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1 Interview adopters on the phone. Give a brief description of the cat and mention the good & bad (if any) points – & then let the adopters talk, prompt them along the way to tell you what sort of adopters they would be.

If the adopters are not suitable, say goodbye & hang up quickly and do not leave a contact no. – there is no pt in future contact.

2 If the adopters seem like a good potential adopters, ask them to come to see the kitten at yr home – it is safe and kitten is relaxed. Make sure someone is at home with you. It is not safe to show cat/kitten in an open space, the cat/kitten could escape.

This is the face-to-face interview, you could pick up things you are unable to sense over the phone. Continue to let them talk and see how they handle the kitten at your home. Tell them you need a day or two to consider. You will be surprised how yr opinion could change overnight. Let the potential adopters know beforehand that they could not take the kitten home. The impulsive ones are not the best of adopters.

3 Tell the adopters that you would send the kitten over to their house – so their trip is not “wasted” if they are the successful adopters.

4 Send the kitten to the adopter’s house and check if the flat/house is cat-safe and if the other ppl living there are supportive of the decision to have a cat/kitten. If you think that a “no-screen” window on the 11th floor is not safe, go home WITH the kitten. Do not leave kitten at adopter’s place and then have a sleepless night.

5 Sign the trial adoption contract if you are happy with the adopters and the envirnoment. Trial period is 1 or 2 wks – you can take back the kitten, and they could return the kitten. Unfortunately if the adopters decide not to return, you will find a locked door when you turn up – so be very careful. Slightest doubt, weigh your options (cat better with them or …..) – a little inconvenience is inevitable.

6 Visit in a week’s time (make prior appt during first home visit). If kitten is relaxed and ignores you, the adoption is going fine. If a longer trial period is needed (esp if there is a resident cat in the home), do extend the trial period if necessary. If kitten is fearful and hiding – you know the kitten better – take kitten home at once. Bring a carrier along but leave it in your car / have it available somewhere.

7 Make visit as short as possible if you are taking the kitten back – it is not usually pleasant unless the adopter does not want the kitten anymore – then the adopter will be super-nice too.

8 Sign permanent adoption contract on the second visit if both parties agree to the adoption. Ask for permission for future visits.

9 Inform the adoption board that the cat is adopted.

10 Follow-up with weekly phone calls to check on cat’s adjustment – for a mth or two. Listen to what is said & make suggestions. Remind abt sterilisation if kitten is adopted unsterilised.

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Sleepy Pearl

pics courtesy of vegancatsg

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Population Explosion

Another caregiver in my estate was given my number and called for advice because she started feeding 15 cats at her block and the nearby Bin-Center. Now the number has increased to 35 due to breeding and dumping. There are complaints and she worries that the cats will soon be rounded up.

She did sterilise some cats at first but then had stopped after these cats were rounded up…as her effort had been wasted. I explained to her that she needs to start sterilising again and the importance of letting her TC know what she is doing, explaining to them the benefit of TNRM…and also offering to look into complaints.

I was quite blunt telling her that by just feeding and not sterilising she enables them to breed more and causes more harm than good. There is no way that she can protect them unless she starts sterilising.

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Mother cat trapped in construction site

A caregiver called today, she is looking for a foster for 8 little kittens. She explained that a friend has been caring for a mother cat and her kittens at the cargo area in Changi. The mother cat has been trapped inside a construction site for 2 days now. The kittens are now being bottle-fed by the friend.

The strange thing is that they never even considered rescuing the mother. I told the caregiver to call the police and perhaps the SPCA and get the cat released. I had called my NPP once about a trapped cat. They made some phone calls and the cat was released within 2 hrs… Another time I discovered that my Pebbles was locked inside a Beauty Salon. There was a tel. number on the door. The people were upstairs and had no idea…poor frightened Pebbles was soon released.

This really puzzles me.. they know the cat is trapped in there but instead of simply getting her rescued they look for a foster for the kittens, which will be very difficult to find someone. When I asked ‘what about the mother cat?’ the reply was that she will die…


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Festive cruelty gets the chop

full story:,22884,22931755-5007221,00.html

LITTLE Miss Celeste stole the limelight yesterday at a special
barbecue in Hobart’s Franklin Square.

The nine-week-old piglet was saved from becoming Christmas dinner when
she was bought at Bridgewater Saleyards two weeks ago.

“We rescue a pig every year,” said Against Animal Cruelty Tasmania
volunteer Emma Haswell.

Cruelty-free sausages and burgers were cooked up at the group’s
barbecue to encourage people to think about what they eat at Christmas time.

Group spokeswoman Kathleen McLaren said Christmas was a time of
kindness, caring and compassion.

“Yet the traditional Christmas dinner features the meat of pigs, chickens and turkeys,” she said.

“Most of these animals have suffered cruelty and extreme confinement in factory farms.

“By buying these products, people are contributing to an industry
which routinely cages, crowds, deprives, mutilates and manhandles
hundreds of thousands of animals.”

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Jasper fell from 6th floor

Jasper (now called Orange) suffered a broken pelvis and collapsed lung. Still, he is lucky to be alive! The windows were meshed but seems there was an opening at the top…

Get well soon, Orange!

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Tummy is now free from pain and suffering

Sweet little innocent Tummy You trusted humans….

I tried to be prepared for euthanasia…he was clearly not getting better. The post-mortem showed that his bladder had burst…and according to the vet it was probably due to a hard kick. There would have been more bruising if he was hit by a car.
He could have been saved by stitching up the bladder if found earlier…but after a week the infection was too bad…he would not have made it through surgery.

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