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Update on Lady Blue

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Smily in her new home

Update from adopter:


“Smily settling in well, her favorite spot now is the kitchen haha.
She is pawing massaging the kitchen floor – cleaning it for me? lol”

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Flying to the Philippines next week

Going Home


He appeared about half a year ago and was already tipped… so I actually never named him. Met him today as he came back from the vet… vaccinated, certified and all ready to migrate 🙂 His new guardian told me that the vet estimated him to be about 9 years old.

I had heard that a lady from the Philippines had adopted one of the community cats but didn’t know which one it was…

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Debbie has been adopted

Sms from Debbie’s guardian:

After the introduction they started playing with each other in less than 2 hours. Later in the afternoon Debbie was sleeping on my chest and Tiger on my legs. They are going to be great friends.

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New photos of Dumy

Dumy’s guardian has sent new photos:

‘Chubby Cheeks’ says:

I have my own big bed JUST FOR ME

… I can snooze safely

Can i have some privacy pleeeese….

My own home with my own human … All Mine!

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Pema & Silverine waiting for a good home

http://www.vimeo.com/2583059 Two videos pf Pema


http://www.vimeo.com/2590144 Video of Silverine

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Pema & Silverine


wishes for a good home

Video here


wishes for a good home

Video here

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Moonlight a Russian Blue-X

Moonlight is a new abandonee *28 area 1. He looks a bit grumpy right after being steriilised but Moonlight is actually very manja and handsome and has a long straight tail. He is also very friendly towards other cats.

Is there any home for him out there?

Sad to see him go back to the street and get bullied….

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Tabby Girl for adoption

This 3 months old kitten is for adoption

For enquiries call Penny at 98556410

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Champ gender-confused?

Photo-update from adopter:

My jaw dropped when the adopter informed me that Champ is a female (verified by vet)!

Unless Champ had a sex-change operation…I think there is no way around it…must be me never noticing the missing ding-dongs. I did wonder why the two brothers grew bigger than Champ…

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Snowy for adoption


Eh…who is that?

Coming closer…

Oh…just Pebbles !

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because of his colour.

Poor Charles left behind while his two brothers have been adopted. He is such a sweet boy…but very busybody. Not everyone is as social as him. Pebbles rolling on the floor…Charles sniffing her tummy…whack! Ocean also likes to keep to himself… but luckily there is still Snowy to play with.

He was actually adopted but only for one day…

The family who adopted Fern came back for one of the ginger kittens…but by that time both had already been adopted. Penny had a ginger girl of about the same age (Kimberly). So we both went there with Kimberly and Charles.

Fern hissed at Kimberly but seemed more friendly towards Charles… she probably still remembered him. We managed to persuade them to take Charles…but the next day I was told that he is hiding all the time and not eating and that Fern is also not happy about the new addition. Sensing that they did not want to keep Charles, I took him back. I could also see that Fern was upset… guess she prefers to be an only cat.

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Ocean ready for adoption

Ocean has fully recovered (injured hind leg) and is now active and playful. He has also had Revolution treatment.

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Sweet Pixy

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May 16, 2008 · 6:13 am

Five Little Kittens

Orange Girl & Tabby Boy

Very loving

curious boy Maxy

adorable Pixy

litter-box trained Trixy

Two pretty girls Trixy & Pixy

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Champ & Charles

Champ, the leader, first one up the tree and into the basket 🙂 Hope that Charles will find a good home, too.

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A lazy afternoon and visit from adopter

Adopter came to visit and decided to give Champ and Chester a home with meshed windows 🙂

Will keep them a few more days because they still have a bit of loose stool. Apart from that they are back to their normal playful selves 🙂 The vet advised to give yogurt to built up the good bacteria after the course of antibiotics. Two of them need to be syringed while the third one takes the yogurt straight from the bowl.

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5 kittens rescued

…and just in time! Penny found another small kitten a few days ago but the rest have been adopted so she gave me the go-ahead to bring in the 5 kittens.

Didn’t see the two from the coffee shop the day before… only their mother was around. Then yesterday night finally found them curled up at the kerb of the car park… very pittyful! The orange-white one looks a bit dull and poor appetite….probably getting sick. Brought them to Penny and then went back for the 3 black-and -white kittens at the construction site.

Will wait a week or two for the milk to dry up and then get the two mothers sterilised.

