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Rainbow Eyes

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October 31, 2012 · 11:59 am

Spinal tap

Discharged Ashley today. The results will only be out in a few days time. All the tests cost $1.300,- so far. The spinal tap alone was $600.- but no choice have to give him a chance of diagnosis and treatment.

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Still in the dark…

Ashley is now on Zitromax… and still not much improvement. Three months of high fever, fast breathing, poor appetite and weak legs. He also keeps losing weight…

I will probably not continue further treatment… which would be biopsy of of all his organs.

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Weak hind leg

Ashley went for review yesterday… vet suspects neural damage as reflexes are slow. Ash can still walk but only slowly. It has been several weeks and still no improvement. He is taking Neuroforte.

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Cat attack

One careless moment and Darly slipped out from the bedroom and immediately confronting his arch-enemy “Ashley” who is about half his size. I knew it was very risky but I quickly scooped Ashley into my arms. Darly jumped up and hung from my arm with his claws. When he finally let go he bit deep into my calf… managed to carry Ash to safety.

Had fever yesterday, the arm hurts much more than the leg…

It’s natural cat behaviour… when they are in a frenzy. Just lucky that Ashley didn’t turn on me, too…

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Pot of grass

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June 24, 2011 · 7:02 am

Best friends

Two of a kind

Ashley & Hope both love to wrestle and bite

Ash had tried to make friends with Dawn… by biting her tail! He just can’t resist biting! Hope also likes to play rough… Ike and Tommy are already getting weary of him.

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New mats for the cats

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Home-Cats relaxing

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Who’s the top cat?

Ashley is the wannabe Top Cat! He likes to be able to look down on the lesser beings 🙂 But actually it was Dawn who showed him how to get on the wardrobe by jumping up from the cage which is on the floor about one meter away from the wardrobe. Dawn was the best climber and jumper as a kitten… now she is the second fattest but still the best!

Dawn can even jump from the other wardrobe onto the curtain rail… then walks 3 meter to the end and returns to top of the wardrobe by walking backwards. The curtain rail is the aluminium type – about 1cm width! I will stand there ready to catch her if curtains, rail and everything comes crashing down! Phew! … I am really glad she hasn’t done that for a while! Dawn used to be the heaviest of all the cats but has now been overtaken by Billy Boy and Snoopy.

Today Damy went onto the curtain rail… walked to the end then almost dropped but managed to jump onto the desk.

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Ashley has UTI again…Yesterday he was glued to the litter-box passing small amounts of urine and blood. Kept syringing him with tuna-flavoured water and cranberry.. also keeping him caged for observation and on wet-food only. He seems much better today. Nushi and Tommy also get syringed as they seem to urinate very infrequently… I don’t think Tommy can be released back – he is quite weak and clumsy. Nushi has poor appetite and gets her special kibble mix and Ocean Fish Feast for wet food. Tommy also has his own mix of kibbles.

Snoopy’s ballooning finally made me stop the free flow of kibbles. Now it’s strictly feeding twice a day and Snoopy will be caged after she finishes her portion until all the food has been removed.

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Lala, Ash & Snoop

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Another Water-Cat

Ashley is so funny… trying to bite the water!

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Naughty Ash

Little Ashley taking on the Heavy Weight Champion Billy Boy… and that’s what I get for saving his life! The two cats are unhurt.

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Ash & Stitch

Ashley had the catheter removed today. Hope he will get better soon… Stitches went for injection (0.25 ml Depredil) for his painful and inflamed gums. Trying to delay the injections…. Prednisolone helps but the inflammation will come back again quite fast.

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Ashley catheterized

Ash had a 90% blockage. Dr Kenneth let me take him home as soon as he was awake but I will have to bring him back for flushing every day for the next three days… and hopefully the catheter can be removed on Monday.

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The Brush-Thing

I thought that Nushi might like this thing as she loves brushing with that little round comb from Pasar Malam. Borrowed it to try it out for a few days. So far she seems not interested but Ashley is inspecting it…

Here is a larger version of the brush thing : http://meowies.multiply.com/journal/item/1178/Cat-it

Nushi gets pampered… this is her feeding station on the bed and she get special treats and snacks when she has poor appetite.

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Home Cats


Ash is better but still syringing him water with cranberry extract. The extract is not very sour tasting (unlike vinegar or vitamin c) and can even be mixed into the food.

Dawn & Sky

Home cats reclaiming the balcony after Pema & Silverine went to the cattery.


Nush… getting more furry

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Update on Frosti

Had planned to take her home today… but then the vet said she perked up a little and suggested to wait a few more days.

I saw some improvement but her eyes look strange… she may not be fully conscious. When I call her only the ears twitch a little.

Improvised with an alu-foil tray and a roll of kitchen paper making a soft bed for her. 2 sample diapers came in handy to serve as pillows. frosty likes her head propped up on something.

