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2 Pearls

No adopters for Light Pearl and Black Pearl so far. Will have to get them vaccinated and micro-chipped next week and then to be boarded at Pet Villa..

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Old Ginger update

Old Ginger is still not eating. The area under the chin looks quite bad. He probably also has some other health problems

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Old Ginger not well

Old photo

Old Ginger has not been eating and has become very thin and also very dehydrated. Yesterday I noticed the large lump under his chin.

Took him to the vet this morning and he was put on a drip and had the abscess drained under anesthetic.

Afterwards, he drank a whole bowl full of water but didn’t touch the food. Luckily, he is easy to syringe and medicate.

At the vet I happened to meet the caregiver who had sterilised Old Ginger and also claimed him back from AVA 8 years ago. I think he must be at least 10 years old now.

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Sophia passed away this morning

Sweet little Sophia…so many regrets…I am too late to visit you today. Thankfully, Phyllis went to see you yesterday. We love you and miss you…

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Sophia warded at Pet Clinic

Sophia has been warded at Pet Clinic, as she didn’t eat for 2 days. They did a blood test, which was normal and also tested for FIV and something else…which was also negative.

She has been diagnosed with cat flu and is still eating very little…

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Windy aka Orangey sterilised

Poor Windy, so scared and refuses to eat. Going to release him now

He was very suspicious but R managed to stroke him and then get a good grip at the nape and drop him into the carrier.

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Do animals and humans differ much?

Do animals and humans differ much?

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Some of the people’s comments…


Some of the people’s comments:

Some hate cats and some , like me , just loves all of them …

Do you give in to hate or love ??

Kill because you have the power to …

or respect the life of an animal and live in harmony with it …

Is your survey a fool proof democratic tool for determining the majority decision ?

If 50 people want the cats dead for no good reason and one little child loves the little stray kitten that brings her joy and teaches her to care for other living things …

Can your survey determine the ethics of your decision to cull ??

I believe it is ignorant , skewed and blind.

The survey is obviously flawed and biased. The cat caregivers have done more for their neighbourhood than the complainants. It is a shame that their efforts are overlooked, while the TCs rush to pander to the complainants. Let’s see what they can do for their own neighbourhood instead of merely complaining all the time.

Compassion is sadly lacking in our society these days, to the extent that people are persecuting ruthlessly the lives of just 3 cats. Are we getting too self-centred for our own good?

Killing is not a solution! We should be working together for better solutions, and not against each other. How can we claim to be a gracious society if we can’t let live 3 cats which are already sterilised and maintained under a humane society?

Kindness begets kindness. Please allow the care givers to rectify this ‘problem’ and please stop the killing of innocent lives.

Efforts have been made (and still ongoing) to help reduce the cat population humanely. Please do exercise tolerance and compassion for the less fortunate. The earth is not created for you only.

It is not right to consider the views of complainers- might not be even be legitimate – could be residents’ personal pursuit against cats – please impart some humanity to our children at least.

Just cos someone dislike cats is NO reason for them to be culled.. the lives of the cats , the people who care for them and those who appreciate the presence of their feline friends in the neighbourhood should be respected too .. acting only to placate complainants without regard for the cats or other people in the community is a cowardly and too easy way to deal with the complaint … shame on you !!!

This cavalier attitude towards putting down animals which are cared for and sterilised by fellow residents cannot be condoned. There is no reason why the voices of complainants should be louder than those who have a stake in these creatures that share and enrich our environment.

Cats are not guilty for soiled void decks or cars. Those are caused by irresponsible dog owners who never clean up after their dogs and birds. Cant they tell the difference? Duh. Cats need dirt and soil to do their business. And being strays, dirt and soil are aplenty for them cats to not un dignify themselves by doing big business on void decks or people’s cars.

I live in Blk 877 and Ive never received any such forms. Even if the rest of my family members did, we would have never agreed to the killing of stray cats. I know my neighbours well too and they would have never agreed to it as well! This is outrageous!!!

Imagine the number of rodents running around if our furry friends ain’t around.

Compassion is sadly lacking in our society these days, to the extent that people are persecuting ruthlessly the lives of just 3 cats. Are we getting too self-centred for our own good?

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Letters to MP to save the 3 sterilised cats in Yishun

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Cat Welfare Society’s Tea

Cat Welfare Society
meeting up with other caregivers…
Thank you CWS for all the good work you do!

Truly a Great Organisation!

