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Cat found at Orchid Country Club

The large-size cat appeared at Orchid Country Club. Could this be a victim of relocation by pest controllers? The management was going to send him/her to AVA.

The cat is all white with orange patches around the ears and an orange bobtail.


Today I learned the grisly details about a hoarder. Two caregivers went there several times to clear layers of newspapers covering the floor starting from the flat entrance. I can only imagine the stench, the worms, the thousands of cockroaches… kittens sick, dying…pregnant females. The elderly Chinese woman threatened to kill all the cats and commit suicide if SPCA gets involved.

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Finally some much needed time to reflect….


the Buddha of compassion


I invoke the transformation and purification of the six negative emotions of pride, jealousy, desire, ignorance, greed and anger into their true nature,

enlightened mind.

mantra of compassion – avalokiteshvara

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Panda getting friendlier

Oh… and it’s a ‘she’ 🙂

Rubbed her tummy and she rolled around to let me take a pic of the lump and wound…

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doing her rolling thing… showing off her shaved tummy

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Stretched to the limits….

Good news first…Penny’s three-legged kitten Amber is on trial adoption.

Bad news… a new abandonees

Earlier during my feeding round a Malay lady (who has 3 “now” sterilised cats herself) brought down a 3 month old tor ty kitten which she found on her 2nd floor corridor. Both me and Penny have reached our limits… no one benefits if we snap and turn into crazy cat women… I noticed that lately I am loosing my temper very easily… so I advised her to try getting it adopted through CWS bulletin board… because at SPCA it would only have a 10% chance….

Small cage outside the flat. Was this used to carry the cat downstairs?

During the previous feeding I saw a new big greyish cat with collar and bell at blk *26 Area 1. Today I saw a lady and 2 children placing food for the cat. They said it was their cat …he escaped through the door and he would not let them carry him back.

I went up and spoke to the lady’s married daughter and husband and offered to trap him tomorrow when he is hungry. The daughter seemed to think that there was nothing wrong with putting her sterilised and micro-chipped cat downstairs. She explained that they just moved from landed property to live with the parents and the cat is used to have his freedom and even mentioned that cats are not allowed in HDB flats.

Then she contemplated getting a big cage to keep the cat on the common corridor….

Finally, what I believe to be the real reason came to light… there is a new-born baby! …cannot have cat fur …will get asthma. Told her if she really wants to believe such old-wife-tales then keep the cat out of the baby’s room….there is still plenty of space for him in this large corner unit. When told about Dirty Harry and other fierce males in the area, she was not worried saying she would bring him to the vet if he gets injured….when they can’t even carry him upstairs!

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Update on Panda and a new abandonee

Panda has good appetite and seems content to have a place to rest. He let’s me rub his good ear but there is still some hissing and hitting me (with soft paws). The lump and big open wound (x-shape cut) is on his left side of the face. The feeder called today to ask about Panda.

Penny’s three-and-a-half-legs cat is dehydrated and refuses food – refusing to be syringed… he will have to go back to the vet tomorrow.

The TC officer in charge of Blk *03 Area 2 called to inform me that they caught a little white kitten at the 2nd floor “small… but can run”. Went down with Penny and there was a not so small 4 months old white Siamese kitten in the trap. however, Penny agreed to foster him…as he is is really beautiful and may have a chance to be adopted. He was so hungry… gobbled up a whole can and some dry food after we had transferred him into the carrier.

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Champ gender-confused?

Photo-update from adopter:

My jaw dropped when the adopter informed me that Champ is a female (verified by vet)!

Unless Champ had a sex-change operation…I think there is no way around it…must be me never noticing the missing ding-dongs. I did wonder why the two brothers grew bigger than Champ…

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Panda &Three-and-a-half-legs Cat


Three-and-a-half-legs Cat

Met Penny at the vet as we both collected our cats.Penny’s cat has a good chance of recovery. She was told that he was born with a deformed leg and abandoned by a Malay family.

Oddly, both cats have a deformed left ear!

Chances for Panda are not so good… This estimated to be 7 years old Siamese-X may have a tumor… a solid mass at the side of the face…his urine was of dark brown colour which could be another indication of cancer. The technician managed to pull out all the maggots… and proudly showed us his catch. Panda was also given an injection that would kill any remaining maggots.

Panda seems glad to be relieved of his pain and is eagerly eating his food.

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Where is the ‘heart’ in the heartland?

Town Councils should accord cat caregivers the same respect as they do other residents


Wednesday • June 25, 2008

Letter from Helen Gamp

IN MY estate and the adjacent one, several residents like myself go beyond just ad hoc inter-racial harmony events, to forge a bond through a common goal of managing the cats in our community humanely. We trap cats, most of whom are abandoned, for sterilisation and offer assistance to the Town Council to resolve feedback about cats.

In the neighbouring estate — that is under another Town Council :— we started sterilising the cats about two years ago and the Town Council has agreed to let us, the caregivers, look into complaints and not engage pest controllers to round up the cats to be killed at the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority.

