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What a Mess!

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Winny is a newcomer at *07 Area 2. Wanted to get her last month but then she dissapeared for a few weeks. So I quickly grabbed her when I saw her today… she could be already pregnant.

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New photos of Sunny

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A new Hoarder in the making

They adopted 4 kittens from Penny and myself, pretending to have only one cat. We went to their place … the cat looked well, the flat was neat and nicely furnished.

We guessed that they just wanted to adopt 4 more Kittens because they can’t have children as the “wife” is trans-gender.

Then after two month, there was reluctance to sterilise so I offered help. When the vet told me that the kitten’s belly was very dirty we made a surprise visit. The flat was a mess and there was strong urine smell. The adopter admitted that they had hidden some cats during our first visit and that later they took in some more … having a total of 20 cats now. When we threatened to take the kittens back (we came prepared with carriers), the adopter claimed that they really love the cats and that his wife would not want to return the 4 kittens. we relented under the condition that no further cats will be taken in and all cats will be sterilised asap.

So far they have been cooperative, sending in 4 more females today and as agreed paid sterilisation fees for two of them. The next batch of 4 males will be done next week. Then we will visit again to see the condition and also count the number of cats.

The situation is not as terrible as with the other hoarder… the cats seem healthy although some are scared and shy. There was a huge litter tray in the kitchen but the cats obviously urinated on the sofa set and many other places.

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Dirty Harry

A clean and nice looking Dirty Harry

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Beauty’s fur has all grown back

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August 28, 2008 · 2:04 pm

What happened to Pretty?

She has a big bald patch… no wound, and her fur also looks quite dirty. Wonder what happened?

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Bumboo missing

Little Bumboo has not been seen since yesterday morning afte the rainstorm.

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The real Noisy Joe

Noisy Joe and Alex are really quite look-alike. He must have been in a fight… there is a wound at the tail and a bald patch at the back

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HDB will not build “Cat Cafes”

A big ThankYou to Mr Siew Kum Hong (NMP) for speaking up for the cats in Parliament!

Mumcat25 Salina:

Received an email from a catlover, Ms Y, an article from Berita Harian Malay Paper on Mr Mah Bow Tan (Minister, MND) reply to Mr Siew Kum Hong (NMP) during Parliament on Cat Cafes. Did a simple translation which I hope you all can understand. (sorry if not good enough).

English Version

Date: 26 August 2008
Article from Berita Harian during Parliament


Housing & Development Board (HDB) will not build “cat cafes? or feeding areas for community cats where caregivers / feeders can feed them.

Explaining why in his written reply, Minister Mr Mah Bow Tan, Ministry of National Development (MND), mentioned that this is to make sure cleanliness and health matters is taken care of at the all HDB estates
In answering question from Mr Siew Kum Hong (Nominated Member Parliament), Mr Mah said that even though there are cat lovers around, there are also people who are more sensitive prone to problems arises from stray cats.
According to Mr Mah, every year HDB received approximately 530 complains on cats from the residents

P/S: By the way, Mr Siew Kum Hong (Nominated Member Parliament) is Director, Keystone Law Corporation. You can see his profile in the website.

I have also included the malay version of the Original BT News

Malay Version

Tarikh: Selasa, 26 Ogos 2008
Sumber: akhbar Berita Harian

Ruangan: Ringkas Parlimen

HDB tidak akan bina “kafe kucing?
LEMBAGA Perumahan dan Pembangunan (HDB) tidak akan membina ‘kafe-kafe kucing’ atau tempat khusus di mana kucing dapat diberi makan oleh orang ramai.
Menerangkan demikian dalam satu jawapan bertulis, Menteri Pembangunan Negara, Encik Mah Bow Tan, berkata ini adalah untuk memastikan kebersihan dan kesihatan terjaga di estet-estet HDB.
Dalam menjawab soalan yang diajukan Encik Siew Kum Hong (Anggota Parlimen Dilantik), Encik Mah berkata walaupun adanya pecinta kucing, terdapat juga mereka yang lebih sensitif kepada masalah yang ditimbulkan kucing-kucing liar.
Menurut beliau, setiap tahun HDB menerima sekitar 530 aduan mengenai kucing daripada para penduduk.

Link di Cyberita Online –,3617,125513,00.html

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Alex trapped for sterilisation

Newcomer at Blk *23 Area 1

Intended to trap Noisy Joe and only realised that I had the wrong cat when Maxiejane saw Joe in the morning. This must be another new one… sigh!

