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Video of Peeky

Peekaboo almost 2 years later:

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New Novena Kitten

Will bring her for sterilisation on Monday… sponsored by Tuna’s guardian who feeds the Novena cats. I need my last voucher for Muddy’s girlfriend… but this little ginger girl looks already 6 months old… so cannot wait. Lucky she is tame and not heavy because I can’t carry heavy cats and traps anymore’… and it’s a long way to the bus stop.

Hope she is safe… because she likes to stay at the church grounds. Hope they don’t start trapping again!

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Cat-sitting Tuna

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New female


Tipped and tattooed

Had been looking for this newly abandoned female for the past few days… the feeder also had not seen her.

Today she found her and brought her right up to my doorstep. I was worried the cat would be frightened and escape from her arms… but all went well.

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Newton Family

Today was my last day at Newton… hope Damy will be able to trap the 3 females soon and also the Winslet Road cats!

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Oki suspected of having HCM

See moavellous’ comments here:




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Chomping grass

This guy had me worried because he still kept vomiting undigested food even after producing 2 hairballs!

Kept a close eye on him… offered grass and also syringed water and cranberry extract as he seemed to drink little. I have stopped giving him his daily raw steak and slowly changed his dry-food from F brand to Avo. He still eats the Fussy Cat can food. No more vomiting for the past few days.

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