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Novena cats

The mother cat…

pregnant again…

New male kitten

and new female kitten

from next-door demolished building

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Yummy vegetarian food

Brown rice, lufa and soft tofu

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Chico needs a home

Little Chico was handed to me by some children who found him. He was starving, dehydrated and had the flu. Penny took good care of him and he is all well now. Chico made friends with Orange Girl who is going to her new home soon…

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Cat-sitting Max & Paddy

Two is double the fun…

and cat-sitting for the second cat is free of charge 🙂


and his new companion Paddy…

formerly known as Blu-I

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A quick update

Pixy, Trixy and Maxy have been adopted. Their mother (named her Black-Tail) has finally turned up and was napped for sterilisation.

Black-Tail tipped

Novena mother-cat is pregnant again… will have to trap her as soon as I can.

New orange kitten ( about 5 months old) with collar and bell sighted at area 1…very frightened and skinny.

The new young orange-white female *30 area 1 (Rose) has been sterilised.

Rose sporting a tipped-ear

Ocean has been to the vet and was sterilised at the same time. His limping seems slightly improved he had a jab and is on antibiotics for 2 weeks.

Took in Jake yesterday. He has wounds all over his face and neck…they seem to dry up. Could it be a dog attack?

House full… and me exhausted…

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Two new kittens at Novena

They are from the neighbouring building that is being demolished. The two kittens ( a tabby-white female and a black-and-white male) are about 5 months old…and need to be sterilised – especially the female.

I asked the feeder about the kittens of the cat who gave birth before she could be sterilised…they were not seen again after the first few days. The mother may be quite difficult to trap…

All the sterilised cats are still there, I saw the mother of Chester, Champ and Charles… she looked well .

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Meet Your Eggs

Wegmans Cruelty

Wegmans Cruelty is a documentary produced by a small investigative team from the organization Compassionate Consumers. Organization members contacted Wegmans Food Markets to try to hold some meaningful dialogue about the conditions at Wegmans Egg Farm, and were then misled and dismissed by Wegmans representatives. The team set out to capture actual footage inside the farm and create a film based on their experience. The film features statements from Wegmans representatives, interviews with the investigators, and footage of what life and death is like inside of an “Animal Care Certified” battery cage facility.

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Fern has been adopted

The couple and teenage daughter came to view Champ and ended up taking Fern instead. Champ was his usual active and playful self but Fern was simply super manja and won their hearts. They still like Champ and said that they may come back for him in a week’s time.

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Cat Cafe

Will be getting this little cat cafe

hopefully we will also get HDB approval to set it up at a suitable location.

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Ocean limping, Panther’s ear swollen

Ocean is another new abandonee, a skinny young Siamese-X., light colour, blue eyes and long straight tail. I took him in a few days ago and there is still no improvement. There is no wound, no swelling… so I will wait a while longer before bringing him to the vet.

Panther has a swelling at the side of his ear. Have been applying antiobiotic powder for a week but no improvement…. I think he needs to see the vet…

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Suzy sterilised

Suzy is the mother of Orange Girl & Tabby Boy

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Champ & Chester let down by adopter and new abandonee found

The tiny orange kitten is only about one month plus, hungry, dehydrated and with a sore eye. Penny agreed to take him in as Tabby Boy had been adopted. Penny applied the eye ointment and he is ok now.

Last week this person still assured me that he will definitely take Chester & Champ… just wants me to hold them for one more week as he is busy with a project. Well, no reply to my sms since….

Fern has started sneezing and one eye is a little watery… giving her lysine.

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Tried the Furminator

I was sceptical at first but this thing is really amazing! It removes the undercoat… keeps the cats cool and also prevent hairballs. I will try to get one mainly for my Nush . Her hair has all grown back now.

It is quite costly though.. .not sure if it is available locally… but shaving Nush and Mirko every 3 months will cost much more.

The only problem is that a lot of hair flies off so it’s a bit messy.

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Sweet Pixy

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May 16, 2008 · 6:13 am

Our True Heritage

Our True Heritage

The cosmos is filled with precious gems.

I want to offer a handful of them to you this morning.