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More Cleanup & Update

From Babywail’s blog:

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Holly Boy

Holly, a newcomer at *28 Area 1, trapped for sterilisation.

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Hoarder update

8 more cats were rescued and sent to the vet today for sterilisation and also vaccination.

All the cats will be vaccinated before being returned so that they can be quickly transferred to a boarding facility if the need arises… Kittens will not be returned!

Seems the old Lady had a change of heart. She asked the volunteers to bring the two female cats that she ties up to the vet for sterilisation next week.

She was also happy to have the earlier batch safely returned to her and thanked the volunteers for their help.

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From SPCA shelter to Townhouse

Getting a little chubby..,

need to do some…

stair-walking exercise

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Old Monk on the MRT

Went to Fortune Center to buy one of those little “radios? playing Buddhist chants for Panda. I have also increased her dose of Prednisolone again to make her more comfortable.

While on the MRT, a very old monk in grey robes and walking with the aid of a walking stick entered and stood in front of the seat next to the door. Suddenly he let out a very high-pitched loud sound but the man occupying the seat didn’t budge. After a moment the monk walked to the other side of the door where a young lady sat in the seat that was supposed to be offered to those who need it more. Standing in front of her he let out the same shout… When the lady didn’t get up he kicked her shin. That worked!

I was a little surprised at his actions but…hmm what to do if the soft approach doesn’t work.

Only a while earlier I was disgusted by a young man failing to offer his seat to a very pregnant lady… and worse he got out at the very next station. I think I will have to start kicking shins when in my 80s 😉

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An extremely sad case of obsession and abuse

Cat Welfare Society Special Appeal

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Novena Charlie

Novena Charlie would be very suitable for adoption

preferably together with his sister Mimi

Novena Mimi

Waited 2 hours but Limping Tom didn’t show up… will have to trap him another time.

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Floppy missing..

… since last Monday or Tuesday.

Town Council offier says there was no complaint. Cleaner says TC officer told him there was a complaint about Floppy a week ago and he believes that floppy was removed.

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Photo update on Moonlight

Photo from guardian


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Super heroes – the saga continues…

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Another one sterilised

A big friendly male named Tofu

Blk *38 under the care of Cat Aunty

from cat-aunty:

The tom was picked up at 7pm and released at 9pm, with a small meal. Once we reached his block, he calmed down and stopped jumping.

He seems alert and well, pleading to be let out from the carrier.

He is a very sweet boy.


Novena cat was on heat and now on hunger-strike

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Appeal for Help

From Lynn:

Hi Friends,

I’m writing to you today in hope that you can reach out to help this poor old lady as well as all the animals that are suffering under her current mental state. I heard about this case when I was visiting Whitty…the pampers kitty that fell from 4th floor and is now undergoing acupuncture treatment.

A hunched-back old lady in her 70s are hoarding about 30 cats and 2 dogs in her 3 room HDB flat. Her kids have abandoned her because they could not deal with the sight of her living condition. The flat hasn’t been cleaned in 4 years. It’s smelly, dirty and there are cat farces and urine everywhere. The walls are blackened with stain and the wall crevices are breeding cockroaches and all kinds of household pests. The place is littered with soiled newspapers, decomposed raw chicken heads (cats were fed raw chicken heads) and maggots. Lots and lots of maggots and cockroaches!

The cats are all terrified and cowering in corners and under old furniture because they probably hasn’t seen daylight in eternity. They are not sterilised, most are sick and infected because of the contaminated environment. Kittens are dying everywhere. We found a dozen of kittens with serious eye infection but only managed to smuggle 2 to the vet. One little persian baby has lost her eyeball, which was protruded about 1 cm out of her eye socket (see attached picture). Another kitten has 2 protruding eyeballs from her eye sockets, and was bleeding but the old lady refused to let me take her to the vet. She ties the cats and kittens in bundles to tables and chairs so that they don’t run far.

