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“Killing the Mouse”

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Cleo & Debbie


Cleo is hyper and plays quite rough with Debbie… but no choice as Ike is out of action for now.

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Stoney Purrs…

… and loudly asks for his food 🙂

Tube-feeding has been reduced to twice a day only. The rest of his meals is wet food and dry food.

Will probably bring him to a nearby vet for removal of the tube as it is always a long bus journey to the hospital.

The vet estimated Stoney to be around 5 to 6 years old.

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Ike has a fever

He feels hot and breathes quite fast… Was the the Frontline and de-worm too much for him? Sponged him with a wet cloth. He has still good appetite but also still loose stool. Started him on antibiotics… using small amount (0.1ml) of Stoney’s Amoxillin and Clavu suspension.

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Update from Bo’s Guardian

Bo is doing well and is getting along fine with Cofy.

She is out of the room and has ventured around and is getting to know her new home. She is still shy but is getting better as compared when she first came. She is eating well too and has learn to share the litter tray with Cofy. She is no longer afraid of us but we still give her space and time to slowly accept us.

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Rex found himself a home

M found out that an elderly couple who used to feed Rex had taken him in. He looks happy and well 🙂

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Keeping the evidence

… for the time being

and also keeping my fingers crossed that the culprit was caught on CCTV!




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Dewy Tipped & Tattooed

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Stoney ate some tuna

… and groomed himself today

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Kitten was not pregnant

Cleo had fluid in her abdomen. The vet did a clean up and gave her an extra injection of antibiotics.

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Finally found the Area 2 female

This is the young female that appeared a month ago at *17 together with her brother. Found her today at *09.

Going for snip tomorrow!

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Kittens dumped at my doorstep

Any kittens dumped at my door will be sent to SPCA!

I have long made up my mind about this! I will also investigate and make a police report!

Town Council is checking the camera recordings… Time of the crime has been narrowed down to between 6 and 8am this morning.

This could be the work of feeders or pest control workers because the 3 kittens are of different ages and only one of them seems invested with mites. They were in a brownish carrier with a damaged door secured with two rubber bands.

The older one has been sent for sterilisation and will then be released… Actually she looks only about 4 to 4 1/2 months old but has a very bulging tummy… which could be due to either pregncy or worms.

The other two would have little chance of survival outside.

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Cat on the 5th floor


Sophie is going for sterilisation tomorrow…


Someone has already rescued the mother & 3 kittens on the 3rd floor corridor of Blk *05. I had forwarded the sms from town council to whoever I thought might be able to help. There is actually a feeder in this area and someone does TNRM there. It must be a pregnant home cat that had been abandoned…


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Beautiful Park “vandalised”!

These young trees have been marked, too

One of my neighbours told me that about 20 trees were cut down yesterday. He had called Town Council and also took photos but was unable to stop them…

I believe the 4 baby birds were also victims of this tree-cutting! Mynahs like to build their nests in palm trees.

Most of the few remaining trees are marked for destruction… even the young ones!

The reasons given where that the trees were leaning sideways (actually only a few of them did) the rest were growing tall and straight and healthy. Another reason was red ants!

Now this is a new one… previously it was the birds, the mossies and trees obstructing lift upgrading.

All these so-called reasons are totally unreasonable! These problems can be solved without taking such extreme measures. Can anyone please explain how the trees at the other end of the block can obstruct lift upgrading?

Anyway this morning I rushed down when I saw more trees being cut, spoke to the supervisor and managed to get the workers to hold on until Monday.

I don’t know if I am able to safe what is left… I am too worn-out for another fight! The other active resident will be out of town…. and the rest are probably too apathetic to do anything- sigh!

Don’t we cat-carers have enough on our hands… today I have to catch and abandoned female cat that gives problem on a 5th floor.. and get her sterilized. Then here is also a cat that had given birth to 3 kittens in another area (TC nuisance complaint)… I don’t know what I can do .. but will try anyway.

Searched for Rex yesterday… making my last round at 2am… looks like he has been taken ! Poor Boy, so sorry I could not protect you!

Now Stoney’s feeding is overdue…

Just a quick thank-you to all who contributed towards Stoney’s medical expenses… couldn’t have done it without you 🙂

Yesterday he was breathing quite noisily… was worried could be fluid in his lungs but today he is fine and less mucus drippping.

Please bear with my slow response and update!

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Steak and Wine ?

