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Please help these dogs

Jack Russell female
Sheepdog Male
local breed looks like K9 Female
These 3 dogs are sterilized, micropchipped HDB approved with dog license, between 2year+ to 5 years old

Promenarian Male
This dog is the oldest , not sterilized, microchipped HDB approved with dog license

We are looking for people who are willing to adopt this dog for life
These dogs will be sent to sleep if we are not able to find them a good home because we are not able to find anyone that is willing to foster them until they get adopted

These dogs used to belong to a elderly who died suddenly due to heart stroke back on Monday and these animals have no where to go

We are not able to find any one to house them until they get adopted in such a short notice but we were lucky enough to get someone to temporarily house them for ONLY a few days these dogs will be put to sleep if we still cannot find anyone to adopt them

We are desperate looking for any kind person who can take them in and love them
Whoever is interested to adopt anyone of them please contact Christine

Good news: all the dogs have been adopted

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Adopting a Cat based on Compassion and Wisdom

From Metta Cats:

The best motivation to bring a cat home is based on

Compassion ζ…ˆζ‚²

1) Save a cat that is about to be euthanised.

* Call the AVA (http://www.ava.gov.sg/)Claiming of impounded dogs and cats Tel: 6471 9987 / 6471 9996 (You may need to pay for impounding fee, boarding fees and microchipping).
* Call the SPCA (http://www.spca.org.sg/) Tel: 62875355 (Ask for cats that are to be euthanised; these are cats that are assessed by a visiting vet as “not suitable for adoption”. You may have to argue very hard with a “we know what is best for the cat” attitude.)

2) Adopt from shelters for rescued cats and kittens such as

* MettaCats (http://www.mettacats.blogspot.com/)
* Vegan & Meowies (http://meowies.multiply.com/journal)
* Rescued Cats for Adoption (http://www.adoptarescuedcat.blogspot.com/)

Adopt the least adoptable cats, such as those with disabilities, those who look “ugly” to most people, those who are “old”.

* Extraordinary cats for extraordinary people (http://extraordinarycats.blogspot.com/)

3) Give a home to a community cat. Most of our community cats are abandoned. Community cats in Singapore are in perpetual dangers of being

* Blamed for “hygiene” risk if they are within food-serving areas
* Blamed for scratches on cars if they are in car parks
* Blamed for spread of diseases if they are near child care centres
* Blamed for making noise if they are in HDB estates
* Blamed for “upstairs” defecation that is usually caused by irresponsible owners who let their cats roam freely out of the flats, or irresponsible feeders who lure community cats upstairs to feed. Irresponsible Property Officers of the town council who do not investigate,will assume the “downstairs cats” are responsible and thereby activating the pest controllers to round up the “downstairs” cats, which will be killed without mercy!”
* Blamed for phobia of cats (Ailurophobia)
* Run over by cars
* Abused by psychotic human beings
* Poisoned from drinking drain water that is often sprayed with anti-mosquito-larval chemicals
* Caught in traps,which are loan free of charge by the AVA (at tax payers’ expense), to human beings who live in landed properties who are upset with the intrusion of cats into their “lovely” gardens.


Contemplate before bringing a cat home

1) If you are single

* Who will care for your cat when you are on vacation?
* What if you meet a partner who does not like cat?
* What if you get married and have a child and your in-laws are dead-set against keeping your cat?
* What if you fall critically ill?

2) If you are married

* Will you keep the cat when a child is on the way?
* Will you be able to care for a cat, who, like any living being, will fall ill, will be old and will die?

3) If have children

* Are you adopting a cat as a “live” toy? Leaving a cat in the presence of a child unsupervised can give rise to harm on both. A cat is NOT a toy. A good motivation for the addition of a cat to family with children is to cultivate compassion to animals. Will you abandon the cat if anyone in the family develop allergy that most family doctors will readily blame on the cat instead of suggesting ways to reduce allergen-exposure?

4) If you are an expatriate

* Will you bring the cat along to where-ever you will be going? There will be expenses from vet certification, vaccination, air-freight (some airlines include cat in a carrier into the luggage allowance) and quarantine.

5) Ability to afford the cost of caring for a cat that may live up to 20 years.

6) Making the window and door grills “cat-safe” to keep the cat indoors.

7) The patience to wait for a cat to adapt to a new environment, especially one that has a cat or cats or dog/s. Some cats adapt easily. Some cats take a long time to adapt. Sometimes it is easier for a guardian to adapt to a “difficult” cat πŸ™‚

8) Some adopters expect a cat to adapt perfectly into a home without door or window grills because “some of my friends have cats and they do not have grills or put mesh on their grills” or “my home won’t look nice anymore with grills or mesh on grills”. Cats do not have intelligence like us human beings to understand that they cannot jump after that bird at the window! A tragedy worse than instant death is being paralysed from a fall.

Some adopters expect a cat to adapt to a home with expensive leather furniture. Cats, unlike us human beings, do not understand that the furniture is expensive and therefore not to be used to remove their nail sheaths.

We, as human beings, have the intelligence to undertand the limitations of a cat’s intelligence. We, as human beings, have the the ability to exercise our wisdom and adapt to living with a cat instead of expecting vice versa.

Be a GUARDIAN of a cat that you bring home, NOT just a mere OWNER.

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Adopter lost Lala!

Lala escaped from the adopter’s home at

Block 813 Tampines St. 81

According to the adopter, she ran out when a family member opened the gate. I am puzzled how this could have happened when she was supposed to be confined to a room…

Anyone staying in this area please help to look out for Lala! According to adopter, she ran down the stairs and went under a car and scratched him when he tried to get her out and then went into the drain.

Will be searching for her tomorrow night…

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Little rescued kitten needs home

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Cute Dumy for adoption

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These cats and kittens need homes


Ger-Ger is deaf, which is not a big problem for a home-cat but it’s very risky for him being a community cat out on the streets. Ger-Ger has a sweet temprament and is friendly towards other cats.

Young female (about 1 year old) sterilised and litter-box trained

This Mother and her 3 kittens can be adopted separately. She is about one year old and has been sterilised. It was only later that the rescuer realized she was a nursing mother. The kittens were found and reunited with their mother. The kittens – one black, one black-and-white and one tabby – are 6 weeks old..

Handsome and friendly Siamese-X

10 weeks old kitten with nice tabby markings

For adoption enquiries call Penny at 98556410

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Stitches still waiting for a good home…

http://vimeo.com/2703838 Stitches

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