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What a Mess!

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Winny is a newcomer at *07 Area 2. Wanted to get her last month but then she dissapeared for a few weeks. So I quickly grabbed her when I saw her today… she could be already pregnant.

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New photos of Sunny

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A new Hoarder in the making

They adopted 4 kittens from Penny and myself, pretending to have only one cat. We went to their place … the cat looked well, the flat was neat and nicely furnished.

We guessed that they just wanted to adopt 4 more Kittens because they can’t have children as the “wife” is trans-gender.

Then after two month, there was reluctance to sterilise so I offered help. When the vet told me that the kitten’s belly was very dirty we made a surprise visit. The flat was a mess and there was strong urine smell. The adopter admitted that they had hidden some cats during our first visit and that later they took in some more … having a total of 20 cats now. When we threatened to take the kittens back (we came prepared with carriers), the adopter claimed that they really love the cats and that his wife would not want to return the 4 kittens. we relented under the condition that no further cats will be taken in and all cats will be sterilised asap.

So far they have been cooperative, sending in 4 more females today and as agreed paid sterilisation fees for two of them. The next batch of 4 males will be done next week. Then we will visit again to see the condition and also count the number of cats.

The situation is not as terrible as with the other hoarder… the cats seem healthy although some are scared and shy. There was a huge litter tray in the kitchen but the cats obviously urinated on the sofa set and many other places.

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Dirty Harry

A clean and nice looking Dirty Harry

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Beauty’s fur has all grown back

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August 28, 2008 · 2:04 pm

What happened to Pretty?

She has a big bald patch… no wound, and her fur also looks quite dirty. Wonder what happened?

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