Each moment you are alive is a gem,

shining through and containing earth and sky,

water and clouds.

It needs you to breathe gently

for the miracles to be displayed.

Suddenly you hear the birds singing,

the pines chanting,

see the flowers blooming,

the blue sky,

the white clouds,

the smile and the marvelous look

of your beloved.

You, the richest person on Earth,

who have been going around begging for a living,

stop being the destitute child.

Come back and claim your heritage.

We should enjoy our happiness

and offer it to everyone.

Cherish this very moment.

Let go of the stream of distress

and embrace life fully in your arms.

This poem is from “Call Me By My True Names” The Collected Poems of Thich Nhat Hanh.

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Tammy & Bubu sterilised

I had not seen the new female tabby for the past few days, then just before leaving the area I saw her running across the car park chased by the new Siamese male.

Brought her home and returned to continue feeding the community cats at area 1. There was another new cat…. but she looked familiar. Felt her tummy…she was in late pregnancy. No choice… had to get her right away. I am quite sure that she is the kitten that was put downstairs by a Malay man some month back. He took her back after I told him what happens to such little kittens in the streets. Apparently he kept her in but not all the time and didn’t’ bother to sterilise her… I did offer to bring her when she is old enough.

Luckily the vet accepted the additional female… I had booked only one slot.

Tammy is a ticked tabby with a hint of rust colour, long straight tail.

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Five Little Kittens

Orange Girl & Tabby Boy

Very loving

curious boy Maxy

adorable Pixy

litter-box trained Trixy

Two pretty girls Trixy & Pixy

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Genie now

Time flies . More than half a year has flown by since Genie was found severely injured at the foot of a block .

This feisty one has since recovered well , though not 100% her before self , but much better and has become quite a rascal . Keeps popping by upstairs to the bedrooms where she shudn’t be ‘coz of the dog . But her persistence and her being able to not attack the dog has won us over and let her do wat she wants . Aka spoilt brat and baby of the house . -_-‘ Till the other cats and the dog gets jealous .

Anyhow , Genie wants to thank again all kind donors who loved her and made generous donations when she was in her ill state . She remembers all of U in her heart and wishes the best of health to all of U . And she wants everyone to see how contented she is , now that she’s no more a community cat . Pictures show her roosting comfortably on my bed . Haha . Very manja also , but very lovable .

Hope all cats are lucky like Genie and find good homes . 😀


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Champ & Charles

Champ, the leader, first one up the tree and into the basket 🙂 Hope that Charles will find a good home, too.

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A lazy afternoon and visit from adopter

Adopter came to visit and decided to give Champ and Chester a home with meshed windows 🙂

Will keep them a few more days because they still have a bit of loose stool. Apart from that they are back to their normal playful selves 🙂 The vet advised to give yogurt to built up the good bacteria after the course of antibiotics. Two of them need to be syringed while the third one takes the yogurt straight from the bowl.

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Fern is getting her appetite back

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May 10, 2008 · 5:35 am

Twirly lost for 3 days now

Searched every night. Yesterday I heard meowing from the locked up construction storage space under the void deck of *22. I was worried the it could be Twirly… locked up for 3 days!

Managed to pry the chain-locked door open just wide enough for a cat to pass through and jammed a plastic jar in to keep the gap open. However from the opening at the top I could see that there were further partitions and the sounds came from there. I left food outside the door and left to pick up the 5 kittens.

When I came back there were no more sounds but was still worried especially since I would not be able to hear soft sounds. It was already after 1am. I decided to call the Neighbourhood Police. They came and also couldn’t hear any sounds… so no choice had to wait until morning.

Before they left … one of the officers kept asking whether it was my cat or a stray… seeing two other cats around and a plate with food he must have figured out that I might be a Stray Cat Feeder. Perhaps he had listened to the two ignorant DJ’s on Class 95… because he informed me that theTown Council could summon me for feeding strays or birds. I briefly explained tnrm and the difference between feeding of cats to the feeding of birds or monkeys. I picked up my plate and told him that there is no law against responsible feeding… only littering is an offence.

