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Abscess drained

While feeding yesterday night I noticed a large swelling on Panther’s face.

Brought him to the vet this morning and the abscess was drained. The vet estimated Panther to be about 9 years old.

He has been around for such a long time and some residents told me that they like him very much…. whatever that means.

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Panther’s swelling at the side of his left ear is still the same…but smaller than when I first saw it and no longer painful to touch.

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Ocean limping, Panther’s ear swollen

Ocean is another new abandonee, a skinny young Siamese-X., light colour, blue eyes and long straight tail. I took him in a few days ago and there is still no improvement. There is no wound, no swelling… so I will wait a while longer before bringing him to the vet.

Panther has a swelling at the side of his ear. Have been applying antiobiotic powder for a week but no improvement…. I think he needs to see the vet…

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Update on Fury, Old Ginger, Panther and Sophia

Fury had to be released after 2 days. She is one of those very stubborn cats who refuse to eat in captivity. She went straight into the condo compound hiding under a car. I left a paper bowl of food where she could see it. Fury has been back for every feeding since…eating large portions…so I guess she is fine.

There is this Old Ginger at *21 Area 1. He is quite thin and always needs some coaxing before eating his food. I started to give him Fancy Feast as he seems to like it better…but lately he hardly eats anything…started giving him Nutri-plus gel.

I have not seen the big cross-eyed Panther (blk *21) for several days. Hope he is safe…Panther is very afraid of this new big Siamese male cat that appeared recently. This cat must belong to someone because he looks well fed and is never interested in food… only in terrorizing the other cats.

Sophia (the old black Persian cross at *48 Area 3) is doing well. She looks stronger and seems she has put on a little weight. We (the Aunty, Sylvia and me) pamper her a lot, giving her special treats and sitting with her coaxing her to eat more…someone else is also feeding her in the morning.

Photos: Sophia and old photos of cross-eyed Panther and Old Ginger

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