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Noisy Tabby to be released

The diarrhoea has finally stopped….

Cute but Very Noisy!!! She has already a sore throat from all that crying… and me sleepless nights.

Noisy Tabby is from the same block where Thor was removed last October… and 3 others went missing around the same time.

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New female sterilised

She has been around for some time but I just couldn’t cope. Lucky it was not too late… she was on heat!

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Still complaining…

The cat-phobic resident at *27 is still complaining about cats are coming up… despite the moth balls and vinegar. Neighbours I spoke to said no-one is feeding upstairs- I don’t know what else to do!

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Threat to poison cat

Received sms that two groundfloor resident at Blk *28 had complained to their neighbour that a young sterilized community had defecated in their homes. One even threatened to poison the young cat which was recently abandoned.

I am willing to mesh their gate (I still have some spare mesh that was given to me).. if they accept!

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Vinegar & Mothballs

Again the corridor was clean! No smell, stains whatsoever! Anyway, I sprayed vinegar along the corridor and staircase and placed mothballs near the flowerpots.

I wonder how cats can run into her flat with all that extra reinforcement? Perhaps it happens a long time ago… probably one of the 4th floor cats got lost and mistook the abuser’s flat for its home which is the same corner unit but on the 4th floor.

I “spoke” to the family once again… warning them to keep the cats indoors and also indicated that there is an abuser around.

There are still 2 cats that go over to “her” void deck – Squealer and Claudy! Bibi and Benny also go there but they are at the other end of the block.

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Block *26

Excerpt from email

“Recently there have been an upsurge of feline related activities occurring primarily at block 726. These activities mostly nocturnal by nature have caused inconsiderable inconveniences to the residents of that block. They range from defecation or urinating on common property, to sneaking into home causing a menace and etc. Also reported were sightings of ‘ghost feeders’ on a nightly basis. Hence under such circumstances I like to seek your assistance in resolving their woes.”

Checked all the 2nd floor corridors at 11 pm… no sign of cats or food, water, defecation, smell whatsoever! Noticed that the flowerpots at the unit of the suspected abuser had sharp broken tiles stuck into the soil.

Checked the void deck at 11 pm and again at 1 am… lots of rubbish but nothing that could in any way be connected to feline related activities!

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Letting go

My ear infection is not getting better but worse… now with sore throat and headache added. Will stop the acupuncture at the Freeclinic… although it did help with the hypertension.

Storm is now with a good fosterer. Tara has just been released and I have 2 sterilisation vouchers to give away unless S is willing to bring the male in her area… which I doubt!

Cali is still at the vet… still hiding behind the carrier and has not been eating this morning. She will have to be hospitalized until well enough to be released… This is a first for me… as I would usually be very eager to take a cat out for home-nursing… but the body is not willing so I have to admit defeat!

Manja is still the same and blood tests will be done tomorrow. I will try to have done whatever is needed.

I should be getting used to the fact that Feeders don’t really care… neither about the cats nor about me, pushing everything to me and their job is done… but it still hurts!

Hope to visit Manja and Cali tomorrow and bring Stoney at the same time. Melon juice seems not to be working for his skin condition. Maybe I will finally see a doctor, probably going to a nearby private clinic… from past experience no point going to Polyclinic.

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Cats can’t scratch cars!

Dawn fell off the fridge yesterday. My fault, because I disturbed her by opened the freezer door. She got up and placed her back paw where the door was supposed to be… lost her balance and started sliding down back first and desperately trying to cling to the top of the fridge with her front paws. Her claws are long and sharp.. not trimmed!

Out of curiosity I checked the fridge… not a single scratch in the smooth and shiny surface! So don’t tell me cats can scratch cars!

By the way, Dawn is fine. I managed to slow her slide a little by pressing my body against her… could probably have grabbed her by the front paws but that might have injured her as she is a heavyweight!

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Town Council’s attitude towards cats

Read this somewhere:

    Car owner to Town Council: “I want you to pay for the damages caused by these twigs and branches!”
    Town Council to Car Owner: ” You siow and gila har! You park in public area at your own risk wat!”