This morning i went to see the construction supervisor and was able to search the place with a torch light… but there was no cat. I noticed a gap in the wall...big enough for a cat to pass through. so the cat could have gone to the other room and escape though the door while I was picking up the kittens…. but I guess it wasn’t Twirly. He would have come to me…

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5 kittens rescued

…and just in time! Penny found another small kitten a few days ago but the rest have been adopted so she gave me the go-ahead to bring in the 5 kittens.

Didn’t see the two from the coffee shop the day before… only their mother was around. Then yesterday night finally found them curled up at the kerb of the car park… very pittyful! The orange-white one looks a bit dull and poor appetite….probably getting sick. Brought them to Penny and then went back for the 3 black-and -white kittens at the construction site.

Will wait a week or two for the milk to dry up and then get the two mothers sterilised.

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Black kitten sterilised

Wasted my effort installing wire-mesh at the kitchen window of blk *21 family… they keep opening the un-meshed side too. The poor kitten has a litter tray but there was now litter or even newspaper in it… just an empty plastic bowl. No surprise he preferred the kitchen sink to do his business…sigh! At least they keep him indoors now.

After I took the kitten home, the new female tabby appeared. I let her eat first and then tried to put her in the carrier… but she struggled and ran off, also saw another newbie… siamese-mix…

Twirly is eating well now, and no more vomitting…hope he will put on some weight soon.

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Photos of the new cat Area 3

He doesn’t look so bad…not dehydrated. One of the feeders in the area is syringe -feeding him. Bell-Boy is trying to make friends. Hope he will stay around to be tipped once he starts eating on his own.

Penny has 7 pregnant cats to be sterilised…from outside her feeding area. Two were done yesterday with the help of a sponsor and 2 more went today under SPCA voucher. She has enough vouchers left for the rest.

Another caregiver ‘R’ has a very difficult time. Almost all of her 40 cats/kittens came down with flu. Most of them have now either recovered or are recovering except for one with some breathing difficulties. Penny and myself passed her what we had on medication. Penny also sponsored a visit to the vet for the most sick cat… still, we had to keep nagging her to go.

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Abandonees, kittens, sick cats…

Spotted a new female tabby in area 1 and Sylvia found a terrified ginger-white cat at area 3. Just like Fern…refusing food and water. Will go down later and try to syringe-feed.

Also found another mother cat with 2 kittens at a coffee shop next to the construction site where the other cat family with the white-and-black kittens lives.

The 2 kittens are also about 3 month old, one ginger-white and one tabby. Will be feeding them every day and hope that Penny can foster them if some of her kittens get adopted.

The new skinny boy at area one, named him Twirly, vomits sometimes. He is now at the same block every day, so I will start him on antibiotics tonight. Yesterday he ate quite a bit… but if there is more vomiting or refusal to eat then he also will have to go to the vet.

There is another sick cat at area 2… a black-and-white coffee-shop cat. She has become very thin and has poor appetite. I went down last night because the Auntie told me that she won’t eat.The cat didn’t touch the dry food which she usually likes but she ate half a can of kitten food. Gave some cans to the Auntie…

While feeding Twirly, I saw a middle-aged Chinese lady letting her dog run on the void deck and following him with a sheet of paper. She picked up the poo but left a big puddle of pee in the middle of the void deck…I cleaned up some of it with newspaper. At the next block there is dog poo in the middle of the walkway. Will the cats get blamed for this?

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There were several enquiries about the 3 kittens…but no one seemed suitable. Not a good sign when the first question is “Are they for free?” or another one told me that her cat went missing but she is still not willing to wire-mesh the gate…

Now the question is whether to give the kitten to a person who seems responsible and will keep the kitten indoors but refuses to mesh the windows. As Penny put it “90% of adopters do not want to wire-mesh”.

Another caregiver said that she would rather put the kittens back on the streets. I am not so sure that this would be best… there are just too many dangers. The average life-span of a community cat is 2 years!

I saw another mother and 3 kittens (now left only 2) hiding at a construction site in an area with no caregiver. The kittens are about 3 months old and white with black patches. All I can do is feed them….

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Still eying me with some suspicion…

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May 4, 2008 · 8:03 am