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Another bird gets killed…

A few days ago, as I was sitting at the computer next to the window, I saw a mynah bird being thrown onto my air-con with great force…then the dead bird landed in the drain below.

I was furious at my upstairs neighbours and went up to speak to them after calming down a little. I told them that this time I am going to make a complaint if they don’t get their air-con fixed…and I will do so the next time I see that air-con switched on!

I had spoken to this neighbour many months back about that huge hole at the bottom of their air-con unit. Birds will enter and build their nest, which is great entertainment for my cats, but then the moving blade hits them. That time it was an oriole…the carcass was stuck and kept turning around. I did not dare to open my window for a long time, as the water from that unit would always drop onto my unit and splash into my room…

I told all this to my neighbour and was very patient hoping they would take action…but nothing was done…


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“Badly injured” kitten

Two girls just came to my door and asked me to take care of this ‘badly injured’ kitten that they had found at the nearby coffee shop. I could find nothing wrong except for a hoarse voice…the kitten, a roughly 4 months old grey tabby, has probably been crying a lot after being dumped. The girls also said that they had given it some food already.

I gave some wet food and asked the girls to bring the kitten back to where they found it.

Will look for it during my feeding round tonight. There are already 2 young tipped ear females (Bella & Donna) at this coffee shop…hope they will accept this new kitten.

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Golden Lion update

Golden Lion was very popular and first one adopted at the Adoption Drive at Phyllis’ Cattery. He was adopted by a nice family with young children and I am keeping my fingers crossed that it will be a permanent home.

On the very next day after they took Lion home, I received the bad news that both, wife and daughter suffered allergy problems…with eyes swelling up. My first reaction was to offer to take Lion back…but thanks to BC they received lots of useful advice on how to deal with allergies. BC also pointed out that these symptoms might only be temporary, as they did not have problems with the previous cat, which they fostered for 2 years while the owner was overseas.

I was very relieved when I finally received an sms update on Lion. Only the tears in my eyes made me realize how worried I had been the past few days.

sms from the adopter:

“He is doing fine. He sleeps in the storeroom behind my wine fridge in the day. Last night he was roaming the house quite a bit and meowing. So far he eats a lot and drinks a lot. He is eating Nutro Chicken. He has soft stool. The children love him. We are keeping him away from our bedrooms. He loves to climb on the sofa and sits there to watch TV?

Photo from the adopter: Golden Lion in his new home

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Update on Xiao Hei

The CC is still processing the adoption of Xiao Hei…they are still waiting for some certs, which are with one of the residents.

Mr. Ong, who is handling the adoption, called me today after I emailed him about the 2 dogs that will be ‘euthanized’ if not adopted by end of the month.

He told me that most of the potential adopters were living in HDB flats, which does not allow such dogs of medium size, like Xiao Hei.

So the bad news is that there are only 2 or 3 adopters who are eligible. He will try and help but not that much hope. I have forwarded the SOS email and pictures of the dogs to him.

These are the 2 dogs Max and Ruddy, less than 2 years old…given up by their owner and now boarded until end of the month. Two kind people have offered $ 200. – each, which will pay for another month of boarding – until end of April…

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Update on Another Survey

Another Survey

Sylvia saw the MP today and this is what she told me:

Seems like the MP was the one who ordered the survey after she encountered complaints from residents. She sees this as a fair method… If there is a complaint about “wild cats loitering at the void deck? she will order a survey and have the cats removed if the majority agrees… even if only one person responds to the survey! Though the MP tried to assure Sylvia that the residents would usually vote against removing the cats.

So the cats may be killed and all our work undone at the whim of one resident…I am kind of speechless!

Our agreement with Town Council seems to be off…the CWS posters have been removed from RC notice boards…

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Is the school trapping?

The Resident from blk *28 area 1 mentioned that Baby and ‘her cats? would go under the fence and into the compound of the School, which is just next to this block.

This news had me worried…I have been wondering for some time why several sterilized cats from this block have disappeared over the past 2 years…could the school have something to do with this? Some weeks back I had written an email to the principal explaining about the TNRM programme and the missing community cats who may have entered the school grounds which is right next to blk *28. I emailed again about two weeks later …did not receive any reply to my enquiry as to whether they trap the cats!

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Tosh was fighting with Baby

Met a next block neighbour at the vet three days ago as I was picking up Doppelgaenger.

She has been feeding 2 kittens outside her door, Toby & Tosh…who were trapped (with some difficulty) and sterilized about a year ago.

Now Tosh, a Siamese mix, was in the carrier waiting to see the vet. Seems our Baby who migrated from 723 to 728 after Rocky moved in and attacked him several times, is now terrorizing Toby & Tosh.

Tosh has a lump at his belly, an infected wound inflicted by Baby, and high fever and was put on antibiotics. I came over 3 times to try and help them pill the cat. The first time he may have swallowed the pill before running off. The second and third time he escaped before I could give him the medication even though they had wrapped him in a towel. The vet suggested that they bring the cat over every day with no charge…hope they will do that. He seems better now and is eating well. He certainly can run and jump again…

When I left, Baby was outside the door growling at the other cat who was trying to hide in the shoe rack. What a big bully our Baby has become…

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