    Car owner to Town Council: “I want you to remove these bloody cats in case they scratch my brand new 40-grand car!”
    Town Council to Car Owner…: “Okie dokie, no problem. Will give some work to the cleaning supervisor who is also a pest controller!”

    A joke, ridiculous!!!…yet sadly this reflects the attitude of many Town Councils! The part about the lady who wanted the cats removed because they might scratch her 40K car is no figment of fiction… it happened!

    Sadly some MPs reflect the same attitude. A neighbour who saw her MP because she suspected that her cat was caught by pest controllers was told: “If there are complaints then the cats must be removed, doesn’t matter whether they are strays or belong to someone”.

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One cat has returned

One of the two cats has returned.


I asked about his condition:

“He was dirty and stinky, worn out and now he is a very scared cat. Will hiss at anyone.”

He must have been through hell! It kills me to think what Nora, Roxy and the other missing cats went through…

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Aljunied Cats

Was hoping to see my friend again when reaching the bus stop. There she was, a well-fed community cat! A container of fresh water nearby. Gave her some kibbles and suddenly 3 more tipped-ears appeared.

Tg Ruh… cat-sitting one hour, journey 3 hrs!

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A flier on my doorstep

Found this flier on my doorstep this morning

It’s probably an initiative from one of the families who lost their cats recently. It advises people to be vigilant and to keep their cats indoors.

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Koon King

KK was grumpy this morning… probably still painful after the operation (eye removal). Hope he gets well soon!

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Area 2 Community Cat Blk *15

Better to have photos of all the cats… in case they go missing

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Suspected Trapping of Cats by Pest Control

Feeder F called me at around 2pm saying that the Blk *28 Feeder saw the cleaning supervisor and a Malay man with a metal-coloured trap which contained food.

I went down and saw the Supervisor and TC officer Joseph. The officer claimed that they only engaged the pest control to take photos and count the cats and to check them for tipped-ear.

Later received call from M that a resident of Blk *27 saw pest controllers catch 7 cats. Met the TC officer and supervisor again on my way to meet M. I told him and asked him to come up to the 4th floor with us to speak to the man. He said he had to rush off to catch someone who pasted up posters. The other man who was with them mentioned something about the trap being stolen.

M and myself went up to the resident’s unit. The elderly Indian man says he saw it from his window and that the men were wearing white T-shirts and that the TC officer was with them. He described the van as being the same colour as the trap.

Later I met the Supervisor again and he also mentioned that their trap had been stolen….

My question is…. why would they bring a trap if they are just taking photos???

So far we cannot be sure that cats are missing… will check tonight!

A worker doing painting at *26 told me and Feeder F that he saw a black-and-white cat being trapped this morning.

Will update tonight on missing cats.

Feeder F also mentioned that a house visiting by MP is coming up.

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SPCA Voucher

Someone had kindly mailed a voucher to me but the postman must have put it into the wrong letterbox. Finally got it today after more than a week (opened and with a circle drawn around my unit number) but luckily still before end of the month! This was urgently needed as the TC already have their eye on the new female at *11.

Also just received the notice of unsuccessful ballot for next month. Sylvia and her sister, too, have been unsuccessful for many months… sigh! Just hope no new female will be dumped…. the 2 males who have owners (Thor and the Greyish Persian) can wait… I rather do the new young orange-white male next.

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What will happen to the cats at the bus interchange?

Feeder F who is also feeding cats near the bus interchange is worried what will happen to the many cats there when they build a new air-conditioned interchange by April next year. She said the cats are all sterilised but doesn’t know who is the caregiver.

What can I do… if the feeders and caregivers from that are don’t speak up for the cats? They could ask CWS for assistance. Perhaps proposing a sheltered feeding station at the park… that would be ideal! It’s just next to the interchange… but I know how difficult it will be to get approval for that…. given the run-around and then getting some standard reply… sigh!

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Some of the”Pests” to be culled



Donna went missing for several weeks in ’07 …her tail needed to be amputated.



