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No one cares enough at *10 …

I am just recovering from the flu and still very weak. Which makes me realize the importance of taking care of one’s health.

I have lost two of my cats, Young Ginger and Lilly, both were newcomers and just sterilized recently. I don’t suspect Town Council, as the cats did not turn up at AVA, furthermore they are not under the same TC.

While enquiring about the two cats, I came to know that a tipped-ear cat had been caught at *10 and was sent to AVA.

I cycled several times around the area in hope to find the feeders, so they can claim the cat back. I also put up notices. Managed to talk to one feeder, but she did not want to claim the cat, or talk to the Town Council.

It seems that the caretaker who sterilized all the cats has moved away, and other residents now feed them, but none of them cares enough to claim cats back. What a shame! I saw about 10 plus cats within that cluster of blocks, all tipped. They looked well fed and there was plenty of open space and greenery. Didn’t see any cat-food littering. It looked like a perfect colony of sterilized cats. If they cull these cats, surely the many unsterilized strays from the nearby area will come in. The problem is that the area, though near to my place, is under a different TC. Hope CWS can help, so that at least the rest of the cats are save.

More bad news – Anna says that some of her cats are missing but she does not want to call AVA or claim them back. Sylvia messaged me yesterday that the cat-food littering at *30 area 3 has started again…

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More Photos of Sandra, Sally & Sue

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