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There comes a time when the world ends

Sucked inside a speck of dust

And it stays like that for untellable time

Until a ripple of impossibility

Dreams of tickling the shore of the real

And a trillion suns explode

~ Bhikkhu Sujato ~

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Two comments posted at ST Discussion Board

Helga Koh is right. I’ve made friends with an elderly Malay couple who regularly look after a particular tipear in my neighbourhood. Thanks to that cat, we commune as animal carers blinding racial, linguistic, generational and social differences.

This is organic – tons better than orchestrated inter-racial bonding. And likelier to endure as long as a catalytic animal exists.

Too often, the calloused squeamish get their way with ridding ‘lowly’ life forms deemed ‘unhygienic’ and ‘pesky’. They are likely to raise children who replicate their irrational fears of harmless animals they project as ‘dangerous’ and ‘in the way’.

Would they develop into empathic or abusive (not only to animals) adults thus conditioned? Mr Goh Han Chuan (Nee Soon Zone F RC Chairman) should respect animals and concerned carers rights instead of allow animal disrespecters their cruelty.

In the spirit of Ahimsa (no harm to life), stray-animal deciders should heed Mahatma Gandhi’s dictum that a nation is judged by its treatment of animals. Stray animals are social/bonding/educative issues, not a simple problem of killing ‘pests’.


Why are we killing the 2 STERILISED cats? Have they caused nuisance to be “sentensed to death”? Are they spreading disease? Have they bitten someone?

Maybe we should start killing all the birds cos they are potential spread of Avian Flu.

Let the sterilised cats live their lifes if they haven’t cause or “committed” offense that warrents the DEATH sentense. Are you “cat-phobic”?

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Just saw that there is a petition going for the cats at blk 875 :

Whenever I spot check on this block, the only nice sight is that of a beautiful feline…the other two cats will only come for feeding. There is no sign of defecation or cat food on the 2nd floor corridor or void deck…however there is plenty of litter on the void deck, such as discarded items, rubbish, bags etc next to the lift, papers strewn all around the bin, drink cans…none of these unpleasant sights is caused by the cats.

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Meeting the MP regarding the survey

14 residents turned up at the Meet The People Session, hopeful that Ms Lee would look into this matter.

Agnes was our spokesperson. She was wonderful, kept her cool all the time, even after the MP told us that the cats had already been rounded up this morning. 2 residents were so upset that they walked out immediately upon hearing this.

Mostly we talked to Mr. Wee, the previous chairman of the RC, and he was agreeable to talk to RC about contacting CWS if there are complaints about cats, so that the caregivers can try to solve those problems.

Mr. Wee however discounted my feedback from residents because I had used the word “killed?. He said, ?Of course people do not want the cats killed. We just remove the cats, we don’t kill them?. When told that AVA does kill them, he still maintained that they do not know that and whatever they do with the cats is up to AVA. What strange logic!

The MP also maintained that that the results of the survey were valid and that the RC chairman had placed survey forms in all the letterboxes. Why would Anna, who is the caregiver of these cats, fail to respond to the survey…unless she did not receive it!

Her vote alone would have changed the outcome of the survey!

When I tried to explain that the original complaint was already resolved as the kitten had grown up and moved away. I was told that it didn’t matter “as long as residents want the cats removed we will remove them?.

Even the complainant himself had not insisted on removal…he just was angry that nothing was done about his complaints to RC and TC.

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RCs should work with cat caregivers to solve feline problem

June 15, 2007

RCs should work with cat caregivers to solve feline problems

THE Cat Welfare Society was disappointed to read about the survey that was conducted in Nee Soon Zone F RC which wanted to remove cats based on the feedback from two residents in the block, ‘Animal carers given short shrift over the cats’ fate by RC’ (Online forum, June 12).

Ms Helga Koh has clearly spoken with a much larger number of residents who did not want the cats removed. That the RC should decide to remove the cats based on a very small return rate on the surveys (three responses in all) is both disappointing and frankly quite surprising.

Either the surveys are not getting to the residents (as seems to have been the case) or the residents do not respond to the survey, thinking it is unimportant and not realising the cats will be removed as a result.

It also seems a waste of resources and time to send out surveys that only three residents responded to. One wonders if the RC also sends out surveys about every other matter in the estate and if there is a more environmentally friendly and perhaps effective way of finding out what residents want.

The Cat Welfare Society hopes that the RC in question will work with caregivers who, as Ms Koh rightly pointed out, are residents themselves and practising cat management in the area.

They are more than happy to work with the RC to help with complaints and to work with fellow residents to make the living environment a better one for all.

Looking into the root cause of the problem is certainly a better solution than removing the cats which will just lead to more unsterilised cats moving in due to what is known as the vacuum effect.

It would be a shame if RCs which are there to foster community relations do the opposite by choosing to listen selectively to some of their residents.

