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The paw looks badly infected… and he feels feverish. Looks like a new abandonee, unsterilized young male. Luckily he was hungry enough to come close. He was quietly sitting watching me feed Ginger Girl, no sound… almost didn’t notice him. Had to call LK at midnight as I didn’t have a carrier with me.


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Newbie at Senior Citizen Corner

This young female has a very shallow tip… hope she stays safe!

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Persian for adoption

This Persian cat was abandoned. LK thought he was lost and took him in.

Today she saw a Chinese couple with cat-food. They seemed to be looking for a cat. LK was very happy until they told her that they didn’t want the cat back because he urinated on the son’s bed. They just came to give him some food…

The cat is very friendly and uses the litter tray. He will be sterilised before adoption.

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Abandoning kitten?

Cycled by Blk *24 and saw a woman carrying a basket and the boy trying to look into the basked… I turned round and observed. True enough there was a kitten in the basket. The women told me that her son found it and assured me that she would take it home and that she had cat-food. I am not convinced…

The kitten has a pretty white and light-grey colour and long straight tail.

Told her to put the kitten up for adoption if she does not want to keep it and asked for her tel. no. in case someone is interested in adopting.

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Black Kitten

I guess he is about about 5 month old. Only noticed when clearing the plates of Timmy, Little Black and Choc. The little one was too frightened to come out from under the lorry but so hungry that he called out in a very pitiful voice. I couldn’t see anything as it was dark and raining but I followed Timmy’s stare and placed the food under the lorry. Soon a black head popped out from under the lorry… finished one big plate-full and a second helping.

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Whitish Bobtail

Still shy and not hungry. I am quite sure that he was dumped by a resident of this block… they probably still feed him making trapping for neutering more difficult. Will try to get him next week. Feeder F said that he makes a lot of noise.

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The new male

Still quite shy… didn’t want to eat

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