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The one that was never found

The reunion of Lau-Hei and his caregiver E brings back memories of Floppy (deformed left ear). Floppy was lost in August last year. We went as a group to speak to TC.

E was crying and pleaded that she would take Floppy in if found. TC denied that they removed Floppy or that they had received any complaints. However, a cleaner said that a TC officer told him there was a complaint about Floppy a week before she disappeared. He believes that Floppy was removed.

The Pest Control company employed by this TC is Stallion Habitat.


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Floppy missing..

… since last Monday or Tuesday.

Town Council offier says there was no complaint. Cleaner says TC officer told him there was a complaint about Floppy a week ago and he believes that floppy was removed.

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Bunny next to be sterilised

Bunny appeared at block *24 area 2 about 2 weeks ago. She is a tall cat with a bobtail. Bunny will be sterilised tomorrow.

The complainant called again…claiming Floppy slept in front of her door. she didn’t actually see her but noticed cat hair on the cloth placed between door and gate to keep the lizards out. Luckily, I remembered those plastic mats Dawn mentioned in her blog… she can get 2 of those from Daiso and place them in front of her steps. that should keep the cat away. Actually Sylvia says that the cat no longer goes up to the 9th floor…but perhaps she still does so occasionally.

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One of the Malay family’s cats has been sterilised today

I lend them my carrier and then the two siblings went on their own to bring one of their two cats to the vet. I just came to know that there had been a complaint about their cats a month ago and they were told to keep the cats in…but they had not done so. Wonder if those officials were from Town Council… sad that they still refuse to work with caregivers. Such families need advise about sterilisation, meshing and sometimes they have financial difficulties. The other cat will be done next month.

Regarding Floppy, the complainant accepted our offer to fix plastic mesh to her gate. Sylvia and myself fixed the mesh yesterday night. She was very pleased…but I think she will still keep her doors and windows closed as she is fearful of lizards entering her home. There were rags and small pillows squeezed tightly between the gate and the wooden door to keep them out. We had also been wondering about the black and yellow tape at the wall leading to her unit. She told us hat the MP on her visit has also questioned her about this…it’s to prevent the lizards hiding in the small gap.

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I missed 3 calls from the complainant around 10.30 last night, when I called her back she sounded agitated and complained that she just came home and found the cat lying in front of her door. She asked me to “come and take the cat away�.

The feeding on the 9th floor seems to have stopped but of course the cat won’t change her habit so fast. Sylvia checked at about 11pm and brought Floppy downstairs. When I reached at around midnight she was up again and I also coaxed her to follow me down.

There was no food and the corridor looked very clean except for some red candle wax on the floor. Floppy does not defecate or urinate upstairs. She is also the only community cat at this block.

Though the complainant seems to be a Christian, she has no qualms about terminating the life of this innocent and harmless cat. I wonder, would she be willing to bring Floppy to the vet and to watch her being ‘euthanized’?

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A complaint about Floppy

A resident complaint about people feeding a stray cat on the 9th floor. The “stray� turned out to be a well-loved community cat named Floppy. Sylvia and myself spoke to several residents, one said that Floppy would follow her up to the 7th floor, another claimed that Floppy would take the lift up on her own.

We found no evidence of feeding and the corridor looked clean. Hope the residents will cooperate and feed downstairs.

I also noticed 2 cats on the 4th floor…and there was a strong urine smell. When I came close they ran into the corner unit. I advised the Malay family to keep the cats inside and also to get them sterilised.

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More sterilizations…

Caught 2 females yesterday night, to be sterilized on Friday/Monday. The next morning I noticed that they produced milk and quickly released them back, since they must have kittens somewhere. Have to be more careful next time. Luckily I managed to catch another female “Floppy” in the afternoon. She was quite fierce and scratched me when I tried to carry her, but later became curious about the carrier and walked right in.

Photo: Floppy has a deformed left ear, thought she was already tipped when I first saw her.

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