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Please help Darly

Ok… now I can start worrying about the bills because it does not look like Darly is giving up!

He is walking and rolling around, playing, purring, grooming himself and is very curious… his eyes and ears follow everything that is going on outside his window.

Darly looks very happy today… even though they starved him because he was supposed to go for surgery, in the end the vet could not make it. Darly finished both plates of food when it finally arrived.

Another vet also mentioned how friendly Darly is… but they noticed that he doesn’t like dogs!

I will take him back for home care after the first surgery to save cost! It will be a long journey to recovery and I hope that more people will chip in to pay for his medical fees which have been estimated to reach $2000 plus.

Please send your cheque to Mount Pleasant Veterinary Centre (2008) Pte Ltd and indicate “for Darly? Any amount is appreciated!

Darly will also be up for adoption after recovery! He is really a Darling… and deserves better than what I could offer.

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Waiting for response…

Waiting for Darly’s response to the antibiotics… it still can go either way!

He had been eating this morning, so they will probably remove the drip soon. The wound is dressed with honey. Again, the vet showed me pictures… not a pretty sight! It is really amazing that he looks so lively, is eating and even stretches out his chin when stroked… while his body is in such terrible condition! Dr. G says that she is waiting for some shrinkage and to be able to tell what tissue is dead and which is still alive… before cutting away.

Thanks to the kind people who have been helping financially and gave me encouragement! A friend who wants to remain anonymous sponsored the whole AAVC bill! Two others gave $100 and $30 respectively towards Darly’s medical bill at Mt Pleasant. Dr. G. estimated the total bill may come up to $2000 plus…

Will worry about that later… what needs to be done needs to be done first!

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Bella not well?

Bella didn’t touch her food yesterday… she just sat there staring at it! Moved her mouth as though there was something stuck… fish bone? Today she is eating… tempted her with Fancy Feast. Will have to keep an eye on her.

No sight of the new kitten. Had been feeding her every day… same place where Hope was abandoned.

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Darly hospitalized at Mt. P.

Darly is in grave condition… the vet suspects infection by mycobacteria. They are doing a culture to identify the bacteria.

The wound seemed to be healing and he had been eating on his own and taking the meds… looked bright… then today I noticed pus not only oozing from the wound but also from other parts of his belly! As Dr Girisha Lakhiani (aka Dr. G.) from Mt Pleasant Vet Center explained, the layer under the skin has been infected and the infection is spreading… most probably caused by mycobacteria. She compared it to human leprosy. They are going to open the stitches and put him on drip. Darly will need several surgeries… if he responds to treatment.

The other option would be PTS… but I want to let him have a chance even if it is a small one. His eyes look bright and he can sit up and eat! Even the vet commented that Darly is a very good-natured cat!

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Mother and 3 kittens

The 3 kittens look about 3 month old to me… time to get the mother sterilized.

Some people were watching the mother and kittens and taking photos. One guy was keen on sponsoring the sterilization…hope he will call Damy soon!

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Copper released

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March 26, 2011 · 1:30 pm

Handsome Boy

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