Anyway, you can read more about this place, as well as see the pictures on my blog :…

The dog, Mei Mei, is tied to the bed permanently. Only once a week, when the volunteers go down to clean the place, then will Mei Mei get to run around freely. Contacting the authorities is not an option because she had previously attempted to kill herself when approached by authorities so they just left her alone. She also has asthma and can get asthma attacks when agitated. Now that the volunteers have gained her trust slightly, this is our plan to help her :

1. Clean up the place – bring in cleaners and painters
2. Evacuate all the cats and put them in foster care temporarily until the cleaners and painters are done and we’ll move them back
3. While the cats were evacuated, send all sick ones to the vet. Healthy ones will be sterilised. And try to rehome as many as possible.
4. When clean-up is complete, move remaining cats back to flat. Ensure all cats are sterilised, vaccinated, and healthy.
5. Same goes for the 2 dogs.

We appeal to all of you to please help if you can, and if not, please help to pass this on. We would love to be able to collect the following for the Old Lady and the animals :

For Old Lady :
– Milo, Cereal (Oats)
– Biscuits (w/ container, e.g. Khong Guan)
– Bread
Toilet Paper and toiletries

For Animals :
– Old Newspapers
– Plastic litter boxes (Daiso has cheap ones?)
– Plastic shelves (Toyo or Carrefoure)
– Drinking and feeding bowls (Big salad missing bowls or stainless steel bowls)
– Rags and old towels (Clean ones)
– Dry food (No wet food, no more maggots! *Shudder*)
– Medicine & supplies (Antibiotics, Vibravet, Lacto-bacillus or Bene-bac, saline eye wash, Chloramphenicol eye ointment or any antibiotics eye drops)

We also appeal for funding :
– Temporary Boarding (cost unknown yet. If you can foster a few cats, we would greatly appreciate.)
– Cleaning & painting (around 300?)
– Vet bills (I don’t even want to imagine. If you have SPCA sterilisation vouchers, please donate to us.)

One final note – for those who have contributed for Whitty’s medical bills, we have more than enough. Thank you so much and God bless your souls. After covering Whitty’s medical bills, I hope you don’t mind if we channel the balance of the funds towards this project.

Finally, please help to pray for the Old Lady. We sense her sadness because her kids do not care about her. She therefore diverts her attention to these animals, wanting to love them and protect them by keeping them close to her and tying them near her or to her body. But she’s refusing medical attention because she thinks the vets will put the cats to sleep. But by keeping them sick and in such unhealthy living conditions, she’s killing them faster. It’s a thin line between obsession and abuse…please pray for her and the animals.

My sympathy goes out to her and the animals.


P.S. Also, can anyone temporarily foster the persian kitten

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Successful trapping…

…of the Novena Calico.

It took some patience… the kittens went in and out and all over the trap… then finally after several refills of food the parents come to have a look. I was ready to trap either one of them.

The Calico (mother cat) will be sterilised tomorrow and I plan to come back for the “Limping Tom” on Thursday. The sterilisation was sponsored by the guardian of M & P.

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His eye looks better and less discharge.

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Strange hairloss pattern

Two small bald spots appeared just above his eyes and they grew bigger within a few days.

I have applied the neem oil.

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To Hell and Back

From Lynn’s Blog:

To Hell and Back

You won’t believe it until you see it with your own eyes.

The background :
I heard from Jaime and Penny about this old lady who hoards about 40 cats and 2 dogs in her 3 room HDB. The living condition is so terribly filthy and smelly that it’s really not a place for animals to live, let alone human.

The visit :
Last weekend, we went to visit the place. The sight was just ghastly and the stench was unbearable. I was gagging even though I was wearing a mask. Although the windows were sealed shut with plastic sheet, you could smell the stench once you exit from the lift. There were junk laying outside the unit at the lift lobby and corridor. Inside, the place was like the House of Horror – dim and dark, blackened walls, filth and stench filled the place and encompasses you like a cocoon.

There were sick cats and kittens everywhere and they were all scared and hiding. Many were having conjunctivitis eye infection, some having flu and upper respiratory syndrome. According to Jaime, quite alot of kittens have died. The environment is just not conducive because it’s dirty and contaminated, causing the virus and germs to be even more contagious.

The cats were all fed a diet of raw chicken heads. The old lady’s fridge doesn’t work so all raw food are left out for days, to the extend that chicken heads are blackened with decomposition. When Jaime lifted up newspapers that were covering some decomposed chicken heads, she saw many squirming maggots.

The cats have cockroaches for company. The walls were just crawling with roaches and other unidentifiable insects and bugs. They were breeding in the wall crevices and cracks. The floor is smeared with faeces and urine. Some cats were having diarrhea so the whole place is just one huge shithole! (Sorry…lack of a better word to describe the place.)

