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Cat found at Orchid Country Club

The large-size cat appeared at Orchid Country Club. Could this be a victim of relocation by pest controllers? The management was going to send him/her to AVA.

The cat is all white with orange patches around the ears and an orange bobtail.


Today I learned the grisly details about a hoarder. Two caregivers went there several times to clear layers of newspapers covering the floor starting from the flat entrance. I can only imagine the stench, the worms, the thousands of cockroaches… kittens sick, dying…pregnant females. The elderly Chinese woman threatened to kill all the cats and commit suicide if SPCA gets involved.

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Finally some much needed time to reflect….


the Buddha of compassion


I invoke the transformation and purification of the six negative emotions of pride, jealousy, desire, ignorance, greed and anger into their true nature,

enlightened mind.

mantra of compassion – avalokiteshvara

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Panda getting friendlier

Oh… and it’s a ‘she’ 🙂

Rubbed her tummy and she rolled around to let me take a pic of the lump and wound…

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doing her rolling thing… showing off her shaved tummy

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Stretched to the limits….

Good news first…Penny’s three-legged kitten Amber is on trial adoption.

Bad news… a new abandonees

Earlier during my feeding round a Malay lady (who has 3 “now” sterilised cats herself) brought down a 3 month old tor ty kitten which she found on her 2nd floor corridor. Both me and Penny have reached our limits… no one benefits if we snap and turn into crazy cat women… I noticed that lately I am loosing my temper very easily… so I advised her to try getting it adopted through CWS bulletin board… because at SPCA it would only have a 10% chance….

Small cage outside the flat. Was this used to carry the cat downstairs?

During the previous feeding I saw a new big greyish cat with collar and bell at blk *26 Area 1. Today I saw a lady and 2 children placing food for the cat. They said it was their cat …he escaped through the door and he would not let them carry him back.

I went up and spoke to the lady’s married daughter and husband and offered to trap him tomorrow when he is hungry. The daughter seemed to think that there was nothing wrong with putting her sterilised and micro-chipped cat downstairs. She explained that they just moved from landed property to live with the parents and the cat is used to have his freedom and even mentioned that cats are not allowed in HDB flats.

Then she contemplated getting a big cage to keep the cat on the common corridor….

Finally, what I believe to be the real reason came to light… there is a new-born baby! …cannot have cat fur …will get asthma. Told her if she really wants to believe such old-wife-tales then keep the cat out of the baby’s room….there is still plenty of space for him in this large corner unit. When told about Dirty Harry and other fierce males in the area, she was not worried saying she would bring him to the vet if he gets injured….when they can’t even carry him upstairs!

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Update on Panda and a new abandonee

Panda has good appetite and seems content to have a place to rest. He let’s me rub his good ear but there is still some hissing and hitting me (with soft paws). The lump and big open wound (x-shape cut) is on his left side of the face. The feeder called today to ask about Panda.

Penny’s three-and-a-half-legs cat is dehydrated and refuses food – refusing to be syringed… he will have to go back to the vet tomorrow.

The TC officer in charge of Blk *03 Area 2 called to inform me that they caught a little white kitten at the 2nd floor “small… but can run”. Went down with Penny and there was a not so small 4 months old white Siamese kitten in the trap. however, Penny agreed to foster him…as he is is really beautiful and may have a chance to be adopted. He was so hungry… gobbled up a whole can and some dry food after we had transferred him into the carrier.

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Champ gender-confused?

Photo-update from adopter:

My jaw dropped when the adopter informed me that Champ is a female (verified by vet)!

Unless Champ had a sex-change operation…I think there is no way around it…must be me never noticing the missing ding-dongs. I did wonder why the two brothers grew bigger than Champ…

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