Photos courtesy of his gardian

He likes his raw steak…

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Her way of clearing…

I know it’s her, the one who had been fined… same paper plate. I have told her several time that this is not the way to clear… sigh!

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More trees chopped down…

This sight greeted me as I reached home…

Healthy palm trees that reached up to the 2nd floor were chopped down… Many trees had already been removed from this little park earlier supposedly because of upgrading work… later some new ones were planted (see 2nd pic).

Will they too be chopped down when fully grown? This is senseless destruction and a waste of money!

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4 Baby Birds

Feeder F called saying that the cleaner wanted to dispose of them. I was out but Ivy was at my place cat-sitting Stoney. Ivy collected the birds and sryinge-fed them with soft tofu… later she managed to find someone to foster the birds.

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New photos of Rex

Another sweet young Kitty…

Had released him yesterday night after treating him for diarrhoea and then finally getting him sterilised.

Will he still be here today?

Rex remains trusting and innocent…

even after what they did to him!

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New photos of Pinky

Pinky is cute

…and friendly

He would love to have a home…

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More pics of Bo

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Damy has been adopted

Damy went to a home with 2 existing cats.. actually one of them is still a kitten. Missing him already!

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Stoney looking good

The vet says so 🙂

The technician removed all the dead tissue from under his chin… and also gave him a good overall clean-up.

Will have to come back in one week’s time and hopefully the stitches and tube can be removed then. I can offer him water but not food, because the broken jaw still needs to rest. Stoney also got some medication for his diarrhoea.

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Damy at CWS Strip Tea Party

And here is the video:

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Update on Stoney

Stoney was discharged on Sunday. The vet said that the skin at the Jaw may or may not be viable…it could drop of. There is a lot of black stuff… dare not remove it… just dab with chlorhexidine solution and apply the Betadine ointment. There is mucus dripping from mouth and nose, which needs to be wiped frequently so it won’t obstruct his breathing.

Stoney is still being fed through the tube… supposed to be 8 times a day (every 2 hours), a total of 2 cans of Hills AD a day,which I don’t seem to manage. He has been getting only 6x (1 1/2 cans).

Hope that he is not in too much pain… he has a morphine patch. Seems the right side of his face was hit… as the right eye and ear are also effected.

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Naughty Ash

Little Ashley taking on the Heavy Weight Champion Billy Boy… and that’s what I get for saving his life! The two cats are unhurt.

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Update on Bo

Bo seems to be happy in her new home 🙂

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Twisty found

Old pic of Twisty aka Peony

Twisty was lost for about a week. M found her today at a market area (close to where Rocky was found). She is dehydrated, vomiting and has diarrhoea! Poor Twisty must have eaten all kind of rubbish…. She is now in M’s care.

Rex also had diarrhoea when found… he is ok now and I will bring him for sterilization tomorrow.

Thinking of poor Roxy… who likely also was removed by some heartless and cruel person!

Saw Sophus yesterday… his tail looked limp and he growled when I touched it. Will have to take him in if not better tomorrow… sigh!

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Dirty Harry

Long time no see!

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Bo went to her new home

Bo was adopted by nice family with 2 older children and one 4-year-old sterilized male cat. Hope the introduction goes well…

Bo will be kept indoors only and the guardian also agreed to get her microchipped… just in case she slips out accidentally.


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Xiao Huang shaved

Ivy’s favourite vet gave XH a nice shave and said that the wound is healing well…but she was also unable to put the collar on XH.

Tried the Duroderm patch but XH will just take it off! So Ivy will just apply the cream onto the wound and the neem oil around it to prevent licking.

Once the wounds have healed Xiao Huang will have to be returned to the place where she was abused unless someone is willing to adopt this sweet girl!

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Sophus back at his old place…

… minus the collar!

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A waste of time…

Saw Good Boy downstairs yesterday night and in front of my gate today! So much for keeping him in… sigh! Talking to people seems just a waste of time…

Placed moth balls into the flower pots on the 12th floor.

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Stoney after surgery

The vet said that Stoney’s jaw was badly fractured with another fracture near the joint and also the teeth are damaged. The worry is that infection may set in…

The Medical Bill at Mount Pleasant now stands at $740,-.

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More complaints…

Worried about Good Boy and Shiny… complaints about them on 4th, 6th and 12th floor! Went to investigate with M. The family on the 4th floor agreed to take Good Boy in and keep him safely indoors. I think he spents already most of his time in their home.

Princess is still allowed on the corridor. She jumps over the netting…

A flower pot or a litter tray for Princess???