Roaches and maggots are not the only breeding beings there, even the cats were breeding non-stop because they are not sterilised. Old lady refuses to let anyone bring her cats for sterilisation or even medical treatment. When people try to remove her cats, she threatened to burn the place down, killing both herself and cats. So, we figure that brute force will not work. Just have to slowly try to clean up the place and do whatever we can for the sake of these poor animals.

The National Day mission : Jaime, her sis and Natasha bravely went in with gloves, masks and shower cap to clean up the place. I went in with another gal to smuggle out 3 cats in serious condition and brought them to the vet. One cat, suspected pregnant, seems to be having quite serious UTI (Urinary Tract Infection), and the vets are suspecting that her kidney / liver are malfunctioning. A medium-sized kitten has severe conjunctivitis and diarrhea. And a tiny palm-sized long-hair kitten has such a serious eye infection that one eyeball is about to explode. It’s at risk of losing that eye.

I really salute Jaime, her sis and Natasha. Despite the filth and stench, they stayed in there for hours to clean up the place. I was already trying not to puke from the smell while standing outside the house!

Hopefully we’ll have enough finances and energy to keep going….

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Light Pearl & Black Pearl

New photos

View the Pearls as Phyllis’ Cattery

There will be an Adoption Drive at

Blessing Home

on August 30/31

Details here:

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Panther’s swelling at the side of his left ear is still the same…but smaller than when I first saw it and no longer painful to touch.

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More cats rescued

Two more kittens with eye infection and a female with mouth ulcers were rescued from the hoarders flat today. Sms from Penny: “cat aunty very angry used broom bang here and there quite scary”

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Boy Boy

Sylvia calls him Lightning Boy because of his kinky tail. He is doing well… except for a slight limp. Started him again on glucosamine to keep his joints healthy. Boy Boy had shoulder repair surgery 2 years ago.

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Benny hit by a bicycle, Sapphire returned

Brought Benny to the vet this morning… luckily the eye is not damaged only the third eyelid (membrane) is torn. Otherwise, apart from a slight temperature, he seems okay. He is a big cat ( 6.7 kg) … well-liked and well-fed. It was one of the feeders who told me about the accident.

Now Benny will have to keep Panda company for a while, at least a week until the course of antibiotics is completed.

Sapphire did not adjust to his new home and also seemed to be afraid of Moonlight, even though Moonlight never hissed back at him. I think Siamese cats need a bit more time and patience when re-homing. He seemed happy to be released back…finished off a whole can of tuna. When I first took him in he went on hunger strike for two days…

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New video of Black Pearl

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Max & Paddy

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One of the tipped-ear Novena cats

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Rare Breed of Love

From Eslina’s blog:

and Dawn’s blog:

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New Novena Cats

Good news: All the cats are well… so far no action from management although there was a complaint about cats at the pool area.

Bad news: There is a new mother and 4 kittens at the neighbouring condo. The father is obviously the limping old ginger tom. The ginger-white kittens are already about 4 months old and shy. The Mother (a Calico) will also need to be trapped…and seems she is only around in the early morning and evening.

Will try on Monday… but difficult because they tend to stay within the fenced up area.

This is the feeder’s own 12 -year-old home-cat.

She went to the vet this morning because of an ear infection.

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Beauty has been Neemed

Beauty has many bald patches.. probably fungal infection. She had her second neem oil treatment today.

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Cats love this grass

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August 6, 2008 · 2:03 pm

Black Tail

Black Tail Has fully recovered from her injury…probably fish bone…unable to eat and I couldn’t trap her… couldn’t find her. Thought she wouldn’t make it.

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Beany & One Eye Jack

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11 years old Blacky

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August 6, 2008 · 1:39 pm

New female in Area 2

She is less scared now and has put on some weight. This will be the next one to be tipped.

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Caregiver’s frustration

A little 4 weeks old grey tabby was passed from another caregiver into Penny’s care because it had diarrhoea and refused food. Penny managed to feed it and the diarrhoea stopped. After a few days the kitten was then passed to a third caregiver… who seemed to lack experience, feeding cold milk and delaying when the kitten was obviously unwell. A fourth caregiver had some supposedly diarrhoea medication and the kitten was given one tablet.

Later Penny brought the kitten to the vet and it was hospitalised… but it was too late. The medication was actually an antibiotic and dosage 1 tablet per kg weight!