Based on our knowledge about “community cats� and from talking to complainants as well as residents who may need to be educated on responsible pet ownership, we can resolve problems without the need to kill. This is important to us as we feel this is what the “heart� is about in a “heartland�.

However, we are disheartened by our recent discovery that a particular Town Council officer instructed the estate cleaning supervisor to direct his workers to trap cats and release them elsewhere. This came to light when a resident found a sterilised cat, bearing a left tipped ear, in a trap. We spoke to several workers, who admitted that they had trapped cats and released them in parks elsewhere.

This perhaps accounted for some of the missing cats over the last few months.

All we ask of the Town Council is to accord us the same respect as every other resident but we find that residents who complain seem to be accorded more rights especially if they complain aggressively.

When the Prime Minister was sworn in, he said that Singaporeans, through hard work and dedication, have built a cohesive and progressive nation that is founded on the principles of meritocracy, social justice and compassion.

We hope this inspiration can be translated in the paradigm shift of Town Councils and others as well. Instead of according due respect to residents such as ourselves, who are in fact following the Government’s repeated appeal for active citizenry, we are instead treated with disdain.

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Two emergencies

A feeder called me to come quickly…. “cat very sick, ear swollen, blood…lots of flies.. no money to bring to vet, applied powder – no use… have to rush to work”.

When I saw the cat I scolded her for not telling me earlier…and also for pushing everything to me and keep saying “no money” (her husband drives a big car and her son has his own company and she is working). In the end she gave a $50.- towards vet fees…”but one time only”. Will name the cat Panda.

I came with a carrier but when I saw the cat (had been feeding him on and off but not seen him lately, he is a shy one) I knew I had to go back to get the trap. He walked right in…

The vet says its a big abscess at the side of the face but good chance of recovery.. need GA and to be hospitalized at least one day.

Penny just called me that the feeder of the black “Kidney-Failure Cat” that died told her that another one of the strays (a 3 legged cat) is in bad condition… Same story… wait until the cat is in very bad condition and then just simply call and say “no money”. I think Penny will bring him to the vet… she got her own trap now 🙂

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Cat sick, human sick and more trouble with TC

Ashley urinated blood on Saturday…brought him to the vet. The technician squeezed his bladder resulting in a big pool of bright-red blood. He also has a swelling on his lower lip which could be insect bite or an immune reaction. The vet also felt a large lump and suggested two options, either surgery the next morning or ultrasound …blood test. I got a second opinion from non-vet and decided to wait and see if the antibiotics work.

There has been no blood in his urine since then… and he seems alright but I still confine him to observe.

Then the same Saturday night the human (Ashley’s adopted mother) also fell sick with high fever, body-ache, headache and feeling very weak. Human still not recovered…

Today I spent the entire morning at another TC office to support the caregiver trying to claim 2 cats back from AVA. The officer said that he had not given instructions to catch these cats and the Manager that we spoke to readily gave the letter for their release but insisted that he cannot request “release without micro-chip” saying that it was AVA’s policy to microchip. When told by AVA that it is up to him, he seemed confused… mentioned something about a closed door meeting with AVA and that no strays are allowed in the estate… and any cat claimed from AVA must be micro-chipped…in the end the AVA side allowed the cats to be claimed… they probably realised that the TC manager actually had no objection to the cats being returned but felt that he could not go against AVA policy by requesting no micro-chip.

The caregiver had to miss a day of work and worried that she may get fired. Penny accompanied her to AVA after bringing an injured kitten to the vet and another one for sterilisation…I went home to get some rest.

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Snowy for adoption


Eh…who is that?

Coming closer…

Oh…just Pebbles !

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because of his colour.

Poor Charles left behind while his two brothers have been adopted. He is such a sweet boy…but very busybody. Not everyone is as social as him. Pebbles rolling on the floor…Charles sniffing her tummy…whack! Ocean also likes to keep to himself… but luckily there is still Snowy to play with.

He was actually adopted but only for one day…

The family who adopted Fern came back for one of the ginger kittens…but by that time both had already been adopted. Penny had a ginger girl of about the same age (Kimberly). So we both went there with Kimberly and Charles.

Fern hissed at Kimberly but seemed more friendly towards Charles… she probably still remembered him. We managed to persuade them to take Charles…but the next day I was told that he is hiding all the time and not eating and that Fern is also not happy about the new addition. Sensing that they did not want to keep Charles, I took him back. I could also see that Fern was upset… guess she prefers to be an only cat.

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Bushy-Torty sterilised

Bushy-Torty blk *17 area 2 has been sterilised yesterday and is still on hunger strike.

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Dusty was trapped by cleaners !!!