Benny was relocate from area two to area one… probably by Pest Control. Later he was abused..hit by a bicycle and deliberately dragged. Benny made full recovery.



Baby has been around for more than 5 years. His sister was lucky to be adopted by a resident.



Pinky was a sickly kitten when he first appeared…. now he has grown to be a handsome boy…. much loved by residents.



A difficult one.. but finally Mohan managed to net her for sterilization 3 years ago. Sandy has mellowed since.

The Family of Four

Judy, Jacky, Whitie Girl and Blackie Girl



Jacky had been relocated to the bus interchange last year. A feeder saw him there and called me… Jacky was so happy to be reunited with his family.

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Killing of Yishun St 71 cats by April 18

AMK – YCK TC has received feedback from residents that there are a lot of stray cats at Zone A (more than 20). They have been climbing on their cars to rest.

TC request that I do the necessary to control this by April 18, 2010. Failing which, they will get their pest control contractor to follow up.

Four years ago I went door to door to gather support to prevent the round-up of the Street 71 cats. I know who was the complainant then… because out of all the people I spoke to there was only one who wanted the cats removed!

Now I am too worn out and tired to fight another round.

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Xiao Huang taken by SPCA

Ivy told me this morning that the scab came off and that Xiao Huang is licking the wound. We decided the only option is to take her in and put on the E-collar.

A short while later Ivy called to say that XH is missing and the bakery worker told her that she was just taken by AVA.

AVA is closed on Saturday and furthermore they do not trap cats… so it must be either SPCA or Pest Control… even though the worker insisted that it was AVA.

Called SPCA and they confirmed that they took the cat as it looked badly injured. Someone must have called SPCA… probably with good intentions.

Ivy went down to collect XH… had to pay $30.- even though she explained that it was a community cat.

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Area -2 female

Syringe-fed her today because she is not eating much…. but otherwise she is doing well. Will keep her a while longer.

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Area 3 mother cat missing


She was sterilized and tipped after her kittens had been adopted and was then released back to the car park.

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Mother and 5 kittens

TC officer called regarding complaints about kittens on the 2nd floor and 4th floor of the same block. There is no caregiver in that area…

When I had almost reached the block I saw a very thin cat and wanted to give it some food but it kept running away… so I gave up.

Went to the 4th floor… no kitten there but saw a litter box and food and water dispenser… no one was at home at this unit. Later when Penny arrived I went up one more time and this time I saw the same cat that I had met earlier. It looked terribly thin… ate the Fussy Cat but was very scared of humans. We will have to come back another time to talk to the residents of that unit. Meanwhile Penny had asked the 2nd floor resident at whose front door the mother cat had given birth to help give the 4th floor cat water and food for the time being…

On The 2nd floor was a mother cat (one eye blind) with her 5 kittens. The resident had provided a box and gave food to the mother. He had seen the cat before downstairs then last Monday she went up to give birth. The kittens are now 5 days old. We placed the mother cat in my carrier and the kittens in a box then cycled to Penny’s place.

Penny has been looking for a mother cat for the surviving kitten… which is probably not more than 3 days old. She managed to get one but that cat had mastitis and was unable to give milk. The kitten is already very weak. The new mother cat accepted it readily but the kitten was unable to suck the milk. We kept trying and Penny also syringed some drops of milk…

Later received sms that the kitten was finally suckling…phew!

Now there is hope!

The abandoned kitten is much smaller then the mother cat’s 5 kittens…

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And the local news…

A Tampines TC manager promised the caregivers that no precious lives would be taken… but three cats (one was still a kitten) have been sent to AVA. Two (including the kitten) have been killed. One has been put on hold… but Tampines TC still refuses to issue a letter…

A group of caregivers went to AVA today… but could not get the cat released. This cat was a recently abandoned home cat so the caregivers did not have the chance to sterilize it yet…and the kitten (RIP) was still too young.

All it takes is for TC to fax a letter to AVA to save this precious life!

Support Tampines Cat Caregivers



A caregiver has 3 days left to remover her sterilized indoor cats … not because they caused some kind of nuisance but because someone made a malicious complaint to HDB!

