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Friendship Rekindled

Photo and video update from their guardian

Together again

Silver & Genie holding tails 🙂

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Silver – Photos from the Adopter

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Silver, Old Ginger, Sandy and Rocky

At last Silver has found a good and loving home! Hope she will soon get along well with the 3 other feline family members. For the time being she has her own big double-story cage with hammock.

Old Ginger is recovering well…a few more days and he can be released back.

Sandy is now acting more like her old self. The Tail seems broken though…it has now a kink in the middle. I didn’t notice any smell so hopefully it is healing. I tried to mix a Vibravet tablet in her food…but she didn’t eat it. Will get some Clavulox tomorrow and try again.

Rocky has been fighting again. The puncture wounds at his ears are healing but the one on his forehead looks infected and there is a smell. I think he needs to take a course of antibiotics in addition to the antibiotic powder.

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New photos of Silver

Silver is still not very interested in playing with the 2 kittens. She is more human oriented and I guess she would be most happy in a one-cat-home, or would need time to warm up to another cat.

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Silver has been found

R was at my door carrying Silver who had been missing for 3 weeks. She found her at a car park across the main road while walking home.

Silver looks a little scared but otherwise ok. She is now at the balcony and getting to know the two kittens. Hope she will be adopted…before some children carry her off again. Hope Genie will still remember her…and there is now also Jenny.

I have released both Jenny and Judy today…both recovered well and none of them was pregnant 🙂

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Silver missing

Have not seen Silver since Thursday. She is pretty and friendly…could someone have taken her home?

Anna’s Clover (the cat with the broken front leg) has been missing from area 3 blk *52 for more than 2 weeks. Yesterday Sylvia found him just a few blocks away, he was hungry but otherwise he seemed alright.

I noticed that Boy Boy is walking with a slight limp. Will get the joint support formula for him…maybe Anna had stopped giving it to him.

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Silver has been released

Have just released Silver at Blk *24 area 1. She was playing with Genie, so hopefully she will stay there with her, instead of going back to *25 and sleeping under cars…

Rocky is making trouble again…he was okay with Genie alone but I guess two girls invading his territory is too much. First Silver was hiding behind the pipes then a while later Rocky was chasing Genie into the drain…

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