Dawn Kua (Ms)

Director of Operations

Cat Welfare Society

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Animal carers given short shrift over cats’ fate by RC

Animal carers given short shrift over cats’ fate by RC

THE lives of three sterilised cats at Blk 875 Yishun St 81 are to be ‘terminated” as a result of a survey conducted by Nee Soon Zone F RC which showed that ‘two responders agreed and one responder disagreed to the removal of the cats’.

Madam Wong, a volunteer who lives in this block, did not receive the survey form. Hence, we were understandably upset as we have volunteered our time, effort and money in the neighbourhood’s ‘Cat Management’ programme.

This includes trapping the community cats to be sterilised so that the population remains controlled and eventually reduced with natural attrition, as well as assisting the town council to resolve feedback about cats so that effective solutions are applied. ‘Cat Management” helps the town council to conserve public funds by not engaging pest controllers to kill the cats.

Ms Pang, also a caregiver and resident of this RC zone, had sought Mr Goh Han Chuan, the Nee Soon Zone F chairman, for clarification on an earlier survey. However, she was treated with an attitude that was anything but courteous.

A chat with the residents of Blk 875 showed that:

1) The total number of residents spoken to: 36

2) 18 of them claimed not to have received the survey forms

3) 27 residents do not want the cats to be removed and killed

4) Seven are neutral

5) Two wanted the cats killed

Residents who merely file complaints with the RC were given due respect. Surely then, it is not unreasonable for residents such as Ms Pang and I to ask for the same degree of respect.

We appeal to the RC to work with us, not against, because we really have the same goal of reducing the conflicts between humans and cats.

We believe that a humane solution to the problems of living with cats in our midst sends a positive message to our young people whose lives seem to be imbibed with increasing violence and killing.

Singapore prides itself on its multiple achievements. Trap-Neuter-Release-and-Manage is an evidence-based method that will achieve a long-term and effective solution to our problems with cats.

‘Cat Management” also provides a platform for residents of different races to work together, providing opportunities for us to know each other better which is a firm foundation of racial harmony.

Helga Koh Nee Gamp (Ms)

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Little Jake missing…

…from blk *12 area 2 for 4 days now. He would always be there together with Jade. When He didn’t come running to greet me that day…I knew. Hope he will find food and be well wherever he is. Jake was the Malay feeder’s favorite.

Jade misses her companion and she seems more fearful of people now…was she chased by the pest control people? I am painfully aware that each time I see her it may be the last time…and before I leave I will always whisper in her ear “run away…don’t let them catch you!?

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This little whitish Siamese-mix kitten has been quite lucky so far. She was so small and skinny when I first noticed her under a car, and very shy. Misty would only eat after I had left…finishing up huge portions. She was smart enough to stay away from Rocky and made friends with the recently sterilised 2T. Nowadays she will run around my legs eagerly awaiting her food and I can stroke her and lift her up while she is engrossed with her food. After some deliberation I decided to bring her for sterilization even though she seems so small…I guess the most 5 months old.

It turned out that she was on heat, and she also had ulceration at her front leg, which required stitching. Poor thing, I hadn’t noticed it, as the feeding spot is quite dark.

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Dark Pearl now named Fifi

Update from the adopter:

Fifi with his new playmate

Attached is picture of Fifi. Enjoy. He is no longer scared or shy. very playful. and like to follow me or my husband around the house wherever we go. he is very smart and when we call his name he will come. he is becoming a lap cat. when we sit down on the sofa he will climb on our lap and ask to stroke him and he will either sleep or watched TV.. i play with him everyday, running around the house with a string.. he is so fast runner. He is so funny and my hubby always laugh when see Fifi reaction.. Hahahahah… love him so much.. never ever gonna let him go…

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New photos of Silver

Silver is still not very interested in playing with the 2 kittens. She is more human oriented and I guess she would be most happy in a one-cat-home, or would need time to warm up to another cat.

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SPCA applauds animal lovers who care for strays

The Straits Times, Online STForum

June 9, 2007

SPCA applauds animal lovers who care for stray cats

ON BEHALF of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA), we applaud the letter by Mr Tan Chek Wee (May 30), and subsequently the responses by Ms Dawn Kua Su-Wen (June 5) and Mrs Judith Lindley (June 5) following Mr Ho Chi Sam’s letter, ‘Health and property deserve priority over strays cats’ (ST Online Forum, June 2).

The SPCA takes heart to see the kindness of animal lovers who, out of their own pocket, feed and take these stray cats to veterinary clinics for sterilisation.

