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Little Grey & Garfield

Went to *34 area 3 to release Tortie today and saw Floppy wearing a collar. Guess someone is glad to have her back :). Then went to look for Little Grey, as he has been missing for 2 days. Finally found him and realized that two of the other cats kept chasing him away from the feeding area. He is a newcomer, has been there for only about a month.

Garfield has moved from HDB to Private Condo. Spoke to one of the guards who is feeding him, and we plan to trap him soon.

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Meditations and reflections …

All the suffering of living beings is our own suffering.

We have to see that we are they and they are us.

When we see their suffering,

an arrow of compassion and love enters our hearts.

We can love them, embrace them,

And find a way to help.

Only then will we not be overwhelmed by despair at their situation.

Or our own

~ Thich Nhat Hanh

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Ginger, Patches, Lilly and Little Sky

Ginger’s stitches were removed today and Patches recovered well from dental surgery. She had 3 teeth extracted and was put on i/v drip. Patches has ulcers in her mouth and throat and the vet suspects FIV, as her immunity is low… but she seems to be much better now and ate a good portion, though still with some difficulty. I will keep her in for 2 weeks, to give her antibiotics and hope to get her to put on some weight.

Lilly and Sky are both doing well. Little Sky had a slight fever, but her appetite had improved and she has put on some weight since last month, so she was finally sterilized today.

Photos: Sweet Little Patches after surgery

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