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Flu in the mini-cattery

Bottlebrush unwell

Stitch likes his new basket

Hope that it’s just a mild one and they will recover without using antibiotics. Hmmm… the last time I said that ended up Peaches in ICU with panleukopenia.

It started with Stitches sneezing then Damy and now Bottlebrusch. Stitches is okay now and Damy is also getting better. Now Bo has lost her appetite and is having a fever, I think… hiding in the tunnel.

The Fruits seem to have resistance.

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New photos of Dumy

Dumy’s guardian has sent new photos:

‘Chubby Cheeks’ says:

I have my own big bed JUST FOR ME

… I can snooze safely

Can i have some privacy pleeeese….

My own home with my own human … All Mine!

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Area 3 mother cat missing

She was sterilized and tipped after her kittens had been adopted and was then released back to the car park.

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Rex is missing

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September 26, 2009 · 3:21 pm

Sophus found

Sophus appeared at Blk *03. He looks well and is wearing a collar. His fur had been shaved on his right hind leg. Maybe he was injured and then someone took him home and brought him to the vet…

It’s just a few blocks from his old place.

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Mother and 5 kittens

TC officer called regarding complaints about kittens on the 2nd floor and 4th floor of the same block. There is no caregiver in that area…

When I had almost reached the block I saw a very thin cat and wanted to give it some food but it kept running away… so I gave up.

Went to the 4th floor… no kitten there but saw a litter box and food and water dispenser… no one was at home at this unit. Later when Penny arrived I went up one more time and this time I saw the same cat that I had met earlier. It looked terribly thin… ate the Fussy Cat but was very scared of humans. We will have to come back another time to talk to the residents of that unit. Meanwhile Penny had asked the 2nd floor resident at whose front door the mother cat had given birth to help give the 4th floor cat water and food for the time being…

On The 2nd floor was a mother cat (one eye blind) with her 5 kittens. The resident had provided a box and gave food to the mother. He had seen the cat before downstairs then last Monday she went up to give birth. The kittens are now 5 days old. We placed the mother cat in my carrier and the kittens in a box then cycled to Penny’s place.

Penny has been looking for a mother cat for the surviving kitten… which is probably not more than 3 days old. She managed to get one but that cat had mastitis and was unable to give milk. The kitten is already very weak. The new mother cat accepted it readily but the kitten was unable to suck the milk. We kept trying and Penny also syringed some drops of milk…

Later received sms that the kitten was finally suckling…phew!

Now there is hope!

The abandoned kitten is much smaller then the mother cat’s 5 kittens…

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Anyone has a nursing mother cat?

Penny just found 2 kittens dumped at her doorstep! They are only a few days old… they feel cold. Too young…their only chance is a mother cat.

Anyone has a nursing mother cat please call Penny at 98556410

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Stranger is free from suffering now


Finally met you last night

Still strong and very brave but unable to eat

Then you were rushed to hospital in the early morning hours

Now you are free from this ailing body

Rest in peace Stranger

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Jumpy tipped and tattooed

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That’s what Damy thinks he is… chasing Da Bird and practically flying through the air over obstacles… Ooops! Over the chair and onto the table… and then tumbling down the other side… it’s so funny!

Here he was jumping into the basket with too much gusto and got himself trapped….

Peaches is just the opposite of Damy! She will be dancing like a ballerina… with very graceful and careful movements .

Superhero Wannabe

Whoever adopts Damy will get plenty of entertainment 🙂

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Billy Boy Botak von Bukit Batok

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Blaine has returned

Ivy sent sms that the feeder saw Blaine and that he looked alert but refused food. I was worried that he had gone in hiding because of sickness or injury and may be dehydrated…

Went to look for him and he still remembered me… he looks well and ate… finished a can of Fussy Cat 🙂

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May Stranger be free from pain


This is Ivy,s FIV cat Stranger. Please send prayers and good wishes to Stranger. He is in a lot of pain now and nothing the vet can do “because he is so fierce”.

Ivy suffered with him through the night… He was in pain, screaming!

Then in the afternoon Mohan came to the rescue… trying to clip his nails and syringe-feed him.

Ivy is prepared to have him euthanized if the pain cannot be alleviated.

Hope Mohan can do his magic…

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Blaine is Missing

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My Downstairs Cat

My “downstairs” cat

I wish i can bring you home….but i can’t

I wish i can be more friendly with you….but i can’t

Not all humans are nice to cats…they aren’t

Trusting all humans can mean the end of you.

