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Thor been limping for 3 days

Hope medication will work… also ‘frontlined’ him today. Sylvia is helping by giving him the morning dose of antibiotics. At night I add B-complex. Thor is more friendly now… could stroke him while he was eating.

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Thor trapped

Going for sterilization in the morning

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Thor found after seven months

Thor went missing in October last year. Found him today far from where he was lost (removed).

I was informed about an unsterilized cat in another neighbourhood. When I saw this photo taken by TC officer I thought this could be Thor…

Went to check today and it is Thor! Exact marking and same injured toe. He also has patchy fur and can’t eat again. Something wrong with his throat or flu? The feeder says he had not been eating for the past few days. He also did not touch the food I offered.

Don’t know what to do… he was very difficult to handle when I took him in previously when he was sick!

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Adding Insult to Injury

Bubu and Thor are missing from block *26 and King from the adjacent block. These 3 cats went missing after the latest incident when TC officer went around the area with Pest Controllers and trap, supposedly for the purpose of taking photographs and counting cats. 2 home cats went missing and later they admitted that one cat was caught… but later released.

I am still grieving the loss of these 3 cats… Bubu was sterilized more than 2 years ago.

Pinky is also from Block *26. He was adopted recently.

Snoopy too, is from *26 and now safely in my home. And Ms Lim from Town Council can still accuse me that I bring in cats!!!

Now there is only Bibi left at *26 and the two quite new ones, Star and Squealer.

I also came to know that there is a cat abuser staying on the 2nd floor. Residents saw her chasing after the cats and beating them. I put up posters requesting for witnesses to come forward and was surprises that the posters actually stayed up… they would usually be torn down the very next day… probably because there is now a new officer in charge of this area.

Today I received an email about “cat activities” at this very Block.. that ghost feeders would place food at the void deck and 2nd floor corridor. I didn’t notice any left-overs at the void deck during my feeding, neither did I see anything that day when placing the appeals for witnesses under the doors of the 2nd floor units.

Of course as usual, the complainant was not revealed.

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Found the real Thor

Thor had moved 2 blocks away…

No wonder the other cat did not look lost and frightened as would be expected of a cat that had just been dumped in strange surroundings…

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Is this Thor???

Didn’t see Thor today…. then as I passed Blk *70 I saw this cat sitting on a burner. He came and ate some kibbles… hissed a bit when I stroked him just like Thor. He was together with this male cat.

*70 is an area with no caregivers…

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Thor abandoned by a resident of St 71


Thor seems to have a skin problem… probably fungus or mites but I have run out of Frontline and Neem Oil.

About a week ago while feeding I saw Thor sitting on the stone table at the void deck and he seemed very friendly with a young Malay Couple. They were feeding him a pouch of Whiskas. I was thinking Oh… good! They can help me to get him into the carrier for sterilization… I am a bit blur at times 🙂

Then the Lady told me he is friendly with us because he is my cat!

“No, we did not abandon him… he just doesn’t like to stay indoors.” Did they notice that he was unable to eat for several days? Would they refund the $70.- vet fee… $50 of which was contributed by a feeder who works at a coffee shop? No, they would not!

Here is another abandonment case from a different resident of the same block.

I made a police report… and in the end they took the cat back.

There are more cases where I know that cats have been abandoned by residents…

These are some of the Street 71 cats who have now been adopted :





Lady Blue






Cleo Ike Debby

Good Boy





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Thor has been released

The problem seems to have resolved…. whatever it was! Thor is now eating well. Will probably get him sterilized towards the end of the month.

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May need x-ray and further testing

Thor put up a struggle but the vet somehow managed to check his mouth… sore gums but no fish bone. The vet gave him 3 injections (including antibiotics and advised to go for x-ray and further testing if there is no improvement in 2 days.

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Fish bone again?

This male appeared at the same time as Fifi. He has not been eating for 3 days. I suspect fish bone. He is at the same block as Beauty who had 4 fish bones removed from her throat! He has not been named and sterilized yet…

Lala went to her new home today.

Brought Oki downstairs today for a while… where he met Fifi, Coco and Jumpy.

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