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Another good idea

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Catching Da Bird

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Searching for Tuna

Searched for her in the afternoon but couldn’t find her anywhere. Went again in the evening and saw the cleaning supervisor waving to me and pointing to the bicycle basket. There she was 🙂

Wrapped her up in a small blanket and cycled back holding her.

Tuna eating tuna

Playful Tuna

Tuna meets Dawn

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Kiki & Good Boy

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Pretty Tuna Girl

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Finally napped the elusive *28 female


Kiki appeared together with Coco but then was not seen for a long time. She was weary of me but hungry enough to come close. So I napped her again and closed the carrier properly this time…. she went wild in the carrier but later calmed down.

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Another abandoned kitten

She is a beautiful and very unusual shade of light brown with tabby markings, only about 4 months old. My first thought was that she would be very adoptable… but in the end I left her there (Blk *26) as I can barely manage with the 15 cats now in my home… 6 on medications (wounds, gum infection and urinary infection).

Saw her sitting in that red basked on the bicycle while looking for Pinky. A can of tuna in mayonnaise and a cup of water nearby.

Passed by again at midnight. She was in another bicycle basket but jumped down to greet me. Hoping that I would take her home?

Had another sleepless night… what should I do? Still no solution! I think I really have to stop doing more adoptions… Bottlebrush will be the last one… no energy to interview adopters and entertain “shoppers” and perhaps I have also become too pessimistic and tend to reject would-be adopters too quickly but I guess I should at least appeal for help before giving up. Perhaps there is someone out there willing to volunteer some time to help these kitties find homes?


Any feeder or caregiver, or just someone willing to volunteer some time helping to re-home these abandoned cats by placing the advertisements (CWS and Pet Forum, etc.)and then interviewing any prospective adopters? I could then take in one or two suitable cats/ kittens at a time for viewing… new abandonees like this new kitten, Coco and Shiny would at least have a chance in finding a home. Caring for the cats is the easy part… dealing with humans (adopters or complainants, etc) is more stressful.

The dumping situation in Area 1 is really very bad…and thanks goodness those 7 cats were accepted by Metta Cattery!

Those care-givers I know who already have their hands full please ignore this 🙂

We all need to take care of our own health so that we can continue…

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The Earth is Waiting For You

The Earth is Waiting For You

The earth is always patient and open-hearted.

She is waiting for you.

She has been waiting for you for the last trillion lifetimes.
She can wait for any length of time. She knows you will come back to her one day.

Fresh and green, she will welcome you exactly like the first time, because love never says “This is the last time;” because Earth is a loving mother.

She will never stop waiting for you.

by Thich Nhat Hanh

The Long Road Turns to Joy

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Dumy’s brother Damy

Not really sure they are brothers but same age, same place….

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Dumy in his new home

Dumy is now a home cat well loved and safe.

Photos courtesy of Anthony

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2 more newbies

The same area… sigh!

Lady Blue

White Knight

The blue one looks like a senior cat and is probably already sterilised but of course I could be wrong again 🙂

Then I spotted this amorous white male cat at the next block chasing after Donna…

I finally saw the young female at *28 today. Managed to grab her and put her in the carrier… and let her escape. Now it will be more difficult to get her… sigh! Will have to try again tomorrow…using the trap.

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Seven cats healthy but still nervous

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Seven Cats to be abandoned…

Picked up Good Boy from the vet and on the way home saw a girl sitting at the void deck with a large cage holding 5 cats and an empty carrier. I approached her and found out that they were going to release them. Then I saw cat number six walking around and asked the girl to place him back into the carrier. Made some calls while waiting for her mother. Thankfully the cats were accepted at a cattery. The mother gave me $300 after I told her the usual boarding fees and requested that she should give at least as much as she can for the boarding. She said they are shifting out to stay with her sister until they get their new flat… in a few months time and that she would then take the cats back also would visit them at the cattery… we exchanged tel. numbers

They had already called the AVA and SPCA before decing to abandon the cats downstairs….sigh!

I had also called the police just in case… at least there is a record and her particulars were taken. I was taken aback when one of the officers said that abandonment was actually not a crime unless there was abuse. This cannot be true!

The daughter helped me to bring the cage to my place and then came back a while later with cat number 7. All the cats are sterilized and tipped.

Later at night Damy came to collect the cats, to board over night and then bring them to Metta cattery the next morning. The cats were very tame and very frightened… didn’t make a sound while they were here.

