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Novena cats

The mother cat…

pregnant again…

New male kitten

and new female kitten

from next-door demolished building

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Yummy vegetarian food

Brown rice, lufa and soft tofu

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Chico needs a home

Little Chico was handed to me by some children who found him. He was starving, dehydrated and had the flu. Penny took good care of him and he is all well now. Chico made friends with Orange Girl who is going to her new home soon…

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Cat-sitting Max & Paddy

Two is double the fun…

and cat-sitting for the second cat is free of charge 🙂


and his new companion Paddy…

formerly known as Blu-I

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A quick update

Pixy, Trixy and Maxy have been adopted. Their mother (named her Black-Tail) has finally turned up and was napped for sterilisation.

Black-Tail tipped

Novena mother-cat is pregnant again… will have to trap her as soon as I can.

New orange kitten ( about 5 months old) with collar and bell sighted at area 1…very frightened and skinny.

The new young orange-white female *30 area 1 (Rose) has been sterilised.

Rose sporting a tipped-ear

Ocean has been to the vet and was sterilised at the same time. His limping seems slightly improved he had a jab and is on antibiotics for 2 weeks.

Took in Jake yesterday. He has wounds all over his face and neck…they seem to dry up. Could it be a dog attack?

House full… and me exhausted…

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Two new kittens at Novena

They are from the neighbouring building that is being demolished. The two kittens ( a tabby-white female and a black-and-white male) are about 5 months old…and need to be sterilised – especially the female.

I asked the feeder about the kittens of the cat who gave birth before she could be sterilised…they were not seen again after the first few days. The mother may be quite difficult to trap…

All the sterilised cats are still there, I saw the mother of Chester, Champ and Charles… she looked well .

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Meet Your Eggs

Wegmans Cruelty

Wegmans Cruelty is a documentary produced by a small investigative team from the organization Compassionate Consumers. Organization members contacted Wegmans Food Markets to try to hold some meaningful dialogue about the conditions at Wegmans Egg Farm, and were then misled and dismissed by Wegmans representatives. The team set out to capture actual footage inside the farm and create a film based on their experience. The film features statements from Wegmans representatives, interviews with the investigators, and footage of what life and death is like inside of an “Animal Care Certified” battery cage facility.

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