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Saw Max Yesterday

Max was sterilised last December and went missing shortly after.

Yesterday night I saw him lazing at the void deck of blk *24 area 3. He looked well-fed, clean and shiny coat, and was wearing a nice collar. Good to know that he is well.

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Max was sterilized on Tuesday

Will release him later. Max seems quite at home at the flat with the tipped-ear female, going in and out the window…there are also bowls with food and water outside.

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A Christmas Present for the Blk *24 Area 2 Cat…

…named ‘Max’ by M, who has offered to sponsor the sterilization as a Christmas present to this cat. Hopefully I can get an appointment for early next week…now we don’t have to worry for his safety until January J

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Complaint about a cat at block *24 area 2

A complaint was made to Town Council that a cat has been meowing for 2 days.

Sylvia, Auntie and myself checked it out yesterday.

I am quite sure that this young male cat belonges to a resident, as it has a collar and bell, stays within the surroundings of this block, seems well fed and is very tame.

Sylvia actually carried it several blocks away…but it went straight back.

I spoke to the complainant, a Malay family, offering some advice on how to scare the Cat away, while I would try to find out to whom this cat belongs. I also offered to get it sterilized in January if the owner cannot be found. They say that the cat once even jumped through their kitchen window. The mother and her youngest daughter are afraid of cats. The father does not care whether the cat is killed…he just wants it removed within a few days…now claiming it has been making noise for the past 3 weeks. The Auntie who is staying nearby says that the cat only appeared there last Sunday.

Went down again today to speak with some residents. Of the two ground floor units where this cat has been seen sleeping on the stairs, one family has sterilized indoor cats, the other family has a sterilized and tipped female cat that enters through their window. Hmmm…I have a feeling that this tipped-ear could be one of Anna’s ‘lost’ cats. Anyway, seems no one knows whose cat it is.


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