The society takes in about 500 stray cats every month. Many of these strays appear on the streets because of irresponsible pet owners who abandon them or let them run loose when they are no longer interested in keeping them. Many of these cats were not sterilised before abandonment, so their survival instincts cause them to reproduce prolifically.

Show your support for a more humane solution to the stray animal situation by e-mailing your plea to Mr Mah Bow Tan, Minister for National Development, at

A scratch on your car may be caused by a fallen branch, an innocent child or even a cat, but it can be polished back to its full glory. However, the culling of innocent animals just because of intolerance and lack of understanding will leave a mark in history for future generations.

With awareness of global warming heightened, everyone is trying to play a role in saving Mother Earth. Singapore is famously known to be ‘clean and green’ but that colour green surely depicts not just a nation that has many varieties of trees, but more important, that it accepts the presence of other living creatures – birds, lizards, macaques, cats and so on.

If only there were as widespread and deep a sense of urgency to care for our strays.

For information and suggestions on humane stray control, log on to

Chong Poh Choo (Miss)

Education Officer

Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

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Silver has been found

R was at my door carrying Silver who had been missing for 3 weeks. She found her at a car park across the main road while walking home.

Silver looks a little scared but otherwise ok. She is now at the balcony and getting to know the two kittens. Hope she will be adopted…before some children carry her off again. Hope Genie will still remember her…and there is now also Jenny.

I have released both Jenny and Judy today…both recovered well and none of them was pregnant 🙂

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I managed to get a copy of the survey form and it is very clear now that the Property Manager was mistaken when she informed me that the survey was only targeted at unsterilised cats.

I went to speak with the residents of this block yesterday and found that an overwhelming majority does not want the cats killed. I spoke to a total of 36 families and 18 of them claimed not to have received the survey form.

The feedback I received was that:

2 residents want the cats killed

7 are neutral

27 residents do not want the cats to be removed and killed

One of the 2 people who want the cats killed said she pitied them as people may abuse them…better to have them killed. She also expressed concern about cat fur and asthma.

The other person told me that he had complained to TC and RC for a long time about cats urinating and defecating on the common corridor. He said 2 of his neighbors feed them upstairs on the 2nd floor. The two neighbours denied feeding the cats. I did not see any food or water bowls or defecation or noticed any smell. I gave the complainant my number to contact me if it happens again. This person has a problem and is angry that nothing had been done. Even he does not insist on removal of the cats…if other methods can work.

Actually two very observant caregivers knew about the problem on this corricdor…but that was quite some time back. This kitten has now grown up and moved to another area. Both caregives still do spot checks and say that none of the other cats ever come up to defecate on the corridor

I am very disappointed that TC does not keep to the agreement of letting caregivers know about and look into cat-related complaints. We caregivers are very willing to talk to the people who lure the cats up, to sprinkle camphor powder and to do spot checks and clean up.

As “cat feeders? we always get very “special? treatment by this RC and this TC Property Manager!

When I was outside the glass door of the RC, reluctant to enter as they were having a meeting, the chairman was getting up to attend to me, then one of the members told him “this is about the cats? and he promptly sat down again and ignored me…hoping I would go away? Silvia remained outside…although she had agreed to join me as long as I do the talking…she just “didn’t want to see his face?. Such is the bullying of the caregivers!

The chairman did agree to ask TC to delay the culling to give us time to see the MP next Thursday. However when I called the Property Manager today she would not give me such reassurance saying that RC and TC will handle this matter and I was told that I am just a cat feeder and not even a resident of this RC zone. Sadly the caregiver of this zone who is also resides at blk 875, refuses to talk to TC…due to earlier experience with this property manager.

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Judy, Jenny and Bella

Judy and Jenny are both at the vet for sterilisation.

Mohan came by to have a look at Bella and gave me some ointment for her eyes. Her third eyelid is covering part of her eyes. It doesn’t seem to be anything serious as there is no inflammation. fever of dehydration and she is eating well.

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Cats blamed for acts not of their doing (ST 5 June 2007)

Straits Times May 30: Let’s hope town councils do not start a ‘holocaust’ of cats

Cats blamed for acts not of their doing (ST 5 June 2007)

WE REFER to Mr Ho Chi Sam’s letter, ‘Health and property deserve priority over stray cats’ (ST, June 2).

The Cat Welfare Society is glad that Mr Ho understands the concerns of people who care for animals. We would like to point out, however, that having an effective and humane community (stray) cat policy does not preclude having a safe and clean estate or, indeed, making it a priority.

We agree with Mr Ho that people who litter should be fined for the offence. This is regardless of whether the litter is food for community cats, or much of the other trash we regularly see in housing estates, be it soiled sanitary napkins, discarded cans or leftover packets of food left after human consumption.

