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Maddy had infection of the uterus

Maddy is fine now, the sterilization probably saved her life.


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Going for snip and tip on Tuesday

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Sleepy Rain

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Update from Lala’s adopters

Part of adopter’s email:

How have you been? First of, Thank You for letting us adopt Lala 🙂 We have since renamed her Pumpkin, as she is exactly the shade of a orangey pumpkin..

And as you can see, she has since filled out, let’s hope she doesn’t get as round as a pumpkin. She is about 4.5kg now..

These are some new pictures that we took of her recently. She has a very peculiar habit of tucking herself comfortably under the sheets and usurping my bed , as you can see from the pictures. Usually, I’ll have to carry her down, and explain to her that it’s not her bed. LOL

Thank you for having such a Big heart and caring for these cats which will otherwise be unloved and left to die. Thanks to you- We now have a sweet, manja and very vocal furball… She is so well-behaved, always purring and such a sweetheart!

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Sick Cats and abandoned kitten

Copper has been neemed. She will complete her course of antibiotics on Sunday and will be released. Her appetite is still not good but at least she eats some dry food. No more tapeworm segments in her stool.

The yellow shade of Tommy’s ears if fading. Strangely he seems to poo and pee only every two to three days… but poo and pee look normal. He also spends a lot of time digging in the litter box and meowing before he finally delivers. I let him out of the cage at night when only the more peaceful cats are in my room.

Stitches has been sneezing for some time now… have been giving him lysine.

Sparky had a snotty nose some time back but he still ate well so no need for antibiotics.

An orange kitten about 3 month old was spotted by a resident of *28 yesterday night. We tried to lure him out from under the car and actually I almost had him as he came close to my hand. Then tried using the trap but unsuccessful. The kind Malay Lady is willing to house the kitten and her aunt even offered to adopt him. She said she would try again later…

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Heaviest among the home cats!

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