Dusty & Daisy

First the mother now the son…

Charles inspecting the trap

I had just trapped a new pregnant female for sterilisation at *17 when I saw the Auntie running towards me. She had found Dusty in a trap at the bin compound next to blk *25 area 2, behind the bushes… she couldn’t open the trap. I called Sylvia to meet me and then quickly went to release Dusty. A worker told us that the trap belongs to the cleaning supervisor and that they usually release the cats at some parks. I made a police report and will also make a complaint to TC and AVA tomorrow.

This area is under the same TC…and same property officer as this:

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Pebbles has cancer

I took her home… will try to make her comfortable… but according to the vet she still needs to be on drip for a while. The vet prescribed a course of antibiotics (metro)… and some appetite stimulant.

Biopsy and operation would be very costly and just buy some time…and I won’t put her through chemo therapy. The big fat bill was almost $600.- (blood test, ultrasound, catheter, etc…) and one day hospitalized.

I always looked forward to feeding her… she would meet me at the other end of the block (often together with Sandy)… wait for me to finish feeding the cats there and then we would ‘race’ back to her end… the two of them running next to my bicycle… then she would roll about for a while, wanting to be stroked, before eating her food.

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Ocean ready for adoption

Ocean has fully recovered (injured hind leg) and is now active and playful. He has also had Revolution treatment.

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Pebbles is ill

Pebbles walked slowly towards me and then plopped down and didn’t move. I brought her home… she vomited liquid and kept trying to pee and poo.

Brought her to the vet in the morning. Pebbles had high fever and was also dehydrated. She was given injections but so far no improvement…more dehydrated… refuses water. She will probably have to be hospitalized tomorrow…

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Two more cats sterilised


One is a black pregnant female from blk *12 near area 1 and the other a new white young female with a cute bob-tail. She is from Area 2… I call her Snowy.

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Penny has been missing for a week now…The boy from the second floor said that she was vomiting when he last saw her. I have not much hope that she is still alive…just hope she did not suffer long.

Jake has been missing for 5 days now…

Black Tail has also been missing for 5 days but I am quite sure that I saw her yesterday… being cased by a male cat. They both stayed under the car.. I had another white cat in my carrier so in the end I just left some food. When I last saw Black-Tail before she went missing, she seemed to be unable to eat and frightened… so I was quite worried and searched for her every day.

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New photos of Black Pearl & Light Pearl

Two beautiful young cats still at the cattery,

waiting for someone to take them home…

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The cat-cafe has been set up at the slope behind the bin center. As the structure is quite heavy and bulky, we had it delivered straight to the intended location and set it up…while approval is still pending. Penny will inform the TC officer and hopefully there will be no objection.

The first two cats of the blk *95 family have been sterilised today. The cat with urinary problem vomited after taking the herbal medicine… but he was able to pass urine yesterday and according to the owner the urine was clear of blood. Hope they will continue to syringe glucose -water to clear the infection and stop giving him the poor quality dry food.

A resident at the Novena Condo complained about defecation at the swimming pool area and cats sitting on the chairs, so the management wants to remove the cats. Hope the feeder can discourage the cats from going to that area… using vinegar, water-spray, etc.. and get some residents to speak up against the removal.

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Senior cat

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June 3, 2008 · 1:33 pm

Commplaint at Blk *95

Not my area but I heard about a complaint to Town Council regarding cats on the 2nd floor, so I went to take a look. I had no problem identifying the right unit with wire-meshed gate.

Yes, they have cats… 21 (including the latest batch of kittens). No, they are not sterilised… financial problems. They told me that all the cats are kept inside except for two… one of them being the rather skinny male cat that I saw downstairs. The corridor looked quite clean, no smell. I told them about the SPCA voucher scheme and they seemed eager to go. Me and Penny can also try to spare some vouchers for them next month and lend carriers. Also gave them the contact for better and cheaper food after they told me they get F and W brands from supermaket and can food at $1.90 a can.

They rejected my suggestion to put the kittens up for adoption. Nope, they want to keep them all!

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3 more Novena cats napped for sterilisation

The mother cat walked straight into the trap and then even finished her food not knowing that she was trapped.

The 2 new kittens were put together in one carrier and then I called a taxi to take them to my place… all three will be done tomorrow at the nearby clinic.

The kittens are very tame…they are just about 6 months old – I think.

All done now… except for the older ginger male.

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Worried about Fern

The adopter messaged a few days ago that Fern was well and that they would also like to take one of the kittens. They wanted to view them again to choose one… but then didn’t turn up.

Next day no reply to my sms requesting to visit Fern… and 2 phone calls the day after went unanswered.

When I dropped by, I was told that Fern was with someone at Bedok for a few days… reason being that they had a kitten that was lonely. This didn’t really make sense to me…

The husband brought Fern back 2 hours later and I went over with my carrier prepred to take her back.

She was wearing a collar had a food and water bowl and did look alright… eccept for some scratches at her nose (due to being transported in a picknick basket).

The wife and daughter assured me that they really want to keep her when I offered to take her back.

There was no litter tray… she will be trained to use the bathroom floor.

I will check on her again next week.

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