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The Cat in the Paper Bag

“Do you want a cat?”

A group of Chinese ladies and a girl where at my door. They wanted to give me a cat. The owner of the cat stays at a nearby block and the others are her neighbours. One of them must have come up with the bright idea of giveing the cat to me!

Reason – the owner is going to Indonesia for one month. I suggested boarding the cat at a shelter for that month. They seemed to like the idea… and I hope it works out!

I had the impression that they were honest… there is always the fear that the cat will end up being dumped at the shelter! They said (mostly interpreted through the girl) that the female was sterilized 5 years ago.

I also took a picture of the owner (access to friends only) … just in case the cat gets abandoned downstairs.

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New female at *11 Area 2

New female



New female at Kiki’s block… not sure which one caused the complaint.

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Kiki still roaming




Received a call from TC officer today about a smallish white cat at Blk *11 Area 2 with dark spots, ear not tipped. That can only be Kiki… TC officer will pay a visit to Kiki’s owners! I had already tried talking to the owners a year ago…

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Thor abandoned by a resident of St 71


Thor seems to have a skin problem… probably fungus or mites but I have run out of Frontline and Neem Oil.

About a week ago while feeding I saw Thor sitting on the stone table at the void deck and he seemed very friendly with a young Malay Couple. They were feeding him a pouch of Whiskas. I was thinking Oh… good! They can help me to get him into the carrier for sterilization… I am a bit blur at times 🙂

Then the Lady told me he is friendly with us because he is my cat!

“No, we did not abandon him… he just doesn’t like to stay indoors.” Did they notice that he was unable to eat for several days? Would they refund the $70.- vet fee… $50 of which was contributed by a feeder who works at a coffee shop? No, they would not!

Here is another abandonment case from a different resident of the same block.


I made a police report… and in the end they took the cat back.

There are more cases where I know that cats have been abandoned by residents…

These are some of the Street 71 cats who have now been adopted :





Lady Blue






Cleo Ike Debby

Good Boy





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The proliferation of stray animals in our communities is a human-created problem. They are here as a direct result of human-driven activities – a thriving live pet trade, irresponsible breeding and pet abandonment.

An average of 10,000 cats have been put down every year for the past 10 years. Yet we continue to let breeding and abandonment go unchecked year on year, killing the excess when it becomes embarrassing.

Isn’t it time we face up to the root cause of stray proliferation?


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3 kittens and a pack of lies

Saw a group of children with a small black cage holding 3 kittens at the void deck of *23.

Sensing abandonment I asked some questions… every single reply was a lie! I In the end I gave the boy a choice to bring me to his home or I would call the police. He stays at block *16, 5th floor corner unit. The mother said she let him bring the kittens downstairs to play as she was cleaning the house.

My gut feeling is that the mother had asked him to throw the kittens at *23! Why else would they carry the cage all the way there and why bring a big bowl of dry food along??? I was in a rush so I left it at that with a warning that abandonment was a crime.

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Seven cats healthy but still nervous


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