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Feeding on rainy days…

Why is Sophia hiding under the bushes soaked and shivering when there is shelter nearby? Why is she terrified at the sight of an umbrella?

Why did Snoopy, Nora and the Calico kitten run for their life when a man approached to lock his bicycle nearby?

Why would Pebbles suddenly struggle free and run into the rain when I tried to carry her past the front of the Indian provision shop?

The terror in their eyes tells all…


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Photos of Mirko

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Photos of Orange Boy


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Update on the sick ones

Photo: Stitches

Orange Boy had a relapse, sneezing and running nose, but now finally seems to get better. He is playing…running and catching paper balls. I noticed that he is now able to stand up on his hind legs to catch the ball in the air..almost back to full strength.

Mirko is also sneezing less but still has the eye discharge,one eye is only half open and quite red. I clean his eyes with saline and apply eye drops twice a day.Both of them are still confined to my room.

Stitches has fully recovered from flu but there is still no improvement in his skin condition. He has the run of the balcony while Silver and Sophia are kept in cages to prevent close contact with Stitches.

Still can’t release Sophia…it’s been raining the whole day. If only we could build a shelter for her in those bushes…

Silver was contemplating jumping on the chair, but then wisely changed her mind. I guess she knows that her hind legs are still not strong enough. She can walk and even jump down from the chair but not strong enough to stand up on her hind legs. Will probably have to keep her in for several weeks until she regains her strength and is able to run from danger…unless she gets adopted first.


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Won’t someone take me home?

…to love and keep forever!

Silver is only about 8 months old and has been sterilized. She is a pretty silver-tabby with straight long tail, very affectionate, purring and kneading all the time, wanting to be held and stroked.

Silver was recently abandoned and really wants to ‘go home’. She has not much of a chance out there, being so trusting she is an easy target for abuse and she doesn’t know the danger of cars…


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Silver is recovering

Silver is much better now…looks like she will make a full recovery soon. I wonder what happened to her…did someone kick or hit her or was she knocked by a car? All she wants is to follow someone home…

Sophia is still with me waiting for sunny days to come.

Stitches’ eczema has spread to the whole cheek area…it’s all covered with black stuff. Seems the cleaning and cream just made it worse. I was considering using spot-on but then the rest of his fur looks healthy and clean…no flea dirt. So I guess it can’t be a flea allergy.

Orange Boy is still sneezing and breathing noisily…licking and rubbing his nose.


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Oh no! Back to square one…

Sylvia saw Big Head yesterday, limping and with a bloody wound at the same old spot. Worse…now he doesn’t allow her to apply the powder probably remembering how he was caught a month ago. I had just released him two days earlier. The old wound had already healed and I just kept him a few days more because of the rain…

Silver is still the same or perhaps there is a slight improvement…hard to say. She will sit down and flop to her side after a few steps. It may be similar to this case:

…like Orange Boy but less severe. I am applying the electric stimulation on her lower back.

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