orange Boy must b missing it .

  6. Good… hopefully after playing less energy for fighting 🙂

  7. Unfortunately … no … still got plenty of energy for fighting … Haizzz these boys . -_-

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