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Noisy Tabby to be released

The diarrhoea has finally stopped….

Cute but Very Noisy!!! She has already a sore throat from all that crying… and me sleepless nights.

Noisy Tabby is from the same block where Thor was removed last October… and 3 others went missing around the same time.

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New female sterilised

She has been around for some time but I just couldn’t cope. Lucky it was not too late… she was on heat!

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Still complaining…

The cat-phobic resident at *27 is still complaining about cats are coming up… despite the moth balls and vinegar. Neighbours I spoke to said no-one is feeding upstairs- I don’t know what else to do!

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Threat to poison cat

Received sms that two groundfloor resident at Blk *28 had complained to their neighbour that a young sterilized community had defecated in their homes. One even threatened to poison the young cat which was recently abandoned.

I am willing to mesh their gate (I still have some spare mesh that was given to me).. if they accept!

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Vinegar & Mothballs

Again the corridor was clean! No smell, stains whatsoever! Anyway, I sprayed vinegar along the corridor and staircase and placed mothballs near the flowerpots.

I wonder how cats can run into her flat with all that extra reinforcement? Perhaps it happens a long time ago… probably one of the 4th floor cats got lost and mistook the abuser’s flat for its home which is the same corner unit but on the 4th floor.

I “spoke” to the family once again… warning them to keep the cats indoors and also indicated that there is an abuser around.

There are still 2 cats that go over to “her” void deck – Squealer and Claudy! Bibi and Benny also go there but they are at the other end of the block.

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Block *26

Excerpt from email

“Recently there have been an upsurge of feline related activities occurring primarily at block 726. These activities mostly nocturnal by nature have caused inconsiderable inconveniences to the residents of that block. They range from defecation or urinating on common property, to sneaking into home causing a menace and etc. Also reported were sightings of ‘ghost feeders’ on a nightly basis. Hence under such circumstances I like to seek your assistance in resolving their woes.”

Checked all the 2nd floor corridors at 11 pm… no sign of cats or food, water, defecation, smell whatsoever! Noticed that the flowerpots at the unit of the suspected abuser had sharp broken tiles stuck into the soil.

Checked the void deck at 11 pm and again at 1 am… lots of rubbish but nothing that could in any way be connected to feline related activities!

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Letting go

My ear infection is not getting better but worse… now with sore throat and headache added. Will stop the acupuncture at the Freeclinic… although it did help with the hypertension.

Storm is now with a good fosterer. Tara has just been released and I have 2 sterilisation vouchers to give away unless S is willing to bring the male in her area… which I doubt!

Cali is still at the vet… still hiding behind the carrier and has not been eating this morning. She will have to be hospitalized until well enough to be released… This is a first for me… as I would usually be very eager to take a cat out for home-nursing… but the body is not willing so I have to admit defeat!

Manja is still the same and blood tests will be done tomorrow. I will try to have done whatever is needed.

I should be getting used to the fact that Feeders don’t really care… neither about the cats nor about me, pushing everything to me and their job is done… but it still hurts!

Hope to visit Manja and Cali tomorrow and bring Stoney at the same time. Melon juice seems not to be working for his skin condition. Maybe I will finally see a doctor, probably going to a nearby private clinic… from past experience no point going to Polyclinic.

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