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Flu in the mini-cattery

Bottlebrush unwell

Stitch likes his new basket

Hope that it’s just a mild one and they will recover without using antibiotics. Hmmm… the last time I said that ended up Peaches in ICU with panleukopenia.

It started with Stitches sneezing then Damy and now Bottlebrusch. Stitches is okay now and Damy is also getting better. Now Bo has lost her appetite and is having a fever, I think… hiding in the tunnel.

The Fruits seem to have resistance.

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New photos of Dumy

Dumy’s guardian has sent new photos:

‘Chubby Cheeks’ says:

I have my own big bed JUST FOR ME

… I can snooze safely

Can i have some privacy pleeeese….

My own home with my own human … All Mine!

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Area 3 mother cat missing

She was sterilized and tipped after her kittens had been adopted and was then released back to the car park.

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Rex is missing

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September 26, 2009 · 3:21 pm

Sophus found

Sophus appeared at Blk *03. He looks well and is wearing a collar. His fur had been shaved on his right hind leg. Maybe he was injured and then someone took him home and brought him to the vet…

It’s just a few blocks from his old place.

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Mother and 5 kittens

TC officer called regarding complaints about kittens on the 2nd floor and 4th floor of the same block. There is no caregiver in that area…

When I had almost reached the block I saw a very thin cat and wanted to give it some food but it kept running away… so I gave up.

Went to the 4th floor… no kitten there but saw a litter box and food and water dispenser… no one was at home at this unit. Later when Penny arrived I went up one more time and this time I saw the same cat that I had met earlier. It looked terribly thin… ate the Fussy Cat but was very scared of humans. We will have to come back another time to talk to the residents of that unit. Meanwhile Penny had asked the 2nd floor resident at whose front door the mother cat had given birth to help give the 4th floor cat water and food for the time being…

On The 2nd floor was a mother cat (one eye blind) with her 5 kittens. The resident had provided a box and gave food to the mother. He had seen the cat before downstairs then last Monday she went up to give birth. The kittens are now 5 days old. We placed the mother cat in my carrier and the kittens in a box then cycled to Penny’s place.

Penny has been looking for a mother cat for the surviving kitten… which is probably not more than 3 days old. She managed to get one but that cat had mastitis and was unable to give milk. The kitten is already very weak. The new mother cat accepted it readily but the kitten was unable to suck the milk. We kept trying and Penny also syringed some drops of milk…

Later received sms that the kitten was finally suckling…phew!

Now there is hope!

The abandoned kitten is much smaller then the mother cat’s 5 kittens…

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Anyone has a nursing mother cat?

Penny just found 2 kittens dumped at her doorstep! They are only a few days old… they feel cold. Too young…their only chance is a mother cat.

Anyone has a nursing mother cat please call Penny at 98556410

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