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Orange needs 2nd surgery


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Jasper fell from 6th floor



Jasper (now called Orange) suffered a broken pelvis and collapsed lung. Still, he is lucky to be alive! The windows were meshed but seems there was an opening at the top…

Get well soon, Orange!

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Update on Jasper aka Orange

Hello Helga,

It’s been a week since Jasper arrive to my house. By the way, just let you know my husband and I name him Orange instead. Hope you don’t mind.

Don’t worry he only had some loose stool during the 1 day he came. subsequently, his stool are back to normal. Just given him a bath today. He’s so sweet, hardly meow and let me slowly apply soap for him. He’s sleeping beside me in a box I made for him at this moment im typing this email to you. Will be bringing him for sterilization next friday.

I will be mailing you his pictures once im able to download the pics into the pc… Looking forward to sharing his pic with you. How’s your finger by the way? hope its healing well…


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Jasper is going home, too…

The couple, knowledgeable cat-guardians who also adopted their first cat through CWS, liked what they saw and confirmed that they would be taking Jasper home.

M and R came over with some steamed fish for Genie and gang and they all had a feast.

My friend E also visited me for the first time since I have the cats…as expected, she reacted allergic (sneezing and watery eyes) and couldn’t stay long. E offered to sponsor Sophia’s stay at a foster facility…and I will make some enquiries. She really liked Sophia and is even considering adoption…if her husband is agreeable and her allergy manageable.


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Louis & Jasper

Jasper is a very handsome ginger boy and just about 6 months old. He is friendly and outgoing.

Someone will be coming to view him on Sunday and hopefully give him a home. Jasper will be sterilized next week. His little black-and-white friend “Louis” was done today. Both are from Blk. *09 Area 2.

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