Some clashes… but manageable

Damy harnessed

Stitches puzzled

Little Peaches

Not a good place Billy Boy

Trouble brewing!

Billy harnessed

Not an easy task trying to combine the different groups but usually fights can be settled with a spray bottle and some rolled up newspaper.

Damy however will just be running from one cat to the next to challenge them for a fight… so for the time being he needs to be either restrained by a harness or caged while balcony and bedroom doors are open for all the cats to mingle.

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0 responses to “Some clashes… but manageable

  1. oh dear Damy likes to scuffle eh?must be very active little fella.

  2. This young punk needs some guidance! Billy Boy is stalking Mirko again…sigh! Harnessed him, too and just now he was attacked by Bunny. Had to throw a blanket over Bunny and then run for the spray bottle… don’t know how long I can keep that up…

  3. 2 of my cats r e same situation as urs..even tho i put 1 of them in the cage if i didnt cover it with blanket he will meow so loudly if he saw the other male that he cant get along with..its been a year im in dis situation with my cats..even spray bottle on both them doesnt work..but lucky enuff only this 2 males cannot get along if more den 2..i donnoe how to say..

  4. Seems to be mostly the males… I dont know how many you have, but sometimes adding another cat will change things for the better. Anyway keep trying… but there are cats who will never get along. Seperate rooms would be better than cageing for long term. I fixed hooks and strings to the doors so there is a gap for better ventilation. At the moment I let them mingle during the day if I am at home and separate them in the evening.

  5. Oh and do try putting harnesses on both of them! It’s amazing… works almost like a straight jacket 🙂

  6. Yah mostly the males..but the 2 males of mine last time they were so close like blood brothers.I will always change shift for them..but when it come at night i put the black male in my parent’s room since that fella love to sleep in there..At least yours still can mingle..mine if the tabby n white in e cage covered with blanket n that black cat pass by e cage..the tabby n white start to meowing so loud want to fight..Harness method?? never try b4..maybe i shld try this..

  7. Worth a try but it will probably only work until they get used to wearing a harness. A t-shirt will have the same effect.

  8. Ok thanks..i will try the harness method on dat 2 alpha males…hopefully it works.. 🙂

  9. Just harness without leash?

  10. Yup just Harness or T-shirt will do to make them feel constrained. I was even able to trim Damy’s claws. Without harness he would wriggle and struggle…

  11. Ha ! I shud really try the harness for Scrawny and Silver ! :D:D:D

  12. I still have a spare one you can try 🙂

  13. Hee ! Nvm , I used one of Bibi Boy’s old harness and itz working wonders … for now that is . Makes the 2 rascals walk funny and bow their head down with shame . 😀 Hahaha , especially Scrawny ! Tink he feels like he’s made to wear a bra ? :D:D:D:D

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