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Good Boy’s abscess drained

Three days and still swollen.. so Good Boy went to the vet today. Roxy seems fine so I released her a bit earlier as planned to make space for Good Boy.

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Always someting….

Both Bo and Roxy have loose stool and are on oats porridge diet with a little tuna mixed in.

Billy’s wound has healed but Stitch’s gum infection is back. Giving him the anti-inflammatory tablets that were meant for BB and started a course of Zithromax which seems more effective than Clavulox.

Q saw the calico female that was first spotted together with Coco. Someone must have taken her in and then released again. Hope she is not pregnant! Must try to trap her… Q also saw another new male ginger kitten…

Good Boy was limping yesterday his front leg swollen and painful but no more space to take him in so I just applied the powder…


Ivan has been missing for about a week.

Rocky is very vocal especially at night…he misses his freedom to roam outside… and me unable to sleep. Will he ever get used to staying indoors?

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A Beautiful Bo


Bottlebrush ( Bo) is probably a Maine Coon cross. She is large built, long body and big paws. She purrs and likes to be stroked but sometimes will growl and swipe (with soft paws). Poor Bo was always bullied and chased away by some of the community cats during the past few months. She was so frightened and shy that we saw her only occasionally and at different locations. Only recently Bo settled in one area… but still frequently bullied by Ginger-Tom. Hope that she can find a good home where she can feel safe.

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Roxy tipped

Roxy was mid-term. She looks so small, like only 5 months old….

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Roxy to be sterilised

Roxy let me come closer and stroke her today during feeding … that’s when I realized it’s a female and pregnant. Have to agree with Maxiejane, that my judgement is getting worse.

Came back after my feeding round and managed to nap her. Hope the vet can squeeze her in tomorrow and that the pregnancy is not too advanced…

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Bottlebrush for Adoption

And once again my speculations that a cat was already neutered proved wrong 🙂 Luckily caught her before pregnancy… she was on heat. I guess she did not get pregnant all these months because of her malnourished state.

The vet estimated her to be less than a year old. She is very pretty… a medium- long-hair version of Pema and Coco.

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Keeping cats off flowerpots

Pics courtesy of Mary

The chopsticks and netting are a good way to keep cats out of flowerpots but I think the toothpicks could harm an unsuspecting cat. The charcoal acts as fertiliser and the rough texture deters the felines from stepping onto it.

Alternatively a small bowl with mothballs placed on the flowerpot will work as a cat-repellent.

Some durian husks placed on the soil will also work… spiky side up.

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Bottlebrush to be sterilised and other matters

Decided to bring Bottlebrush to the vet… better to be safe.

Met the guardian of Longhair today. He says she is doing well and is very gently, loves to be stroked by his son.

Released the *10 tabby boy today and saw some tipped-ears at the void deck of a nearby block and a lady sitting at the stone table (sleeping). As I came closer she woke up and I recognized her as the lady working at the coffee shop where Orange Boy used to be… she was the one who told us about the abuse. Now she is jobless and also has difficulty walking. She stays nearby and feeds the cats here and there is another lady who brings them for sterilisation. I told her about the complaint at *10 and that it would be good to get him to move away from this block. Sylvia went twice to check in the morning and both times she found food at the staircase landing. There is already a warning letter from Town Council at the lift lobby… maybe they can’t read English?

I wonder at the hard life of this lady who is now jobless and not well. She has no phone but told me that I can find her here at this table every night from 8 to 11pm…

Regarding Cinderella’s family, the TC officer went to pay another visit today and the cats were still out (running into the flat as he approached) and they still claim it’s the downstairs cats who defecate on the corridor. He is going to summon them! I am also at my wits end… I am afraid they may just hand the 3 cats over if I get SPCA involved.

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Petition for the Legal Ban of Meat

Please click here and sign the petition:

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This depicts Guatama the Buddha after awakening enlightened, and wanting to return to Nirvana. But he considered all the lotus flowers in their different stages, working towards enlightenment themselves, and he decided to work with them instead.


So much to do, yet so little time
This weakening body, this tired mind
Wish i can sleep my time away
Woke afresh, may all be empty

How these weeks i wish i could disappear
To a distant land, To a land of smile
To draw strength from her country’s children
To rest in the warm of spiritual sun.

