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Stoney & Bunny

Stoney was found with a fractured jaw on Oct 15 ’09



Bunny was found on Dec 11 ’09 with fractured jaw, broken upper and lower palate and severely dehydrated.



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Handsome Damy

Cat & Mouse

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Snoopy will be released soon

Snoopy has improved tremendously during the past few days.! She can get up quickly now and also ventured out of the cage. Must be all those raw chicken necks she had been chomping up!

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Please help Sadhu

Fom Mary’s blog:

Visited Sadhu last evening; both ‘hands’ are bandaged as he had pull out his drip from his left ‘hand’; thus they have to drip on his right ‘hand’.

Dr. Choi called last evening as i was leaving office to visit Sadhu. He confirmed based on xray results, Sadhu has injury to his pelvic, his pelvic are ‘smashed’; and he will not proceed with pelvic reconstruction as the injury is very near to the spine.

Colonic resection surgery will be done today; and Dr. Choi said he will ‘tidy’ up the smashed pelvic.

Total cost estimated for this surgery, plus 4-5 days hospitalisation and medication = S$2K +. Bill itself for yesterday is $533.93.

As Sadhu was a stray, 10% discount will be granted.

Yes this is a very expensive surgery and i know i am taking a great risk with the funding. i said to Dr. Choi, i have no right to ‘kill’ this cat because (and Dr. Choi agreed) Sadhu is always alert, his eyes tell you he is not ready to die; Sadhu is a fighter.

And this surgery must be done because Sadhu is not suffering from constipation. His ‘constipation’ is caused by injury/trauma to his pelvic thus affecting the other intestines and indirectly cause him to be constipated.

So once again, no amount is too little. Thank you for your contribution, thank you for pledging to contribute.

Sadhu can be visited at Mt Pleasant Veterinary Centre, 232 Whitely Road. Visiting hours 1-2pm, 5-7pm (Monday-Friday); 1-2pm, 4-6pm (Weekends and Public Holiday)

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6 teeth extracted

Nushi was wide awake when I picked her up.

She pawed at her mouth a bit but then settled down to rest. I would normally have caged her for a day or two but all the cages are occupied so she is now in her favourite hiding spot under the bed. A big thank you to E for sponsoring Nushi’s dental work!

So relieved that it is finally over and done…

Had a look at Choc on my way back. He looks good but there are still some scabs. Will probably take the collar off and remove the stitches in a few days time.

Snoopy is improving … able to get up more easily now. Hopefully she will make a full recover soon and can be released. But Snoopy is not complaining, contented being in her cage… a very sweet cat!

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3 kittens and a pack of lies

Saw a group of children with a small black cage holding 3 kittens at the void deck of *23.

Sensing abandonment I asked some questions… every single reply was a lie! I In the end I gave the boy a choice to bring me to his home or I would call the police. He stays at block *16, 5th floor corner unit. The mother said she let him bring the kittens downstairs to play as she was cleaning the house.

My gut feeling is that the mother had asked him to throw the kittens at *23! Why else would they carry the cage all the way there and why bring a big bowl of dry food along??? I was in a rush so I left it at that with a warning that abandonment was a crime.

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Nushi went to Mt Pleasant Vet today

The blood test result is okay except that the platelets are a bit low. However the gums were still too inflamed. She has to take another round of Prednisolone for 5 days (double the dose that I had given her before) and also a course of antibiotics. The extraction is scheduled for Monday. Looks like quite a number of teeth will have to go…

Nushi’s weight went up to 4kg now. I have been syringe-feeding her a 3/4 can of Avoderm every morning and night to keep her strong….

I think Nush is in good hands… Dr. Goh had also operated on her 2 years ago when she had the blockage…. but of course I still worry because she took very long to recover from the anesthetics when she had some teeth extracted at another clinic . That was 5 years ago just after we found her. The vet had estimated her to be 8 years old then.

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