Festive cruelty gets the chop

full story:

LITTLE Miss Celeste stole the limelight yesterday at a special
barbecue in Hobart’s Franklin Square.

The nine-week-old piglet was saved from becoming Christmas dinner when
she was bought at Bridgewater Saleyards two weeks ago.

“We rescue a pig every year,” said Against Animal Cruelty Tasmania
volunteer Emma Haswell.

Cruelty-free sausages and burgers were cooked up at the group’s
barbecue to encourage people to think about what they eat at Christmas time.

Group spokeswoman Kathleen McLaren said Christmas was a time of
kindness, caring and compassion.

“Yet the traditional Christmas dinner features the meat of pigs, chickens and turkeys,” she said.

“Most of these animals have suffered cruelty and extreme confinement in factory farms.

“By buying these products, people are contributing to an industry
which routinely cages, crowds, deprives, mutilates and manhandles
hundreds of thousands of animals.”

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