Please ask experienced caregivers if you are not sure of how to take care of a young kitten… and double-check before giving any medication not prescribed by the vet!

Young kittens are so fragile…

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Super Heroes

According to Jamie, what we saw that day was a hundred times better than when they first started the cleanup! They were faced with an impossible task… and they did it! They also meshed up the kitchen window for some ventilation.

From maovellous blog:

super heroes

Last Sat I was volunteering with my helper and two sister gang to visit a site that is super ghastly to help some poor cats who are suffering in a hoarder home.

The situation is unmentionable, let alone the smell. Sick cats, blind cat, newborn kittens, dogs, feces, urine dried-wet-dried, stale food, cockroaches, dead cockroaches in water, cloudy water, creepy crawlies and what have you are all gathered in the small 3 room flats. The site is a living hell… The wall of the flat were dirty and sticky, the hall and room windows were shut tightly. There are no proper ventilation in the unit besides the kitchen. Cockroaches were everywhere and breeding among themselves like the female cats in the house. Most of the cats were frighten and stare at you with full pupil as if they were telling you to save them, it was heart wrenching to look them in the eyes where you could only do so little to help them.

The two super heroes had been in there since April, much work had been done but many more to be cleared too. I cant imagine what it was like at the beginning, it must be worse esp for those who were trapped in there. We cant just walk away because it’s difficult to work with hoarder. We cant because lack of fund we stop helping, we cant because of formality and lack support from some welfare group that we stop helping, we cant because we cant bear to see and do nothing, we cant because of so many because we stop trying. 20 over lives in there depending on the volunteers, how could we not try? They are suffering and pleading in silence… Be it labour aids or financial help whatever we could gather, we just have to do something. We should not be discourage, even this is an endless task. There is just too many of them inside depending on us.

To these two heroes, I salute thee!

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Saphire is friendly and playful

Took Sapphire in yesterday night because there is already a potential adopter…. the family who adopted Moonlight. They were actually thinking of taking Moonlight and Mia but Mia aka Marra had been reunited with her family after they put up posters in the neighbourhood.

Moonlight was very lucky to have been adopted by such kind people who were ready to accept him with all his imperfections. Moonlight is almost toothless… he has just the two upper canines left. I did notice that his upper canines seem long… protruding like vampire fangs 😉 but they looked white and healthy so I did not suspect any missing teeth… and he has no problem eating, even dry food.

Moonlight is now being trained to go to the bathroom…which should not be much problem as I suspect that he was previously also bath-room trained. According to the adopter, Moonlight had already settled in comfortably after the first few hours. Hopefully Sapphire can join him soon.

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Sky & Dawn

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Eyes filled with terror

I stepped into the flat for the first time yesterday… Penny warned me about the intolerable stench and the cockroaches… To me all this faded into the back ground…when I saw the cats… the terror in their eyes!

Jamie covered her face with a towel, put on a shower cap and handed out face masks to the other helpers. N and her domestic helper came with cleaning equipment and lots of cat food.

I also met the old lady. She was sitting at the market area with several kittens and a cat all tied up with plastic string. N and myself chatted with her pretending to be passerbys. We asked about the kittens’ eyes which were ‘glued’ shut. She smiled and said that she would wash it later. This smiling frail old lady clearly does not know what she is doing! I also heard that people keep giving her kittens…sigh!

At first I didn’t see any cat when I entered the flat… then Jamie pointed to a few huddled on a small shelf. She cautioned me not to look at them directly… they were so very frightened! When I asked about the rest she pointed to the windows. The louvre windows facing the corridor were sealed from the outside with plastic sheets… to keep the stench in. I don’t know how many cats were there…. squeezed into the small space between window and grill. When I lifted the curtain a little for a few seconds I saw those terror-filled eyes staring at me. It seemed the cats were stacked up on top of each other. According to the caregiver, there are about 20 cats altogether. There was also a mother cat with kittens in a cardboard box. That was the pregnant one that Penny failed to catch for sterilisation on her previous attempt.

I feel so helpless… death is better than THIS! These cats need to be taken out of that hell hole! The woman needs to be stopped… and treated for her mental disorder….

…. but Jamie and her sister are against taking drastic measures… fearing for the old lady’s health and also worried about her suicide threat.

Here is some info on Animal Hoarding:

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Panda more lively

Panda on the chair looking quite comfortable

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Muddy startled by the flash.

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