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Damy now on Clomicalm

damy 006
There is spraying and there is obsessive spraying! At my wits end I finally decided to try medication. The vet prescribed something called Kalm to try for a few days before starting on the clomicalm. Done that and there was no change in his behaviour. Gave him the first dose of clomi yesterday but only 5mg which is half the amount prescribed. No side effects so far… he is his usual self but perhaps a little calmer and there was less spraying. Dare I hope?

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Home or cattery?

Looks more like a cattery than a home but what to do when there are so many…

The two gates will make for happier cats, actually giving them more freedom… from fights and from being bullied. With my last two additions “Darly & Beany” part-time caging had become necessary as they are both fighters.

The original idea was to just have some simple wooden screen doors with mesh… but contractors told me that the cost would be the same as it would involve more work. I had already given up on the whole idea when I had a big surprise… someone offered to sponsor $500. With that I dared to go ahead ($1.200 for two gates). Thank you for making our dream come true! No more caging for Beany & Darly!

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Sub-Q Station

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Cats at home

Stitches has not had gum infections for some time… he looks well and happy and is also quite playful… but naughty – see those marks at his nose and Damy has a big wound at his tail… wonder who did that!

Damy grooming Ike! Strange… all the orange-white cats get along well with each other.

Nush has gum infection again and is not eating… giving prednisolone and syringe-feeding her.

The wound at Damy’s tail is already drying up… but getting some powder on it is not easy… he cannot keep still for a second.

Worse with Lora… have to wait for her to stretch out her leg and then quickly sprinkle some powder all over hoping some of it will get into the wound, but she takes the antibiotics mixed in her food… no problem!

Muddy won’t… he smells a rat when there is something in his food… but he doesn’t mind taking the meds by syringe.

Dawn is now sneezing but her appetite is back.

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Who bit Damy ?

Must be Stitches! Poor Damy will have to be caged for some time…. take Clavo and have Dermavet cream applied. Lucky he takes the Clavo mixed in his food… he is not a cat that can be easily pilled!

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New toys

OB & Snoopy

Damy aka Super Soaker

Stitches smells catnip

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Stitches must be feeling better

Stitches is eating the Avoderm dry food again and he whacked Damy. The ear is bleeding but Damy won’t let me have a closer look.

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