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Shale found and hospitalized

Shale had been missing for almost a week. Sylvia saw him limping and called me. We managed to catch him in the shallow drain.

Two toes are gone… just the bones left. The leg is badly infected and the vet will wait to see if the leg can be saved and only the two toes to be amputated. Shale will have to stay hospitalized over the holidays. Will only be able to see him on Tuesday…

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Dawn is getting better

Lethargic and no appetite for almost 2 weeks… fever, vomiting and lost weight. Now finally starting to eat on her own again.

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Black Olive

Unwell, frightened and someone cut her whiskers…

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Rest in Peace Sapphire

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Give Hope

Give Hope

“Minimalism isn’t just about decluttering our closets and living with less; it’s determining when we have enough, so we can do something good with the excess.”

“The impact goes far beyond the items you give, or the check you write. Because when someone is down on their luck, out of resources, or with nowhere else to turn, your act of kindness gives them hope. Just knowing that someone out there cares can give them the strength to carry on, the feeling that they’re not alone, the hope that tomorrow will be a brighter day. It’s the greatest minimalist gift you can give.”

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Ah Girl trapped on the roof again

Photo taken last June when she was trapped for the first time

The lift-upgrading work is still in progress… any possible escape route to the second floor is now totally blocked.

Now day 11 !Tied the trap to the roof on Monday night and collected empty trap Tuesday morning…sigh! Sprained my ankle yesterday so the next rescue attempt will have to wait. Meanwhile trying to find a way to get food and water onto the roof. Feeders have been throwing wet food up but she has no water. Hopefully she managed to drink some rainwater.

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A cancer cure?

You Dun Cao

Sabah Snake Grass works well for UTI. Blend the leaves with a little water and syringe-feed or mix it into the cat-food.

This herb has also many other uses…

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Rest in peace Beany


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