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There were several enquiries about the 3 kittens…but no one seemed suitable. Not a good sign when the first question is “Are they for free?” or another one told me that her cat went missing but she is still not willing to wire-mesh the gate…

Now the question is whether to give the kitten to a person who seems responsible and will keep the kitten indoors but refuses to mesh the windows. As Penny put it “90% of adopters do not want to wire-mesh”.

Another caregiver said that she would rather put the kittens back on the streets. I am not so sure that this would be best… there are just too many dangers. The average life-span of a community cat is 2 years!

I saw another mother and 3 kittens (now left only 2) hiding at a construction site in an area with no caregiver. The kittens are about 3 months old and white with black patches. All I can do is feed them….

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Penny has 2 more kittens for adoption

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Kitten fell from 6th floor

The seven-month-old kitten was rescued by Penny and had been adopted by a family staying near her place. They meshed their front gate but DIDN’T MESH THEIR WINDOWS.

Penny called at 8.30am as she didn’t know what to do. She said the kitten’s paws felt cold and as she was also supposed to bring another cat with kidney failure for x-rays to Mt. Pleasant (Springside) this morning, she decided to bring both cats there.

The kitten has a fractured jaw and was hospitalized. According to Penny the family refused to pay any part of the vet fees and suggested to let the kitten die. Later on they said they would pay half of the medical expenses…

Penny will not return the kitten to them unless they wire-mesh all their windows.

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Sugar has been adopted

Sugar, one of Penny’s kittens, has been adopted.

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Twinkle & Sparkle went to their new home

They went to a nice family with an existing young cat. We both had a good feeling about the adopter and their sincerity and experience, so the contract was signed and the two kittens went to their new home.

There is a one week trial period and we will also pay a visit in perhaps one week time.

I think I have to guide Penny on how to handle adoption. The first time she forgot to let them sign the contract and didn’t even get the address. That’s when I became worried and wanted her to arrange for a visit… but at least we were able to take them back.

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Amber the 3-legged kitten

Penny found her with one front leg badly injured and brought her to the Animal Hospital. The leg had to be amputated, worse… it didn’t heal and later needed another operation to remove more of the shoulder part.This little kitten went through a lot but she is now safe under Penny’s care.

Anyone whishing to give little Amber a permanent home please send an email to veganmeowies@yahoo.com

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Twinkle & Sparkle rescued

Took the two little kittens in yesterday, as a fosterer was found. They are about 2 months old, beautiful and very trusting towards humans. What a relief…

I named them Twinkle and Sparkle. Twinkle is a girl (white with orange patches) and Sparkle a boy (white with dark patches). I think they are beautiful and very adoptable! I plan to sterilise the mother after CNY. Hope she will become a bit more friendly by then, so I won’t have to use the trap.

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SurViVor & the other 4 kittens

Photos courtesy of Penny

SurViVor and the other 4 kittens are all looking for good homes.


Serious adopters who are able to offer a loving and permanent home to any of these kittens can contact me at veganmeowies@yahoo.com

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Kittens need fosterer/home urgently

Anyone able to help this caregiver?

See pic of kittens here: http://the1eyecat.multiply.com/journal/item/1/Ola

– Hi everyone,

I do need a little help here.

I don’t understand why but I will have to hound my town council again.
They are taking cats away once someone makes a complain even though
they are supposed to get me to mediate and see how problems could be solved.

To them, the death sentence is a nice, clean way of solving these petty issues.
I have kittens in urgent need of adoption/foster care, since there are
multiple complains about the “over-population” of cats.

They are about a month old each & are at a horribly high risk of being
put down. I am confident of getting them adopted but I will need a
foster family for them, say for about a month or even shorter.

All I hope is that the town council saga will blow over soon and they
can either be put back with the rest of the cats in the neighborhood,
or be adopted.

Please do circulate this information to your fellow cat lovers.
I’m hoping for some foster care, or even better, parents. I am willing
to pay for kitty litter & food for the period of care.

Thank you –

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Adoption Drive on 6 -7 Oct

There will be an Adoption Drive on 6 – 7 Oct

Details here

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Won’t someone take me home?

…to love and keep forever!

Silver is only about 8 months old and has been sterilized. She is a pretty silver-tabby with straight long tail, very affectionate, purring and kneading all the time, wanting to be held and stroked.

Silver was recently abandoned and really wants to ‘go home’. She has not much of a chance out there, being so trusting she is an easy target for abuse and she doesn’t know the danger of cars…


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