Be strong and recover, Darly!

Found Darly crouched at the bicycle stand facing the wall… he did not react when I called him. Later he walked a few steps… looked dazed. His body was wet and there is a wound and some swelling at the side of his body. I suspect that he was hit by a car… probably not long ago during the thunderstorm.

Darly cried in pain when I lifted him up and Muddy who was next to me reacted by biting my leg. Then my bicycle with Darly in the carrier dropped… one careless moment causing him more pain!

Will bring him to the vet in the morning. Noticed that his eyes did not react to the camera flash light…

Wanted to let him listen to chanting during the night but that little radio stopped working after a few minutes…


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  1. Hey Helga you can do the chanting yourself and it will be more beneficial too because of the karmic connection 🙂

  2. Yes, will do! Thanks, Mary 🙂 Going to pick him up from the vet soon.

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