In doing so, may i be rejuvenated
In thought, in strength
May i rekindle love with all man kind
May my body energises
May i be able to fly

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Another cat complaint

The complaint is about defecation in flowerpots on 2nd and 3rd floor. This is actually not my area but will still try to help if possible. Both times I went there the cat was downstairs and there was no defecation, urine smell or food on those corridors. The 3rd floor complainant said she had placed durian husks on the flower pots and it worked.

The young and very friendly male cat will be sterilised tomorrow and then released back. I saw a tipped-ear at the void deck of the same block so I think there is a feeder/caregiver.

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Fat Boy

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July 11, 2009 · 6:03 am

Black cat now homeless?

The son of the Chinese family on the second floor brought him home as a kitten. I helped to get him sterilised at the age of 6 months. The father refused the mesh…

The cat was seen downstairs more and more frequently. Now I think he has been locked out for good.…_and_more_abandonings

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New male cat at area 3 Blk *75

He was sterilised today

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New cat at *75 Area 3

This tipped-ear appeared a few months ago at *75 Area 3.

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Billy Boy is back

A big collar for a big cat

Tail shaved wound stitched and now 20 days antibiotics twice a day… sigh! Why can’t he be like Stitches and just gobble them up with the food…

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Kiki was still downstairs

Saw this bowl of kibbles at the staircase as I walked up to double-check the unit number of Kiki’s owners. As I took the photo the wife appeared with her 2 children. She said she was looking for Kiki…. and she did bring her back. I removed the bowl later.

I still have a bad feeling about their intentions…

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The most recent abandonee

This is the little kitten that I first saw two days ago. Couldn’t find it at first then I saw Tommy looking under a car… and there it was 🙂

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Billy Boy hospitalized this morning

Billy Boy seemed a bit off for the past few days but was still eating… just being less active. Then yesterday night he seemed very lethargic and his head and ears felt very hot. I used a wet towel to cool him down and decided to wait until morning. He would growl when touched his back or tail… clearly in pain.

The vet said he would have to put him under general anesthetic for the examination. He called later to let me know that there was a large abscess at the tail area which had just burst.

Billy Boy is quite difficult to medicate…The injury must have been inflicted by Stitches.

Stitches is also on antibiotics because his gum problem has recurred recently. So he will be out of action for a while 🙂

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What’s the use of having a meeting with the GM…

… if TC officers are not informed of the outcome?

Received an email form from TC Property Officer regarding cat nuisance at Blk *75, Blk *79 & Blk *80 and that there were also complaints regarding defecation on the common corridor.

She asked whether there was any cat lovers group in this area and whether all the cats were sterilised. (This must be a new officer)

I wrote back that all the cats are sterilised and asked for more details so that we can check and try to solve the problem and that it would be best if we could talk to the complainant directly.

This is the reply:

I think it will be inappropriate for me to give you the contacts of the complainant.

Please ensure that all the cats under your care are sterilized. If any cats is causing nuisance to the residents, we will remind you to relocate it. Failure to do so, Town Council will not hesitate to remove them.

Lastly, i will contact you if similar feedback occurs again. Thank You.


This is just sooooo frustrating!!!

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This was a shy and hissy Kitty…

until I brought out Da Bird cat-toy today!

Always wanted to have one of those but couldn’t find it at the local pet shops.

Got it from Grace –

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So many New Abandonees

While feeding the community cats yesterday night I saw another skinny ginger kitten crawling out from under a car… very frightened and very hungry.

Later I went to a nearby area collecting keys from a cat-sitting client and saw that they had a new kitten. He had followed them to the lift earlier. This kitten was lucky to find himself a good home.

When I came down a caregiver was waiting for next to my bicycle. She had just seen a young black cat with eye injury at the next block and wanted me to take a look. The eye looked quite bad… either injury or ulceration. Could it be abuse? I managed to get the shy cat into the carrier and the caregiver will bring him to the vet. The cat was also skinny and coughing.

Then continued feeding the cats in area 2 and saw that Kiki was again locked out by her owner. This time I knocked the door a little longer, Kiki had followed me up. An angry husband finally opened the door but refused to take her in… clearly their intention is to abandon her downstairs! Kiki followed me down and then to the next block… she was hungry. I will wait to see if they have a change of heart… but will make a police report if she is locked out again.

Today I had a call from an adopter staying at the same block where the white kitten was found. She had seen him and had also heard about the black one. She had been thinking about taking the white kitten in but then couldn’t’t find him later… and was relieved to hear that both are taken care of.

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