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Fury missing

Fury went missing on Wednesday and did not turn up at SPCA or AVA. She was still eating well on Tuesday but has lost much weight…. I guess the tumor was cancerous and had spread to other organs. Hope she is not suffering wherever she is. She had become quite sweet-tempered after her illness and I would always stroke her and lift her up so that I would be able to put her into the carrier when she gets ill again.

So much for plans and expectations…

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Update on Fury

Fury would not let me see the wound and there are still some bownish stains where she sleeps. So I brought her to the vet again just to make sure she is alright before releasing her. There was just a very small spot left to heal and he vet applied some powder. Will release her tonight. Fury has been a very good girl but I know she will be happy to be free again.

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Fury had her stitches removed today

The wound hasn’t fully healed yet, so she got another jab of antibiotics and will have to stay with me for another few days.Had to refill my name-card holder at the vet clinic…was told that quite a number of people took my card, but so far still no further cat-sitting jobs.

Bella is eating okay since her release and the membrane again receded a little… so I will not bring her to the vet yet, rather use the $80,- balance from Fury Fund for the next urgent case that comes along… Will keep the sponsors updated.

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Photos of Fury

Fury looks great 6 days after surgery!!! She has been eating double and tripple portions 🙂

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Fury says “Thank You”

…. to the kind people who sponsored her medical bill: JN, Maxiejane, Ranztan, Hazlina and YJ.

She is doing her part by eating well and taking her medicine…even let me stroke her while eating.

The balance will be used for Bella. Wanted to bring her to the vet for a long time. Her 3rd eyelids are covering about a third of her eyes. It started 3 months ago and did not improve with ointment. I am also giving her antibiotics now and her wounds are healing well but the eye condition remains…

Bella is probably Genie’s sister. They looked the same age when they first appeared at block *18 area 1. They are also very alike in their mannerism. Genie then moved to *24 while Bella is now the “coffee shop cat�.

Steel was released on Saturday and I saw him and fed him on Sunday. The big bully, whom I suspect of having caused his wound, was nearby. Will have to try and trap him for sterilization, him and the *30 area 3 Romeo, who also caused many injuries to other cats (Fighter was bleeding at the chest and Black Boy is still limping).

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Fury has been discharged this morning

She is still in the carrier, to let her get used to the smell of the other 2 cats before transferring her to a cage. She already finished up a double portion of wet food that I placed in the carrier 🙂

The total vet bill came up to $200.-. Will have to bring her back in 10 days to remove the stitches.

I have to release Steel soon as his wound has closed up. He would make a wonderful home cat…sigh! Steel is too friendly, timid and also a little clumsy… no chance against the big bullies.This is the second time that he came back with injuries after disappearing for several months.

Bella is not eating well…and that problem with the 3rd eyelid still persists.

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Fury had a large ulcerated mammary tumor removed

According to the vet there were only 2 options…to operate or to euthanize.

The operation would be risky because of her age and condition…but no point doing expensive tests for kidney and liver function in this situation. I also felt that she was strong and had the will to live…the way she was still eager to eat…and she could still run away when Mohan tried to net her.

Fury made it through the operation, but is still drowsy and will stay at the clinic over night.

Anyone who would like to sponsor towards Fury’s medical bill please leave a comment here or email me at veganmeowies@yahoo.com

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Fury is going to the vet tomorrow

She ate the food mixed with antibiotics, and then while eating some more wet food, she let me stroke her and I could put her into the carrier without resistance. Very unusual behavior for Fury…I think she knows that she needs help.

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Fury is very ill

Fury has been sneezing and had watery eyes for some time. She was not eating well and has become very emaciated. Fury looked really bad when I saw her yesterday night…but surprisingly she ate her food. She even let me come close… and then I saw the big lump at her chest. It looked badly infected with two deep holes…the whole area was wet and there was a smell. Mohan came at 1.30am but she ran off when she saw him. Hope she will eat tonight (will mix those liver-flavoured antibiotics with the food) …and we have to try again to net her, to get her to the vet. She will definitely have to be hospitalized…or even euthanized if there is no hope of recovery.

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Update on Fury, Old Ginger, Panther and Sophia

Fury had to be released after 2 days. She is one of those very stubborn cats who refuse to eat in captivity. She went straight into the condo compound hiding under a car. I left a paper bowl of food where she could see it. Fury has been back for every feeding since…eating large portions…so I guess she is fine.

There is this Old Ginger at *21 Area 1. He is quite thin and always needs some coaxing before eating his food. I started to give him Fancy Feast as he seems to like it better…but lately he hardly eats anything…started giving him Nutri-plus gel.

I have not seen the big cross-eyed Panther (blk *21) for several days. Hope he is safe…Panther is very afraid of this new big Siamese male cat that appeared recently. This cat must belong to someone because he looks well fed and is never interested in food… only in terrorizing the other cats.

Sophia (the old black Persian cross at *48 Area 3) is doing well. She looks stronger and seems she has put on a little weight. We (the Aunty, Sylvia and me) pamper her a lot, giving her special treats and sitting with her coaxing her to eat more…someone else is also feeding her in the morning.

Photos: Sophia and old photos of cross-eyed Panther and Old Ginger

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Fury had an infection of the uterus

Tried 2 more times to trap the pregnant Judy then Mohan tried to net her…but she wouldn’t even let him get near her. So we went to *18 area 2 to catch Pearl. When we saw the 5 paper plates with leftover wet food on the floor and no cats in sight we gave up and went for my 3rd choice, the pregnant looking cat at *78 (sister of Garfie’s mother Gaby) Like Garfie’s father Garfield, she had also moved to the nearby condo, but now she is back at blk *78 for feeding.

The Auntie told me later that Pearl had already given birth “tummy small already�…but I have my doubts because she didn’t really look pregnant to me.

Anyway, won’t catch her now until we are sure…

The *78 cat (named her Fury) took her own sweet time to enter the trap…and when she was finally fully inside…the trap door didn’t close. Lucky she went in a second time later on and finally the door closed.

Big Head was also there, his leg swollen and the wound open again…and I didn’t have the powder with me. I was tempted to take him in as Mohan could stroke him while he was eating and I had the carrier with me…but where would I keep him? Plan to take him in next week (after some of the other cats have been released) to let the wound heal and then have him sterilized next month.

It turned out that Fury wasn’t pregnant. Her belly was swollen because of an infection of the uterus. Lucky cat…to have it removed in time…

Knowing that she is Gaby’s sister I expected her to be difficult…but she is much worse…even Dirty Harry was a pussycat compared to her.

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