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Friendship Rekindled

Photo and video update from their guardian

Together again

Silver & Genie holding tails 🙂

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Silver – Photos from the Adopter

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Silver, Old Ginger, Sandy and Rocky

At last Silver has found a good and loving home! Hope she will soon get along well with the 3 other feline family members. For the time being she has her own big double-story cage with hammock.

Old Ginger is recovering well…a few more days and he can be released back.

Sandy is now acting more like her old self. The Tail seems broken though…it has now a kink in the middle. I didn’t notice any smell so hopefully it is healing. I tried to mix a Vibravet tablet in her food…but she didn’t eat it. Will get some Clavulox tomorrow and try again.

Rocky has been fighting again. The puncture wounds at his ears are healing but the one on his forehead looks infected and there is a smell. I think he needs to take a course of antibiotics in addition to the antibiotic powder.

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New photos of Silver

Silver is still not very interested in playing with the 2 kittens. She is more human oriented and I guess she would be most happy in a one-cat-home, or would need time to warm up to another cat.

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Silver has been found

R was at my door carrying Silver who had been missing for 3 weeks. She found her at a car park across the main road while walking home.

Silver looks a little scared but otherwise ok. She is now at the balcony and getting to know the two kittens. Hope she will be adopted…before some children carry her off again. Hope Genie will still remember her…and there is now also Jenny.

I have released both Jenny and Judy today…both recovered well and none of them was pregnant 🙂

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Silver missing

Have not seen Silver since Thursday. She is pretty and friendly…could someone have taken her home?

Anna’s Clover (the cat with the broken front leg) has been missing from area 3 blk *52 for more than 2 weeks. Yesterday Sylvia found him just a few blocks away, he was hungry but otherwise he seemed alright.

I noticed that Boy Boy is walking with a slight limp. Will get the joint support formula for him…maybe Anna had stopped giving it to him.

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Silver has been released

Have just released Silver at Blk *24 area 1. She was playing with Genie, so hopefully she will stay there with her, instead of going back to *25 and sleeping under cars…

Rocky is making trouble again…he was okay with Genie alone but I guess two girls invading his territory is too much. First Silver was hiding behind the pipes then a while later Rocky was chasing Genie into the drain…

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Joy turns to sorrow…

…it was indeed very short-lived.

Bad news from Genie & Silver’s adopter.

Yesterday’s update –

Hi Helga,
Thought you’ll appreciate some updates. Genie settled in beautifully.
She ate half a packet of Nutro wet food and she has been following me
around a lot. She comes when called and ate some pau which my daughter
dropped on the floor accidentally. She seems to like pau :). Silver is
a little bit suspicious and does not like my girl near her. Will hiss
and spit if she comes near and generally avoids her. She is okay with
me though. Maybe she had a bad experience with kids. They have been
grooming and grooming the whole time.

Well, that’s all for now really :). It’s only been a couple of hours.


Hi Helga,
It’s looking a lot like Silver is going to be my husband’s cat. She
really takes to him :). Yeah, she’s still gentle, just scared. Thanks
for doing the wonderful work of feeding the strays etc.
Warmest regards.

Today’s update –

Dearest Helga,
I may have to give Silver and Genie up again.

My mother-in-law, who comes to our home in the weekends to stay is
terrified of cats. She did not tell us earlier even though she knew
about it. Now that the cats are really here, she has made it quite
clear she wants them to go. Both my husband and I are upset and it is
our home but she has been crying and making a big fuss, like emotional
blackmail. I don’t know why she bothers, she is never there anyway.

I will keep them until I find owners for them. Pls let me know if you
know people who want to adopt cats. So, if you see them posted on the
Cat Welfare site again, you know what is happening.

I may try to keep them at my mother’s home though. I have grown quite
attached to Genie and will be really sorry to let her go. I’ll update
you okay?

Warmest regards

I asked J to return Silver & Genie if they can’t keep them


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Silver & Genie going home…

…with a nice lady and her young daughter who visited them on Sunday. I am so happy for them! A home with caring people and wire-meshed windows…safe from dogs, cars and abuse. What more can a cat ask for J


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Won’t someone take me home?

…to love and keep forever!

Silver is only about 8 months old and has been sterilized. She is a pretty silver-tabby with straight long tail, very affectionate, purring and kneading all the time, wanting to be held and stroked.

Silver was recently abandoned and really wants to ‘go home’. She has not much of a chance out there, being so trusting she is an easy target for abuse and she doesn’t know the danger of cars…


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Silver is recovering

Silver is much better now…looks like she will make a full recovery soon. I wonder what happened to her…did someone kick or hit her or was she knocked by a car? All she wants is to follow someone home…

Sophia is still with me waiting for sunny days to come.

Stitches’ eczema has spread to the whole cheek area…it’s all covered with black stuff. Seems the cleaning and cream just made it worse. I was considering using spot-on but then the rest of his fur looks healthy and clean…no flea dirt. So I guess it can’t be a flea allergy.

Orange Boy is still sneezing and breathing noisily…licking and rubbing his nose.


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Oh no! Back to square one…

Sylvia saw Big Head yesterday, limping and with a bloody wound at the same old spot. Worse…now he doesn’t allow her to apply the powder probably remembering how he was caught a month ago. I had just released him two days earlier. The old wound had already healed and I just kept him a few days more because of the rain…

Silver is still the same or perhaps there is a slight improvement…hard to say. She will sit down and flop to her side after a few steps. It may be similar to this case:


…like Orange Boy but less severe. I am applying the electric stimulation on her lower back.

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Silver is very weak and not eating

Something is very wrong with Silver…she was fine yesterday so I suspect either injury or poisoning.

Found Silver hiding under a car, she was lying close to the wheel. I told the driver, who had already started the engine, then pulled her out.

She is able to walk but only slowly and with an unsteady back. Syringed her with some nutri-gel and water and then called my daughter to bring the carrier and take her home, as I still had to carry on with my feeding round.

Silver is now comfortably curled up on a towel in a cardboard box , purring and kneading but will growl when I touch her hind legs. There also seems to be a swelling on the lower part of her spine.


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Genie & Silver


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Silver and Patchy sterilized

Silver is a new abandonee, very skinny, very shy. She was always hiding at the bin center (next to *29 area 1) and would only come out to eat after all the others had finished. The place is quite dark and I never realized what a pretty silver-tabby she was.

That night I was out to trap a pregnant Judy…but no luck…then suddenly there was a hungry Silver very eager to enter the trap…

Silver is a young and very affectionate cat. I have let her out on the balcony together with Genie, the two seem to get along.

Patchy, the pregnant calico from *11 Area 2, was drowsy for quite a while but she seems all right now and is eating.

I am now really considering using tranquilizers as a last resort for Judy and Pearl…we just can’t have another batch of kittens in these areas. Mohan said that there was some risk that the drowsy cat would manage to hide somewhere….but what other option is there?

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