Though it saddens me when u cower away from me…

Until you recognise my voice…

Because i know then that you do not treat all humans

With the same tenderness that you shower on me…

Your soft body brushing my legs…

I hope

you will learn to be street-smart, knowing who to trust

and who to stay away from

I hope

you will survive on the streets of Singapore

and perhaps one day, someone will bring you home…

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White Tara


Om Tare Tuttare Ture Mama Ayuh Punya Jñana Pustim Kuru Svaha

White Tara is another representation of compassion and she is pictured as being endowed with seven eyes to symbolize the watchfulness of the compassionate mind.

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And the local news…

A Tampines TC manager promised the caregivers that no precious lives would be taken… but three cats (one was still a kitten) have been sent to AVA. Two (including the kitten) have been killed. One has been put on hold… but Tampines TC still refuses to issue a letter…

A group of caregivers went to AVA today… but could not get the cat released. This cat was a recently abandoned home cat so the caregivers did not have the chance to sterilize it yet…and the kitten (RIP) was still too young.

All it takes is for TC to fax a letter to AVA to save this precious life!

Support Tampines Cat Caregivers


A caregiver has 3 days left to remover her sterilized indoor cats … not because they caused some kind of nuisance but because someone made a malicious complaint to HDB!

I myself was once threatened to be reported to HDB by a nasty adopter who had refused to sterilize the kitten at the age of 6 month as specified in the adoption contract.


A one-week-old kitten rescued from pest control urgently needs a surrogate mother

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Help Prevent Qinhuangdao Dog Slaughter

Help Us Stop the Qinhuangdao Dog Slaughter Before it Starts

Dear Friend,

I’ve just received an urgent report that another city in China is planning a mass cull to slaughter any unregistered dogs, strays, and even registered family dogs that are over 14 inches (35cm) tall.

Dog owners in Qinhuangdao, Hebei Province, are even being told to kill their own dogs, or else their dogs will be beaten to death by the police and the owners will be charged a fine. Can you imagine being forced to kill your own dog to save it from a more brutal slaughter?

Unless we can stop this now, the Dog Death squads could be roaming the streets tomorrow – beating, stoning, and killing dogs – some right in front of their owners.

You might remember the attached e-mail I sent you recently about a similar cull. We found out too late for many of those dogs, but this time we have a chance to stop it before it starts.

I need you to do two things right now:
1. Send an e-mail to the Chinese Ambassador in your country. So you can act quickly, I’ve written an e-mail for you – click here to review and send it.

2. Make a donation to help IFAW end dog culls in China and to protect animals around the world from similar cruelty.

It’s crucial that you act quickly –according to the government notice, the police will begin combing the streets tomorrow to kill dogs. Please send your message now, and then forward this e-mail to as many of your friends as possible urging them to help us stop this slaughter.

In addition to working to stop this cull, IFAW is helping draft China’s first national animal welfare legislation that will prohibit culls like this. And we’re developing a rabies vaccination and sterilization program that we can offer to rural communities to humanely prevent rabies and control dog populations.

We’ve stopped culls like this in other Chinese cities, and we can stop this one too! Please send your message of protest today.

And then please make a donation to help us continue our efforts to help save animals around the world from cruelty and exploitation.

Please act now to save these dogs – make it the very next thing you do.

Thank you,


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Six Cats and Da Bird

Orange & Damy

All Six

Mango The Top Cat

Bo & Damy

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Abandoned Tipped Ear

A youngish female – soft fur – very tame… likely this is a newly abandoned pet! She appeared at Blk *10 area 2… where Sophus and Winnie went missing recently and many others before them including Stitches.



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Crazy Catless

True story: In Chicago, a single middle-aged woman who adopted something like 20 cats from the ASPCA — thereby qualifying for the title of ‘Crazy Cat Lady’ from her neighbors — was threatened by the city for having so many cats in her house. They claimed it was an ‘unhealthy and unsanitary environment,’ even though she kept excellent care of her pets. To stave off more visits from the local — ahem — fuzz, she simply filed the papers to become a non-profit no-kill animal shelter. Today she has many more cats and, sadly, not many adoptors, but at least she’s not being pestered by the law, and even her neighbors don’t think she’s so crazy anymore.

Kids Today


Woodstock Sanctuary

The Clover Files

Fern the Kid

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Reality Isn’t What You Think

Meditating Cat

Close your eyes and wake up

Apparent Reality is just a dream of our mind

Wake up to the Ultimate Reality

Reality Isn’t What You Think

by Andy Karr

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

I made a decision when I found out that a resident of Block *28 had relocated Damy!