I myself was once threatened to be reported to HDB by a nasty adopter who had refused to sterilize the kitten at the age of 6 month as specified in the adoption contract.


A one-week-old kitten rescued from pest control urgently needs a surrogate mother

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Abandoned Tipped Ear

A youngish female – soft fur – very tame… likely this is a newly abandoned pet! She appeared at Blk *10 area 2… where Sophus and Winnie went missing recently and many others before them including Stitches.



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Reality Isn’t What You Think

Meditating Cat

Close your eyes and wake up

Apparent Reality is just a dream of our mind

Wake up to the Ultimate Reality

Reality Isn’t What You Think

by Andy Karr



~ * ~ * ~ * ~

I made a decision when I found out that a resident of Block *28 had relocated Damy!

What is the use of working with Town Councils to solve problems when people like this man take matters in their own hands! A person I never even suspected! Worse… a family who keep cats themselves and seemed supportive!

First I had to take in Rocky because someone had relocated him and may do so again…fliered the whole block but no leads as to who did it. Damy was released with a heavy heart… would he be taken again? I had sterilized and relocated the new cat that caused problems on the 4th floor of the same block and had Damy’s ear tipped before releasing him back… to my horror he was taken again the very next morning! Now he is safe in my home…

But I will not let myself become a hoarder!

I will still put in effort to sterilize… so that less cats are born to suffer… and then release them to their fate without attachment… will still help where I can as much as my health and means allow… and without any hope!

I will ‘help until it hurts’ (Peter Singer)… but not until it kills me! Some utilitarian things make sense to me. We should not be ruled by emotions but reflect on the actual benefit of our actions and use limited resources wisely.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Many seriously injured and sick cats could heal and recover because kind people sponsored the medical fees and gave me strength and support when needed, some have helped hands-on and Billy Boy found a home because someone herself busy with rescue work helped me to advertise and screen potential adopters… Thinking of these people always put a smile on my face.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

One needs to make time for reflection and meditation…to heal and to learn to feel equanimity towards all beings…


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Outlook bleak and hopeless

New back kitten dumped in area 2. Called Ivy who told me that someone lost a black kitten. She came over but turned out that this was not the lost kitten… but she offered to bring him over to her block to keep an eye on him and hope that the other young cat there will look out for him. Darky was already trying to attack him. He was named Inky… but now he has gone missing…

Another new kitten sighted by M in Area 1… will try to look for him tonight.

Yoyo will soon have to be released and probably will go back up to the 8th floor…

Damy will also be released… so far no one interested in adopting him.

Same goes for Bo and Sarah.

The Cleaner and Cleaning Supervisor keep telling me about defecation at blk *28, 4th floor and 2nd floor. When I check at night the corridors are clean and no smell…. but saw the new abandonee is back again on the 4th floor. Need to sterilise him but then he will still go back again… or should I relocate him a few blocks away?

Cat food supplier just informed me that prices are going up again. Most months my income from cat-sitting is less than what I spend on cat-food alone…

There is no hope… a few people trying to solve a huge problem… while the authorities do not address the problem of abandonment.

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water source

A source of water for the community cats.

This water offering looked fresh and clean and since it is an offering to the gods no one will remove it 🙂

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Keeping cats off flowerpots

Pics courtesy of Mary

The chopsticks and netting are a good way to keep cats out of flowerpots but I think the toothpicks could harm an unsuspecting cat. The charcoal acts as fertiliser and the rough texture deters the felines from stepping onto it.

Alternatively a small bowl with mothballs placed on the flowerpot will work as a cat-repellent.

Some durian husks placed on the soil will also work… spiky side up.

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Bottlebrush to be sterilised and other matters

Decided to bring Bottlebrush to the vet… better to be safe.

Met the guardian of Longhair today. He says she is doing well and is very gently, loves to be stroked by his son.

