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Pinky getting better

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Sweet Tommy….

…or is he a big bully?

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Shiny and Coco get along

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Kiki locked out

Door locked and Kiki is left outside at midnight…

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Damy meets Damy

Damy the human met Damy the cat at the vet clinic today πŸ™‚

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Damy to be sterlised… Limping Tom next?


Brought the trap down to Novena but Limping Tom was not around for the past 2 days… really a difficult one… he must have a 6th sense. Tomorrow will be my final attempt at trapping him.

The elusive Limping Tom

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6 kittens dumped at void deck

No fosterer or nursing mother cat could be found but Ben didn’t have the heart to bring the kittens to SPCA. They syringe-fed them… but with ordinary milk. One of the kittens had died.

As shops were already closed I called Penny and luckily she had kitten milk. The kittens are perhaps 10 days old… eyes just opened.

Posters have been put up as the culprit is likely to be a resident of this block. The box with the kittens was found next to the lift.

Newborn Kittens

Dumped like rubbish!!!

Six newborn kittens were cruelly abandoned at the void deck of block 853 on June 26. They are very unlikely to survive even with 2-hourly feeding of kitten milk.

This is Animal Cruelty, a crime punishable by imprisonment of up to 12 months, a fine of up to $ 10.000 or both.

Please call Helga at 96799966 if you know who did this!

Thank you!

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Dumy has been adopted, and Greyee Boy, too.

Sms from A:

Dumy is in one of the rooms with window mesh up. He is very relaxed at the new place, Recoice πŸ™‚

Greyee Boy has also finally found a good home πŸ™‚

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Just skin and bones, dehydrated, sneezing and not eating… no choice but to take him in! Pinky is a good boy… easy to syringe-feed and medicate.

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Longhair adopted

Longhair has been adopted by a resident of the area to be kept indoors and hopefully they will mesh the windows but I can only advise them to do so.

I think Longhair is not a young cat, not very active… she will be safer indoors.

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Ringel Pringles

Ringel now renamed Pringles in his new home.

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3 new abandonees

Newbie 1


Saw this shy newbie at the bin center. I couldn’t get a close look to confirm that it is not Damy… the colour is similar but i think Damy looked bigger and not that thin.

Newbie 2


Finally saw the new skinny cat that F was telling me about. She actually called me a few times to tell me that this cat is too thin to be sterilised… that he could die.

Newbie 3


And this is newbie number 3… same block as no 2. He looks even more malnourished.

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Brown cat entering people’s home

At first TC informed me that someone was feeding cats at blk *27 which is close to my Area 3 and that the cats tried to enter a family’s home.

I contacted the Area 3 feeders and one of them knows the *27 feeder who feeds 2 sterilised cats at her block and says there are no other strays there.

Then the second email from TC clarified that it was a brown cat and that the cat had now entered a unit on the 10th floor of blk *25. He had to get 2 officers down to shoo the cat out.

I called D who happens to stay at this block and she recalled seeing a new ginger cat around. I asked if she could check the corridors in case the cat was still there. She said she would get 2 of the feeders to go with her. The problem is that this new abandonee moves about so it will be hard to find him…. I guess it’s a male because D mentioned that he had a big head. If sighted I will go down to trap him for sterilisation.

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More photos of Ringel & Coco

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Ringel has been adopted

Ringel was adopted

and Coco has been released back

Coco is really a sweet kitten and there was an expat couple interested in her but I guess they had changed their mind…

I was a little worried about Ringel’s adoption as the other cat “Ee” seems to be quite fierce. Poor Ivy was “shredded” when she delivered Ringel.

Today sms from Ivy:

Ee likes to stay in the bedroom, Ringel has the whole living room to himself! They don’t hurt each other… just not interested in making friends. When Ringel is tired from playing, he goes back into his big cage to sleep.

Ringel is a peace-loving cat. Can’t be bothered to fight or to be angry at anyone πŸ™‚

Such an enlightened Being!

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Novena Calico

Finally saw the mother of Mango, Orange & Peaches today but she ran away when I tried to get closer. I am glad to see all the Novena cats healthy and well-fed.