Yesterday night Ashley was unable to pee. He would stay in the litter tray for a long time and looked very uncomfortable. I syringed him water and did not get much sleep. Was worried what to do next… bring him to the vet in the morning? and which vet would be best? or should I rush him to the hospital in the middle of the night. I panic easily 🙂

He passed some urine in the morning (no blood) and ate some tuna with water added. Bought a bottle of cranberry extract (powder in capsules) on my way home.

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A Tent for the Cats



Peekaboo’s guardian got this from Ikea.

The cats like it 🙂

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Two Heavyweights


Hope the hammock will hold…

Orange Boy

The swelling is all gone now

Nush has inflamed gums again…and Ashley has the urinary infection again. Hope Nush will get better with some antibiotics and I have been syringing Ashley with water and cranberry juice.

Mirko went for shaving yesterday…and Nushi will be done next week if she is better by then.

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Three Boys and a Fountain

Orange Boy, Mirko & Ashley

checking out the new fountain

Just got this fountain from a cat-sitting client 🙂 They found the dome-shaped one difficult to clean and bought a different type (see below).

Orange Boy was the first to drink… naturally 🙂 The rest haven’t figured it out yet. Ashley was pawing, scratching, biting the water… for about an hour.

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Strange hairloss pattern

Two small bald spots appeared just above his eyes and they grew bigger within a few days.

I have applied the neem oil.

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Cat sick, human sick and more trouble with TC

Ashley urinated blood on Saturday…brought him to the vet. The technician squeezed his bladder resulting in a big pool of bright-red blood. He also has a swelling on his lower lip which could be insect bite or an immune reaction. The vet also felt a large lump and suggested two options, either surgery the next morning or ultrasound …blood test. I got a second opinion from non-vet and decided to wait and see if the antibiotics work.

There has been no blood in his urine since then… and he seems alright but I still confine him to observe.

Then the same Saturday night the human (Ashley’s adopted mother) also fell sick with high fever, body-ache, headache and feeling very weak. Human still not recovered…

Today I spent the entire morning at another TC office to support the caregiver trying to claim 2 cats back from AVA. The officer said that he had not given instructions to catch these cats and the Manager that we spoke to readily gave the letter for their release but insisted that he cannot request “release without micro-chip” saying that it was AVA’s policy to microchip. When told by AVA that it is up to him, he seemed confused… mentioned something about a closed door meeting with AVA and that no strays are allowed in the estate… and any cat claimed from AVA must be micro-chipped…in the end the AVA side allowed the cats to be claimed… they probably realised that the TC manager actually had no objection to the cats being returned but felt that he could not go against AVA policy by requesting no micro-chip.

The caregiver had to miss a day of work and worried that she may get fired. Penny accompanied her to AVA after bringing an injured kitten to the vet and another one for sterilisation…I went home to get some rest.

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Ashley caged for observation

Ashley had a piece of poo sticking to his fur. We cut it off and then saw something sticking out from his backside that looked like hairball…
I gave him a dose of Nushi’s hairball remedy and will leave him in the cage until his next poo… hopefully not another blockage.
Ashley has this habit of “grooming? me when I am sleeping…he thinks I’m his mama. When I get him out of my hair he will then happily snuggle up in my arms. Always worry that he might ingest some of my hair and it could entangle in the intestines.
Nushi has a bit of runny nose…that and the gums is probably what keeps her from eating. Mirko also sneezes once in a while…but still has good appetite.

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Boy Boy, Orange Boy and Ashley

Boy Boy will be released back to Blk *52 area 3 tonight. We worry for him…he is just too friendly and timid…and Orange Boy will surely miss his friend. Boy Boy didn’t like my cats though…there would be lots of howling and growling if any of them went near the balcony door.

Orange Boy had one ‘relapse’ on Sunday and needed to be squeezed but after that no more problem so far…. most of his poo also ends up in the litter box now…he is regaining control.

Ashley has also recovered and been reunited with the rest of the gang. He didn’t pee for 5 days!!! There must have been some blockage…The vet said to give him 200ml of water a day but I managed only about a quarter of that amount and added some vit.C to it.


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Ashley, Onyx, Boy Boy and Orange Boy

Ashley looks a little better now. He was still very feverish and lethargic last night and during the day. Sylvia, Anna and the Aunty helped me with feeding the cats today, as I was worried leaving Ashley alone…so I just needed to feed the cats at the area 1 and some at area 2. I was very happy when I saw Onyx back at his usual place.

Boy Boy’s hair has started to grow back. There were some pees and poos in the litter box on the balcony and no poo on the floor today 🙂 Felt Orange Boy’s bladder, just to make sure… it was quite small 🙂


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Ashley is not well…

…since yesterday night. Noticed that he was not his usual active self. Brought him along to the Animal Hospital this morning and they did full blood count and urine analysis…couldn’t find anything and gave him a 10day course of antibiotics and something to bring the fever down. He is very weak but ate a little food and some treats.

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Bird watching

Sasha and her son Ashley enjoy bird watching, They can do so safely, as the window grills have been fitted with wire mesh.

Photo 1: Ashley now all grown up.

Photo 2: Sasha & Ashley

Photo 3: Hardly any space for Ashley… need to clear this clutter.

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