Released the *10 tabby boy today and saw some tipped-ears at the void deck of a nearby block and a lady sitting at the stone table (sleeping). As I came closer she woke up and I recognized her as the lady working at the coffee shop where Orange Boy used to be… she was the one who told us about the abuse. Now she is jobless and also has difficulty walking. She stays nearby and feeds the cats here and there is another lady who brings them for sterilisation. I told her about the complaint at *10 and that it would be good to get him to move away from this block. Sylvia went twice to check in the morning and both times she found food at the staircase landing. There is already a warning letter from Town Council at the lift lobby… maybe they can’t read English?

I wonder at the hard life of this lady who is now jobless and not well. She has no phone but told me that I can find her here at this table every night from 8 to 11pm…

Regarding Cinderella’s family, the TC officer went to pay another visit today and the cats were still out (running into the flat as he approached) and they still claim it’s the downstairs cats who defecate on the corridor. He is going to summon them! I am also at my wits end… I am afraid they may just hand the 3 cats over if I get SPCA involved.

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3 new abandonees

Newbie 1


Saw this shy newbie at the bin center. I couldn’t get a close look to confirm that it is not Damy… the colour is similar but i think Damy looked bigger and not that thin.

Newbie 2


Finally saw the new skinny cat that F was telling me about. She actually called me a few times to tell me that this cat is too thin to be sterilised… that he could die.

Newbie 3


And this is newbie number 3… same block as no 2. He looks even more malnourished.

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Brown cat entering people’s home

At first TC informed me that someone was feeding cats at blk *27 which is close to my Area 3 and that the cats tried to enter a family’s home.

I contacted the Area 3 feeders and one of them knows the *27 feeder who feeds 2 sterilised cats at her block and says there are no other strays there.

Then the second email from TC clarified that it was a brown cat and that the cat had now entered a unit on the 10th floor of blk *25. He had to get 2 officers down to shoo the cat out.

I called D who happens to stay at this block and she recalled seeing a new ginger cat around. I asked if she could check the corridors in case the cat was still there. She said she would get 2 of the feeders to go with her. The problem is that this new abandonee moves about so it will be hard to find him…. I guess it’s a male because D mentioned that he had a big head. If sighted I will go down to trap him for sterilisation.

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Senoko kitten

Recognized her as one of the Senoko kittens!


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Cleaners who use too much bleach



04:00 PM Jun 15, 2009
Letter from Raymund Koh Joo Guan

I visit the Taman Serasi Food Court within the Singapore Botanic Gardens frequently.

Each visit for a meal certainly entails a trip to the toilet but I am quite disturbed by the strong stench of bleach that greets me every time.

The cleaner does not seem to be bothered to use this cleaning agent sparingly. In the small confines of the toilet, such excessive use is highly toxic. It can be dangerous for people with breathing problems to inhale such a high concentration of bleach. Fainting, nausea or even death can occur if such people are exposed to it for a prolonged period.

I urge the relevant authorities to advise the management and staff of public access toilets and toilets in office buildings to spare a thought for users with respiratory problems. They should constantly remind their cleaners to use bleach in moderation.

REMARKS: This can kill cats when irresponsible feeders throw food out of the windows and it drop onto the bleach powder!


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Bayshore Park Poisoning of Cats

SPCA and Cat Welfare Society are offering a $2,000 Reward for information leading to the apprehension and prosecution of the person who may be responsible for the suspected poisoning of cats at Bayshore Park condominium since Thursday, 11 June 2009.

Please call SPCA at 62875355 ext 9. You may be required to assist the police in their investigation.

Cruelty to animals is a crime under Singapore law and is punishable by imprisonment of up to 12 months and/or fine of up to $10,000.

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Cat with broken pelvis

Yesterday caregiver J was looking for one of her community cats. It’s a black cat and just two blocks away form where Lau Hei was relocated… so obviously she was worried.

She did find him later but while searching she saw a very sick looking unsterilised young cat (also black). J said that she couldn’t take him in and couldn’t take him to the vet… but in the end she did take the cat in and brought him to the vet 🙂

After consultation with the vet J was very worried about the cost of x-ray and possibly surgery and considered sending the cat to SPCA instead…

In the end she went for the x-ray and was told it’s a broken pelvis and to keep the cat in for a week… no surgery needed.

