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Manja’a final vet bill

Many thanks to the kindhearted people who sponsored part of Manja’s medical expenses! They are Crystal, E, AB and Crystal’s colleagues. the total sponsored amount so far is $2.250,-

And not forgetting to thank LK, who had borrowed $500.- from a friend when the $4.000,- deposit was required. Manja was very lucky that Crystal found her and that LK happened to pass by… and that her owner was willing to do all he can to have her treated.

As Crystal says, if one of us was missing the deposit could not have been payed…

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Please mesh windows!

Your cat may not be that lucky…

Manja is expected to make a full recovery… no organ or nerve damage!

Total vet bill: $7.324,-

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Manja’s vet bills

Sorry, that the photo is not very clear. The first bill is from AMK for the amount of $391,80 and the other one shows the deposit of $4.000,-

Meanwhile Manja is doing very well and may even be going home as early as tomorrow. The total cost for surgery at Mt Pleasant as of today is $6,700.

The following contributions have been received so far: $300,- from AB, $800,- from E (cheque on the way), $100,- and another $50,- from Crystal’s colleagues

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Appeal for Manja who fell from 7th storey

We managed to find the owner and they showed their love and concern for their cat… and also agreed to mesh all their windows. They have settled the bill at AMK and payed $800,- down payment at Mt Pleasant Hospital… where the surgery will be done by Dr. Dennis Choi. The problem is that they can’t really afford the estimated $6.000,- payment for Manja’s surgery.

The sum of $4.000,- needs to be payed before they start on the surgery… which would be in 2 or 3 days time… when she has more stabilized… there is also injury to the lungs.

In order to save the cat’s life Crystal (who found the injured cat) LK and myself have agreed to give $1.000,- each, although it’s hard on LK and myself. One of my own needs to go for surgery soon… My friend AB is also contributing $300.- .

I hope that more people will find it in their heart to help Manja. She is very sweet and only 6 months old. Manja is now at Mt Pleasant Whitley Road registered under Manje, owner Azman.

Manja has 2 broken legs… one with the bone sticking out and her hip is also broken. They were unable to do this kind of surgery at AMK.

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Fall from height

She must be a home cat… we are still trying to trace the owner. Legs badly broken, hip broken and other internal injuries.

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Injured cat in the letter box

Sms from cleaning supervisor: Please come to blk *26 a cat run in the letter box body with blood.

I called M… and luckily she was just downstairs! So we went together.. not sure what to expect. First we saw the pool of blood behind the letter box then the Persian cat who had jumped into one of the boxes when the postman had opened the back. I quickly went to get my carrier while M watched the cat. M then used some paper to push the cat from the other side of the letter box to make her walk into the carrier.

Brought her to the nearby vet who suspected a fall. He also said that probably one of her front legs and one of her back legs are fractured. Luckily the jaw was not broken. The vet also scanned her and found a microchip. The blood was from the mouth/nose. Brought her home for observation and to decide on the further treatment. She looked alert and could even walk.

Put up notices and then decided to check on the units right above the letter boxes. I found the owner on the 5th floor. Yes, one of their 2 cats was missing… they described the collar and bell correctly but didn’t know that she had a microchip. They said they would bring her for x-ray and necessary treatment. I think both cats are not sterilized… sigh! The other cat is the daughter of the one that fell.

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Rest in peace Cinders



This is the sad part of being a cat-sitter… all I can do is advise and make sure windows are closed while I am there.

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Kitten fell from 6th floor

The seven-month-old kitten was rescued by Penny and had been adopted by a family staying near her place. They meshed their front gate but DIDN’T MESH THEIR WINDOWS.

Penny called at 8.30am as she didn’t know what to do. She said the kitten’s paws felt cold and as she was also supposed to bring another cat with kidney failure for x-rays to Mt. Pleasant (Springside) this morning, she decided to bring both cats there.

The kitten has a fractured jaw and was hospitalized. According to Penny the family refused to pay any part of the vet fees and suggested to let the kitten die. Later on they said they would pay half of the medical expenses…

Penny will not return the kitten to them unless they wire-mesh all their windows.

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Orange needs 2nd surgery


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Jasper fell from 6th floor



Jasper (now called Orange) suffered a broken pelvis and collapsed lung. Still, he is lucky to be alive! The windows were meshed but seems there was an opening at the top…

Get well soon, Orange!

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Genie in the hammock

Found Genie in the hammock yesterday…no idea how she went up. We had not removed the 2 hammocks because we were so sure that she wouldn’t be able to climb up.

Later I placed the box there to help her climb down.Genie went up and down several times and also changed from one hammock to the other… although she still can’t walk properly (crawling with body touching the ground). I think this is good exercise to get back her strength.

Genie went home with Maxiejane this afternoon. She is now in a slightly smaller cage but also with hammock. Genie will be transferred to a big double-storey cage, once she is stronger…

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New Pics of Genie

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Genie discharged today

Genie was no longer on drip so I thought might as well nurse her at home where she will be more comfortable. The only medication that she is taking now is antibiotics. We will bring her back for review on Friday and then decide regarding the acupuncture treatment. Dr. Oh thinks that he can help her and also do something for the liver.

Genie still needs to be syringe fed. No special diet required so I give her Avoderm. Maxiejane will make fish and chicken soup for her. She cannot get up but manages to turn herself from one side to the other. We also noticed that she curls the right her hind paw when stretching her left leg. Ranztan suggested giving her B complex and I am thinking that adding a little

liver would be good for her as she is also anemic…

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Update on Genie

Photo by maxiejane

More bad news… her right side is paralyzed.

Maxiejane visited Genie in the afternoon and I went in the evening. If I understood correctly, she had another visitor in the morning.

The hospital bill so far is $ 400 plus…. If anyone would like to sponsor part of Genie’s medical expenses, please send a cheque directly to Mt. Pleasant Animal Hospital 232 Whitley Road S-297824.

The vet says that she won’t fully recover and since nothing much can be done for her at the hospital we will probably take her home after the weekend. I will ask Dr. Oh if acupuncture could help her…

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Genie hospitalized

Maxijane found her this morning, bleeding and unable to move, and they quickly sent her to the hospital. The vet says that she has head injuries and a 50% chance of recovery.

She can move but can’t get up and seems not fully conscious. One of her pupils is dilated.

I syringe-fed her and was surprised that she eagerly ate about 30ml of food. Both sides of her tongue were dark red and there was also blood at her chin and a small wound at the hind leg.

We suspect that she had fallen from the 4th floor as we found some food there. Could she have been thrown down or did she manage to crawl to spot where she was found?

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