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Another good idea

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Catching Da Bird

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Searching for Tuna

Searched for her in the afternoon but couldn’t find her anywhere. Went again in the evening and saw the cleaning supervisor waving to me and pointing to the bicycle basket. There she was 🙂

Wrapped her up in a small blanket and cycled back holding her.

Tuna eating tuna

Playful Tuna

Tuna meets Dawn

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Kiki & Good Boy

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Pretty Tuna Girl

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Finally napped the elusive *28 female


Kiki appeared together with Coco but then was not seen for a long time. She was weary of me but hungry enough to come close. So I napped her again and closed the carrier properly this time…. she went wild in the carrier but later calmed down.

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Another abandoned kitten

She is a beautiful and very unusual shade of light brown with tabby markings, only about 4 months old. My first thought was that she would be very adoptable… but in the end I left her there (Blk *26) as I can barely manage with the 15 cats now in my home… 6 on medications (wounds, gum infection and urinary infection).

Saw her sitting in that red basked on the bicycle while looking for Pinky. A can of tuna in mayonnaise and a cup of water nearby.

Passed by again at midnight. She was in another bicycle basket but jumped down to greet me. Hoping that I would take her home?

Had another sleepless night… what should I do? Still no solution! I think I really have to stop doing more adoptions… Bottlebrush will be the last one… no energy to interview adopters and entertain “shoppers” and perhaps I have also become too pessimistic and tend to reject would-be adopters too quickly but I guess I should at least appeal for help before giving up. Perhaps there is someone out there willing to volunteer some time to help these kitties find homes?


Any feeder or caregiver, or just someone willing to volunteer some time helping to re-home these abandoned cats by placing the advertisements (CWS and Pet Forum, etc.)and then interviewing any prospective adopters? I could then take in one or two suitable cats/ kittens at a time for viewing… new abandonees like this new kitten, Coco and Shiny would at least have a chance in finding a home. Caring for the cats is the easy part… dealing with humans (adopters or complainants, etc) is more stressful.

The dumping situation in Area 1 is really very bad…and thanks goodness those 7 cats were accepted by Metta Cattery!

Those care-givers I know who already have their hands full please ignore this 🙂

We all need to take care of our own health so that we can continue…

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