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Is this ethical!

Feeder asks a caregiver to rescue and sterilize cats at her friend’s working place at Senoko. She asked the caregiver to release the sterilized cat at blk *17 Area 2 where she is feeding.

I strongly objected when I came to know about this! This is the area where many cats have been lost due to relocated by pest control! told her that I never even considered releasing the 3 Novena kittens (Fruits) in one of my areas… as I think it would be unethical.

By “saving” this one cat , the caregiver may indirectly kill many others! Old Lora could be the next victim of relocation… then what good did she do???

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Missing on the 6th of May, Lau-Hei was found 30km away!

Lau Hei was relocated from the North to the East!

This is a very friendly old cat of at least 12 years. His only disadvantage is that he is BLACK!

The lady who looks after him all these years suspected that a resident complaint to the town council simply because he is black. There is no reason to find fault with this cat who is clean, do not make noise, do not scratch or bite anyone, do not breed, do not sleep on cars, do not need rumage dustbins for food, BUT he is simply BLACK!

Is the complainant some big shot that the town council officer decided not to inform the caregiver of the complaint as it would definitely be deemed unreasonable but activated the pest controller to relocate the cat so that there is NO record. After all, pest controllers are contracted to work for the town council and they will want to be on good terms with the officers to ensure that their contract is renewed. So it is highly likely that such pest controllers will be in cahoot with such unscrupulous town council officers!

more here:


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New young female in Area 1

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Take one return two?

It seems that the cat taken by Sita Pest Control has been returnd… and another orange-white dumped at the same time? Dumy aka Dumb-Dumb is now at the vet to be sterilised tomorrow.


This is the new cat found at *26 (where Dumy was caught). He is very thin and has a sore voice… but he is eating and looks alert.


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Sita Pest Control seen removing cat

A reliable source saw an orange cat removed from Blk *26 Area 1 yesterday at about 9.45pm. The cat was in a cage and was placed into the SITA Pest Control van. Then the van drove off.

The feeder says that this new abandonee had been around for a few days. It must be this new cat since Rose and Benny are still around and there is no other orange cat in this area.

There is always a Sita van parked in front of this block, I will later check the vehicle number. A resident pest controller doing some business on his own?

Also this same feeder has seen Jacky from *30 (who was presumed dead) at the bus interchange.

The cat recognized her and she confirmed that it was Jacky after I showed her a photo. Will be meeting her at 2am to search…

Jacky is shy and will need to be trapped. Only someone with trap or net could have relocated him! Blk *30 is next to *26!

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Very weak and dehydrated

Penny didn’t have a carrier with her when she saw him just lying there… so she carried him in her arms. He had lost one eye and there was infection.

The cat is now warded at The Animal Doctors and will probably be discharged tomorrow. If anyone would like to help by sponsoring medical expenses please contact Penny at 98556410.

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The Flyer

Dear fellow Residents,

This Block *** Community Cat was relocated to another part of ****** and it was most probably a resident of this block who did this cruel act!

Rocky was finally found after a month, hungry, frightened and having diarrhoea. He is now recuperating.

I appeal to this person to come forward and discuss what problems this cat had caused, if any, so that a humane solution can be found.

If you know of someone who might have committed the above-mentioned act, please contact me as well so that I can contact the person to discuss the problem.

I also appeal to residents not to lure any community cats upstairs so as not to cause inconvenience to other residents! Community cats should be fed downstairs only… and in a responsible manner, which means clearing any leftovers.

Removing a community cat and then dumping it somewhere else is a very cruel act as the cat will not be able to fend for itself. Furthermore, due to the vacuum effect, new cats will come in to take over the vacated territory!

As a volunteer for this neighbourhood, working together with the Cat Welfare Society and Town Council, I will try to solve any cat-related problems. Killing of cats has not reduced the stray cat population for the past 20 years but TnRm (Trap – Neuter – Return – Manage) works in stabilizing and, in the long-term, reducing the population.

Presently, 100% cat sterilization has been achieved in this neighbourhood, making it a better place for residents too. Tame, healthy and well-fed community cats provide companionship to children and elderly. These cats also create bonds b
etween the different races as they care for and love these felines.