A cup of water between 12th and 13th floor

Cat food and water on 6th floor

Food and water on the 4th floor

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Rex found

M found Rex this morning. He was at the bus stop near the main road… same place where Damy had been found! The Indian feeder said he had been around for a few days and was looking for food. Strangely he wore a collar!

Will get him sterilized tomorrow and then release him back to the old place…just hope he won’t be napped again… Sigh!

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Stoney is badly injured

Old picture of Stoney

Sylvia called at around 1am that Stoney was under a car with blood dripping from his mouth. Sylvia was wondering why Clover kept looking under the car… and that’s how she found him. Auntie G had been feeding him at 11pm…. he must have been hit by a vehicle while crossing the busy main road… there was a trail of blood.

I called SPCA and their van arrived shortly. Attempt to get Stoney with just a protective glove failed… he could still walk fast and went into a shallow drain….which we managed to block off. He was caught by sling… there was no other choice.

The SPCA guy discussed the options with us … he thinks that Stoney “should last till morning”. He is now resting quietly and I will bring him to Dr Kenneth in the morning. Stoney is very tough… hope he will make it.

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2 free-roaming unsterilized home cats?

Can’t let them cause trouble in Sylvia’s area…

Blk *89 female

Blk *89 male

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Lesson learnt?

Don’t just anyhow jump into someones carriers next time!

Area two Blk *27 tabby-white male with long tail.

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Nushi went to see the vet.

Nush shows her angry face

after injection and bitter medicine

I realize that the longer I delay the older she gets and may lose more weight… then any procedure will be even more risky!

Brought her to AAVC this morning… after the vet had reassured me that she would probably be able to check Nushi’s gums and teeth without needing to sedate her.

As suspected Nush has a decaying tooth but also mouth ulcers. The vet advised to treat the ulcers first… so Nush got an injection of Depredil and has to take a course of antibiotics (Metro).

Probably need to get that tooth extracted…. no choice – but will choose the most safest type of anesthetics for her.

Her weight has dropped to 3.55… it used to be 3.9kg

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He trapped himself!

Was waiting at the void deck for feeder G to show me the new female at Blk *27. Saw this untipped male under the table. He was very interested in my carrier which I had placed next to my bicycle, door facing up … in preparation for catching the female. I was on the phone discussing whether to take the male or wait for the Auntie to show me the female… suddenly heard him crying pitifully. He had jumped into the carrier and the door had closed.

I locked the carrier properly and took him back… since he was so eager 🙂

Will come back for the female on Tuesday.

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Saw Bella today

She looks fine 🙂

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Another of Ivy’s paintings for sale

…to help Ivy clear her kitty medical expenses

Madam Tux. Loves nature’s wonderful blue sky!

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Bella is gone too….

Bella had been the coffee shop cat for 3 years. She first appeared near the coffee shop together with Genie and both looked the same age, perhaps 7 or 8 months old… probably sisters. Genie had later moved to *24 while Bella stayed at the coffee shop.

4 cats gone within a period of two weeks…

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A Sleepy Nush

… and another one of Ivy’s pretty paintings.

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BB had a visitor today

He remembered his adopter and came to her when she called him. I know she really misses him…

She brought all the things that she had bought for Billy Boy Botak von Bukit Batok… even a name tag and leash with harness.

So sad he would have had a good home if not for her frequent travels…

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How come no fine for this…

A feeder was just fined $1000.-

Ok maybe she deserved it as she had been warned many times to clear up after feeding.

But how come no one gets fined for leaving this mess? There is a surveillance camera but still the place often looks like this! The bin is right next to this table…

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Painting for Sale

Help Ivy raise funds to pay off her kitty debts

Rosie loves eco!

Acrylic on wood.

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Xiao Huang taken by SPCA

Ivy told me this morning that the scab came off and that Xiao Huang is licking the wound. We decided the only option is to take her in and put on the E-collar.

A short while later Ivy called to say that XH is missing and the bakery worker told her that she was just taken by AVA.

AVA is closed on Saturday and furthermore they do not trap cats… so it must be either SPCA or Pest Control… even though the worker insisted that it was AVA.

Called SPCA and they confirmed that they took the cat as it looked badly injured. Someone must have called SPCA… probably with good intentions.

Ivy went down to collect XH… had to pay $30.- even though she explained that it was a community cat.

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Area -2 female

Syringe-fed her today because she is not eating much…. but otherwise she is doing well. Will keep her a while longer.

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