Cats that are responsibly fed do not, however, scatter litter and rubbish. Furthermore, once they are sterilised (at the residents’ own expense), their cauterwauling, spraying and breeding is reduced. This is key to the programme we have been working to implement island-wide called ‘Trap-Neuter-Return-Manage.’

TNRM protects public health and advances the goal of reducing the number of community cats in the environment long-term while still being humane. It is also more cost-effective as sterilisation is a one-time cost, whereas removing and killing the cats is an on-going, continuous process that does not address the problem of cats breeding.

Also, as part of this programme, caregivers who are residents in the same estate, and who also want a clean living environment, help to resolve other residents’ complaints.

We must also point out that cats – while they may rest on cars – rarely scratch them and have been blamed in several cases we have dealt with for marks they did not cause.

It is in everyone’s best interest to keep the cat population down. However, removing and killing the cats (as has been practised for the last 25 years at a rate of 13,000 cats a year) is clearly not working.

One of the most significant failures of this approach is that it creates a ‘vacuum effect’ in which cats move in and take over territory and resources that have been left by cats that have been removed and killed. These new unsterilised cats breed and fill in the area to the extent that they can.

We have already killed more than a quarter of a million cats as a nation. How many more will we kill before we realise that the policy is not only ineffective but also a waste of both life and taxpayers’ money?

Dawn Kua Su-Wen (Ms)

Director of Operations

Cat Welfare Society

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Mohan finally netted the very difficult Judy!

I would be overjoyed if my heart was not so heavy because of the survey and the fate of the cats at block 875…and the passing of Leo…and little Mala has been lost for 5 days now.

Judy will be sterilized tomorrow. I caught a “spare? cat earlier, the new calico female “Jenny? from *24 area 1. Will have to keep her until the next slot on Thursday.

One of the 3 kittens, Dark Pearl, has been adopted. They have another female kitten of the same age. I will remind the adopters to get the kittens sterilized at the age of 5 months to be on the safe side.

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Sylvia just saw the notice that the RC had conducted a survey, to which 3 people responded and 2 of them were in favor of removing the cats. Therefore RC will inform TC to round up the cats.

There are at the most 3 cats at this block at feeding time…all sterilized. The caregiver herself staying at this block said that she did not receive any survey form.

This is totally unfair! Killing cats at the whim of 2 residents, who may not even be aware that the cats will be killed.

And what about the caregiver who has so successfully controlled the population in this area? This is just totally beyond reason…

I just caught another cat to be sterilized tomorrow…and have 4 more SPCA vouchers for this month. Gave one voucher to a new caregiver , Ivy, to sterilize the pregnant cat at *39.

I wonder should I continue, am I befriending and sterilizing cats so that pest control companies have an easier job… just picking these trusting and friendly cats up to deliver them to their death?

Has the Holocaust started?

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Black Pearl the little whirlwind

Will you take me home? I just want someone to play with and to take good care of me.

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I am Light Pearl

Me and my brother are looking for good homes.

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Observations of a midnight feeder

It is very common to see cars, buses, lorries parked with engine idling while the drivers have their meal at the 24hr coffee shop…never mind the air pollution and the noise caused by this inconsiderate action. Nowadays there are hardly any cat fights to wake me up at night as almost all of the cats in this area have been sterilized…but there is this bus frequently parking right outside my bedroom window at about 1am leaving the engine running for about half an hour. What a nuisance!

One can see men urinating at the back doors of shops, at the void deck behind pipes, especially after midnight “Oh so sorry…coffee shop toilet closed.? So far they have gotten a good scolding but maybe I should start snapping photos. I worry the cats will get blamed for the stench and pay with their lives.

Oh and the amount of rubbish …I don’t want to get into the disgusting details. I usually pick up some of it around my feeding areas…in case the cats somehow get blamed for the litter. All kind of things get thrown out of windows, too…the most common being lighted cigarette butts. One once landed on a white sports car…I removed it quickly and warned the culprits, a group of men smoking on the common corridor.

I have seen more serious crimes, too…the worst was a man being beaten up badly in a dark area. I shouted at them to stop and called the police. The attackers had run off by the time they arrived. I received a call from the police a few weeks later…the man was still hospitalized.

Hmmm…so why this witch hunt against cats? Why not go after the real nuisance instead?

And it really irks me when volunteers who care for the community cats are called ‘cat-lovers’. Do we refer to people who volunteer care for the elderly as ‘old-folks-lovers’?

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The gentle lion has passed on

Leo passed away yesterday night…he is free now. Only we who are left behind feel the loss. He was loved by humans and cats alike.

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