If you have noticed, gone are the days of frequent caterwauling and mating cries at night disturbing residents’ sleep and kittens born only to suffer and die in the drains.

Volunteers like myself spend large amounts of money to sterilize these cats and keep them well fed and healthy. We bring the cats to the vet and try to nurse them back to health whenever they are sick or injured – all at our own expense!

Please feel free to call me at ******** if any of the community cats cause any problems. Alternatively you can contact Cat Welfare Society at info@catwelfare.org

Thanks for taking the time to read this!

Helga ****

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A temporary guest

This is the cat that was left on the common corridor with her 6 kittens.


Ivy had her sterilized today and she is doing well. 4 out of her 6 kittens have already been adopted.

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Petition: STOP the culling of stray cats!

Petition: STOP the culling of stray cats!

Stray cats that have been neutered are captured and culled. Why is this so?

Then what is the point of sterilizing them if they end up dead anyways?

Please stop this senseless act.


Some of the comments:


The cries and pleas of those involved in animal welfarism have often fallen on deaf ears. For a progressive country such as Singapore, i am much saddened by the relatively backward stance of our society’s views towards humane treatment of animals. The authorities have to undertake more responsible mesures to actively support and encourage animal welfarism, rather than just responding too quickly to mostly baseless complaints and employing short-term solutions such as culling.

# 231

Few realise what it takes to be truly human or what it REALLY means in the first place. In fact the word “humane” is derived from the root word “human”. Sometimes I wonder whether people realise or ever wondered how come these two words of different meanings are so similar or why they are related to each other in the first place. I propose for a world with more TRUE humans who do not need people or laws and regulations to tell them that they do not have to kill something weaker than them just to feel stronger or because of minor inconveniences which they like to make a molehill of. There are definitely countless of other solutions aside from culling available out there but people usually choose to just cull instead of working something else out. The concept of culling because of plain convenience just cultivates plain narcism and insensitivity in people even though these qualities are qualities that Singaporeans need so badly to make our local society just a tiddy bit more gracious – which we are so badly lacking of compared to the general societal cultures in other countries. Such subjects are very common discussion topics of foreigners and those who have lived overseas long enough or travelled often will know this is indeed true. I do not believe signing petitions will work or even make the slightest impact in an authoritarian country like Singapore where the country runs on a First World economy accompanied with a strict laws ruled by iron fists but a Third World “bo chap” mentality on issues like these. If people are really passionate about fighting for this noble cause, they should write directly to globally established animal welfare groups which are recognised by the United Nations (UN) to intervene in the problem here – especially on the policy of AVA freely loaning cat traps to private property owners to practise their own brand of vigilantism. The regulation in this aspect is indeed very poor coming from a government well-renowned for its efficiency with regards to imposing regulations. The concept of giving people the power to practice vigilantism is already contradicting the concept of imposing regulations to maintain order. Singapore as the leader of ASEAN in a lot of aspects should be the first country to set the good example promoting a more humane mentality and society. After all, the words “humane” and “humanity” comes from the root word “human”. Are we all not humans in the first place?

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The new cat at Area 1

He is friendly… but fighting with the other males.

His face looks like Dirty Harry.

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The new black kitten

This is the new kitten which I first saw two days ago. He seems to be okay with Darly and Darky.

He was very hungry… growling fiercely when I refilled his plate.

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Could this be Heino?

Saw him at the far end of Heino’s block. He came over while I was feeding the others. He is a tame tipped-ear with silky soft fur. Could the Malay lady have been mistaken? Was Heino taken in by someone and now released back?

There was some hissing and some curious looks… maybe it’s not Heino after all.

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I accidentally deleted my earlier post…

Rushed the Block *45 cat to the vet this morning because of the bleeding and bruises… but she seems okay…. bright, active and eating well.

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Kitkat has also found a new friend

They were greeting each other in a very affectionate way 🙂 This young nameless tipped-ear boy had been moving around the area…probably chased by the others. I am glad they found each other.

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