Jacky went missing again

Poor Jacky, we found him once when he was relocated to the bus interchange and now he is missing again….

Jacky was last seen 6 days ago.

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0 responses to “Jacky went missing again

  1. Jacky is a handsome cat; its seems few cats are going missing at your area 😦

  2. He probably was dumped further away this time… can be anywhere! This must be the work of pest controllers because he would not even let the feeders carry him! So far only Damy was lucky to be found twice….Today his two daughters Blackie Girl and Whitie Girl came to me and meowed… seemed like asking where Jacky is. This is not their usual behaviour.

  3. Let’s hope Jacky will return, will be found. Sick, why can’t they leave the cats alone.

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