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We have a home

Even though it’s a home shared with 20 more… it beats living on the street! Actually only 19 more now that Orange Boy had passed away… miss him very much!


Bunny was hit by a car and almost died after hiding with a broken jaw unable to eat and drink for many days. Nush can be seen in the background at the window. Everywhere there are steps for her to go up onto the furniture.


Nushi was abandoned at the void deck at the old age of 9. She was sitting in her own pee, too scared to move. Now she is 14 years old and the queen of the house! No one dare mess with her… not even Darly!


Hope was at risk of drowning in the drain. After sterilization he fell sick then started limping… in the end didn’t have the heart to release him.

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Pot of grass

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June 24, 2011 · 7:02 am

Hope’s latest antics…

Climbing up the gate and then meowing piteously on top of the main door…

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Best friends

Two of a kind

Ashley & Hope both love to wrestle and bite

Ash had tried to make friends with Dawn… by biting her tail! He just can’t resist biting! Hope also likes to play rough… Ike and Tommy are already getting weary of him.

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New mats for the cats

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High Hope

This teenage cat is is always up to something. This morning he toppled two chairs while zooming around! When preparing cat food he will have his paws on the kitchen sink and meow non-stop until he gets his bowl.

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Appelin with L-Lysine

Good and tasty!

0.5 to 0.8ml once a day for cats

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A little sunshine

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Sleeping Beauties

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A happy Hope

Hope found himself a safe home… he was very persistent in becoming number 21!

From diarrhoea he went straight to limping followed by cat flu… until I didn’t have the heart to release him… especially knowing that he will hide in the deep drain… and it was raining every day!

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Hope is ready to be released

with a heavy heart!

Will wait until Jan 2nd… so he won’t be frightened by the noise. His leg is okay now and he has put on some weight.

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Hope limping

Was supposed to release Hope today as his diarrhoea has stopped… then he suddenly started limping (right hind leg). How can he have injured his leg when all the time confined to a small cage??? I am really puzzled!

Or is it something that comes and goes? Was it due to his leg that he seemed to be unable to jump out of the drain that time? Natasha had mentioned that sudden limping could be a sign of a heart condition!

Anyway I have no choice but to keep him for longer… have applied Revolution and transferred him to the bigger cage in the hall… and also started him on antibiotics.

Copper has been released… she is still thin but has been eating very well. Hope that the feeder will feed her 2x a day until she put on more weight!

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Hope tipped and tattooed

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December 14, 2010 · 5:44 am

Copper not eating again…

Hope passed only a small amount of watery poo today after his dinner. Will stick with chicken and oats diet for him.

Copper ate half a can of Liver Feast with antibiotics and prednisolone mixed into the food. Surprised that she ate, …must have been starving! She is very thin again… will have to bring her to the vet for another steroid injection.

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Hope going for his snip tomorrow

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Hope rescued from drain

Hope kept crying yesterday night but seemed unable to jump up. When I opened the grill he jumped but didn’t make it… and it was starting to rain! Luckily two guys came to the rescue. Both went into the drain and cornered him… then he finally managed to escape from the small hole at the side and went under a car. Fed him and then continued my feeding round. I had been very worried that the rain would get heavier and he would be swept away!

Today he looked fine.. no injuries… quite manja now and not that skinny anymore. Can be sterilized soon… but no more voucher.

Hope is very vocal… even while eating he can’t stop meowing and goes “wrou ou ou…”

Have not seen Happy since his release. Several other cats from * 26/*27 had also disappeared right after being sterilized…

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Hope is back

He went missing for several days after the unsuccessful trapping. Maybe went into hiding because sick/flu. Hope refused food when he first reappeared… but seems to be on the mend now.

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No Hope but got Happy

Tried to trap Hope but he would not go near the trap. In the end I found Happy, who is very tame, probably abandoned by *26 resident.

Will have to wait for Hope to loose his shyness. Poor thing, he is always under one of the cars at Peony’s place. Have been feeding him every day…. always so hungry.

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Black Kitten

I guess he is about about 5 month old. Only noticed when clearing the plates of Timmy, Little Black and Choc. The little one was too frightened to come out from under the lorry but so hungry that he called out in a very pitiful voice. I couldn’t see anything as it was dark and raining but I followed Timmy’s stare and placed the food under the lorry. Soon a black head popped out from under the lorry… finished one big plate-full and a second helping.

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