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Jacky went missing again

Poor Jacky, we found him once when he was relocated to the bus interchange and now he is missing again….

Jacky was last seen 6 days ago.

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Donna gone missing

Have not seen Donna for more than a week…

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Not shy anymore

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Another Survey by RC

More info on the Survey here:!/group.php?gid=111819802181126&ref=mf

Residents are supposed to drop the completed form into the RC Block Representative letterbox….

Hmm… but which of the letterboxes is that?

No info on the RC notice board either

Which letter box?

Must be this one

Problem is…They are locked!

We went through this before at area 3 which is under the same Town Council….

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Shy Momo

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Thor abandoned by a resident of St 71


Thor seems to have a skin problem… probably fungus or mites but I have run out of Frontline and Neem Oil.

About a week ago while feeding I saw Thor sitting on the stone table at the void deck and he seemed very friendly with a young Malay Couple. They were feeding him a pouch of Whiskas. I was thinking Oh… good! They can help me to get him into the carrier for sterilization… I am a bit blur at times 🙂

Then the Lady told me he is friendly with us because he is my cat!

“No, we did not abandon him… he just doesn’t like to stay indoors.” Did they notice that he was unable to eat for several days? Would they refund the $70.- vet fee… $50 of which was contributed by a feeder who works at a coffee shop? No, they would not!

Here is another abandonment case from a different resident of the same block.

I made a police report… and in the end they took the cat back.

There are more cases where I know that cats have been abandoned by residents…

These are some of the Street 71 cats who have now been adopted :





Lady Blue






Cleo Ike Debby

Good Boy





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Some of the”Pests” to be culled


Donna went missing for several weeks in ’07 …her tail needed to be amputated.


Benny was relocate from area two to area one… probably by Pest Control. Later he was abused..hit by a bicycle and deliberately dragged. Benny made full recovery.


Baby has been around for more than 5 years. His sister was lucky to be adopted by a resident.


Pinky was a sickly kitten when he first appeared…. now he has grown to be a handsome boy…. much loved by residents.


A difficult one.. but finally Mohan managed to net her for sterilization 3 years ago. Sandy has mellowed since.

The Family of Four

Judy, Jacky, Whitie Girl and Blackie Girl

Jacky had been relocated to the bus interchange last year. A feeder saw him there and called me… Jacky was so happy to be reunited with his family.

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Killing of Yishun St 71 cats by April 18

AMK – YCK TC has received feedback from residents that there are a lot of stray cats at Zone A (more than 20). They have been climbing on their cars to rest.

TC request that I do the necessary to control this by April 18, 2010. Failing which, they will get their pest control contractor to follow up.

Four years ago I went door to door to gather support to prevent the round-up of the Street 71 cats. I know who was the complainant then… because out of all the people I spoke to there was only one who wanted the cats removed!

Now I am too worn out and tired to fight another round.

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Rocky sharing his favourite spot with Stoney

Don’t know what is worse, the fighting, the spraying or the breakage….

Toaster oven landed on the floor, clay bowl broken…

Ah… finally a quiet moment and Ike has stopped running over my keyboard.

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Some clashes… but manageable

Damy harnessed

Stitches puzzled

Little Peaches

Not a good place Billy Boy

Trouble brewing!

Billy harnessed

Not an easy task trying to combine the different groups but usually fights can be settled with a spray bottle and some rolled up newspaper.

Damy however will just be running from one cat to the next to challenge them for a fight… so for the time being he needs to be either restrained by a harness or caged while balcony and bedroom doors are open for all the cats to mingle.

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Home cats

Ike and Oki are out for a short while after their bath. Most of the black stuff is gone and some of the fur too… mainly from the paws.

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