What is the use of working with Town Councils to solve problems when people like this man take matters in their own hands! A person I never even suspected! Worse… a family who keep cats themselves and seemed supportive!

First I had to take in Rocky because someone had relocated him and may do so again…fliered the whole block but no leads as to who did it. Damy was released with a heavy heart… would he be taken again? I had sterilized and relocated the new cat that caused problems on the 4th floor of the same block and had Damy’s ear tipped before releasing him back… to my horror he was taken again the very next morning! Now he is safe in my home…

But I will not let myself become a hoarder!

I will still put in effort to sterilize… so that less cats are born to suffer… and then release them to their fate without attachment… will still help where I can as much as my health and means allow… and without any hope!

I will ‘help until it hurts’ (Peter Singer)… but not until it kills me! Some utilitarian things make sense to me. We should not be ruled by emotions but reflect on the actual benefit of our actions and use limited resources wisely.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Many seriously injured and sick cats could heal and recover because kind people sponsored the medical fees and gave me strength and support when needed, some have helped hands-on and Billy Boy found a home because someone herself busy with rescue work helped me to advertise and screen potential adopters… Thinking of these people always put a smile on my face.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

One needs to make time for reflection and meditation…to heal and to learn to feel equanimity towards all beings…

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These Bears Need Your Help

These bears desperately need your help! Please join our global letter-writing campaign to help us free the remaining 79!

Appeal for Vietnam’s bears

Take action

Strength in numbers

We need your help to convince the Vietnam government to enforce the law and release these bears into our care. Join our campaign now and send us your letter for presentation to the government.

You can use our sample letter and either:

1. Copy and paste into your email and send to
2. Print, sign and mail/fax to your nearest Animals Asia office

We need original emails and letters to prove that there is widespread international support for our campaign.

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White Knight to be sterilised

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Roxy & Kitten

Went to feed the kitten and medicate Sox…

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Damy for adoption

He is already out with the rest. The ‘Fruits’ looked at him a bit puzzled – hmmm… he looks like us but smells different??? Stitches tried to start a fight… locked him up for a while and now it’s okay. Damy is very cuddly and purrs like a motor…. and so playful. Actually he is a bit clumsy… in a very cute and funny way 🙂

I think Damy is the cutest… though M keeps saying his brother Dumy is cuter because of his big eyes.

Damy really looks different from when I first saw him… not only has he put on weight but his fur has grown thicker and longer.

Read all about Damy here:

Damy had a rough journey and has been lucky to survive it all…

First he was dumped in my area by pest control. He was malnourished and later came down with a fever, recovered and was sterilized, then relocated and found in another area , then came down with jaundice, recovered and had his ear tipped under local anesthetic after which he was released only to be relocated again the very next morning…. then luckily found him again!

I think he must have used up quite a number of his 9 lives… so not taking anymore chances.

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Damy found again!

Waited until 11pm, then released Shy Boy and went round searching for Damy. After several rounds I passed by a block near to a very busy main road. Saw an Indian man sitting at a stone table and then spotted Damy under the table. The man told me the cat had been sitting at the bus stop and was very hungry. Even as I was putting him in the carrier the kind man reminded me that Damy was very hungry 🙂

M later told me that she had collected a few bodies from that road… cats that were under the care of a feeder there. Damy was also in danger of being rounded up by pest control again if he went a few blocks further…

When I opened the carrier in the store room Damy ran into his cage to gobble up the dry food 🙂

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Jumpy looks much better

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May it be…

May all suffering end

May It Be

May it be an evening star
Shines down upon you
May it be when darkness falls
Your heart will be true
You walk a lonely road
Oh, how far you are from home

Mornie utúlië (darkness has come)
Believe and you will find your way
Mornie alantië (darkness has fallen)
A promise lives within you now

May it be shadows call
Will fly away
May it be your journey on
To light the day
When the night is overcome
You may rise to find the sun

Mornie utúlië (darkness has come)
Believe and you will find your way
Mornie alantië (darkness has fallen)
A promise lives within you now

A promise lives within you now

~ by Enya

Damy was relocated by a resident this morning…

The cleaner saw the man taking Damy, who struggled, and driving off… he informed M. The man later admitted and helped us with the search… but denied taking Noisy Joe from the same location. Noisy Joe is blind on one eye and M is very worried.

We could not find Damy…

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Damy has been released

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Noisy Joe missing

Only saw his brother Alex…

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Shy Boy tipped

Will keep Shy Boy for a few days to befriend him before releasing at *21.

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Jumpy looks very sick

This afternoon he was lying in the drain at *23 but came out to eat some tuna. His ears felt warm. checked on him again in the evening and just couldn’t leave him there… even though I have no place to isolate him. Damy still needs a few more days of medication… and now I have one more… Shy Boy.

Named him Jumpy because he was very active and playful. Now he seems in pain, growling when I touch him,,, Thought it may be flu and gave him doxy… but now not so sure. Could be some internal injury? Will probably bring him to the vet tomorrow. He ate a little chicken with “soup”. I think he is also dehydrated.

Stitches and Nushi are now both taking Pred for gum problems and Ashley has UTI again… syringing him with liquid and giving herbs and cranberry. Rocky may also have a problem… he keeps going to the litter box frequently… sigh!

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Shy Boy to be sterilised

Finally caught the cat that caused problems on the 4th floor of *28, or rather the feeder caught him. I left the carrier with her and told her to call me when she got him.

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More pics of BB…

Billy Batman

Naughty Billy

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Billy Boy Botak

now on the sofa

and sleeping and eating…

Billy Boy has many scars from cat fights and the big one on the back is probably from abuse (scalded with hot liquid).

BB’s wish came true thanks to kind-hearted adopter!

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A Billy Boy Keychain

Ivy told me that she based the design on Billy Boy.

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Billy Boy out from under the sofa

BB under the sofa

Yesterday the adopter “R” was thinking of returning BB as he seemed unhappy refusing food and water and hiding under the sofa.

Today sms: “Billy looks okay. He has eaten and very sweet and likes to sit by the window watching basket ball…”

and “Ooooh I am so relieved”

Haha… so am I 🙂

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Tiny hungry kitten

Finally saw the little kitten at *21 area 1 that M was telling me about. So thin and only about 3 months old. Hope it will be safe and stay around to be fed…

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Sky snoozing in the kitchen

Sky guarding the tuna?

Cats everywhere… a total of 16 at the moment, still I feel something big and round and black-and-white is misssing… but happy for Billy Boy 🙂

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Update on Yoyo

Still looks pinkish but much better… Will probably release Yoyo tomorrow

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Damy is now a proper Tip-Ear Cat

I was worried about the effect of the general anesthetic as he had just recovered from jaundice. They managed to tip him with local anesthetic only.

Damy is really a very good boy, and the vet says so 🙂

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Ladyblue, now named Miki, is eating well and has put on weight

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Please help Thich Nhat Hanh

Robin’s blog:

Nobel Peace Prize Nominee Thich Nhat Hanh’s Vietnam-based Bat Nha monastery is under severe economic, violent, and governmental pressure to abandon its premises by September 2.

The sun remains beautiful over Bat Nha Monastery

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Billy Boy went to his new home today

In the car


windows meshed

and everything ready for him

A wonderful home for Billy Boy… so why was I suddenly so emotional and confused… not wanting to let him go.

I guess it’s called attachment…

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Dawn & Rocky relaxing

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The big headache at *28

He won’t come out.. not hungry because the feeder still places food at the 3rd floor stair case.

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Thirsty Beany

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September 3, 2009 · 6:42 am

Video update of Dumy

He looks so much like Damy… they must be brothers 🙂

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Outlook bleak and hopeless

New back kitten dumped in area 2. Called Ivy who told me that someone lost a black kitten. She came over but turned out that this was not the lost kitten… but she offered to bring him over to her block to keep an eye on him and hope that the other young cat there will look out for him. Darky was already trying to attack him. He was named Inky… but now he has gone missing…

Another new kitten sighted by M in Area 1… will try to look for him tonight.

Yoyo will soon have to be released and probably will go back up to the 8th floor…

Damy will also be released… so far no one interested in adopting him.

Same goes for Bo and Sarah.

The Cleaner and Cleaning Supervisor keep telling me about defecation at blk *28, 4th floor and 2nd floor. When I check at night the corridors are clean and no smell…. but saw the new abandonee is back again on the 4th floor. Need to sterilise him but then he will still go back again… or should I relocate him a few blocks away?

Cat food supplier just informed me that prices are going up again. Most months my income from cat-sitting is less than what I spend on cat-food alone…

There is no hope… a few people trying to solve a huge problem… while the authorities do not address the problem of abandonment.

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