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Another new cat

Saw another new cat, a tipped-ear. The feeder says she has been around for a month. Will put her photo up at the Lost & Found… in case she was relocated from another area.

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Senoko kitten

Recognized her as one of the Senoko kittens!

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Novena Cats – Tortie No. 2

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Novena cats Tortie no. 1

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A new toy

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June 20, 2009 · 4:29 am

Novena Cats

Limping Tom

Son of Limping Tom

Didn’t see the 3 females but according to F they are still around. So I left dry food and water for them at the usual feeding place. Then I went to the back entrance of the condo to look for Limping Tom and son.

Limping Tom sports a “Tipped Ear” now, but I don’t think he has been sterilised… it’s not a clean cut. He has put on weight and is not limping anymore. The son also looks well … someone must be feeding him because he doesn’t go to the power station where F feeds the other cats.

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A clever cat

One of the foster cats… must be Stitches or Billy Boy, has figured out a way to open the locked sliding door. My daughter went twice during the night to bring them back and lock the door.

In the morning I found Stitches on the sofa, Billy-Boy hiding behind the TV and Coco could not be found… but later she appeared when I served food. Mango, Orange and Peaches were the only ones who had stayed on the balcony.

Surprisingly no fights!

Here is the nifty solution

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Cinderella’s Family

Cinderella’s sister the Tabby Persian

Cinderella’s second sister the White Persian

This is where I met the family for the first time when they picked up the White Persian after her fall from the 4th floor kitchen window.

They where not bothered when I told them the cat was sitting at the window ledge again. I spoke to one of the daughters and hopefully she will get the meshing done. Will check again in a few days time and then will try to get SPCA officer to pay a visit if the cats are still out and gate not meshed.

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Free-roaming cats at Cinderella’s block

These cats belong to a family on the 2nd floor. I took this opportunity to advise them to keep their cats indoors. Like many others they seem to believe that cats with collar will not be rounded up.

The black-and-white cat hat her tail amputated recently. Both are sterilised but the ginger boy is not tipped.

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The Lady who found Rocky

My daughter went to the Lady’s place to collect the female cat (mother of 3 kittens) for sterilisation. It took them almost 2 hours to get the frightened cat into the carrier. Meanwhile I looked out of the window and saw Good Boy… went down with the carrier and he walked right in. So end up having two cats for tomorrow’s sterilisation slot.

We had also put the 3 kittens up for adoption at CWS board (1 male and 2 females about 4 months old) but no response so far.

Sad story of a single woman living with her granny who is in a wheelchair and an aunt who suffers from epilepsy. She is not working because she worries that the aunt may have an attack and the granny would be unable to help her. She says sometimes her granny gets donations and they use that to buy food…and cat food.

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Good-Boy to be sterilised

Good Boy

Good Boy is a new abandonee at Area 1

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Cleaners who use too much bleach—Cleaners-who-use-too-much-bleach


04:00 PM Jun 15, 2009
Letter from Raymund Koh Joo Guan

I visit the Taman Serasi Food Court within the Singapore Botanic Gardens frequently.

Each visit for a meal certainly entails a trip to the toilet but I am quite disturbed by the strong stench of bleach that greets me every time.

The cleaner does not seem to be bothered to use this cleaning agent sparingly. In the small confines of the toilet, such excessive use is highly toxic. It can be dangerous for people with breathing problems to inhale such a high concentration of bleach. Fainting, nausea or even death can occur if such people are exposed to it for a prolonged period.

I urge the relevant authorities to advise the management and staff of public access toilets and toilets in office buildings to spare a thought for users with respiratory problems. They should constantly remind their cleaners to use bleach in moderation.

REMARKS: This can kill cats when irresponsible feeders throw food out of the windows and it drop onto the bleach powder!

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You sneeze, it suffers

Today Online
You sneeze, it suffers

Don’t jump to conclusions – your pet may not be the cause of your allergies
05:55 AM Jun 17, 2009
by Dr Tan Chek Wee

FOR years, he was the centre of attraction, a cute little puppy in a family of two elderly parents and an unmarried son.

Then one day the son got married and soon, a child came along.

The child developed a frequent running nose and she was taken to a general practitioner nearby. The GP asked if there were pets in the flat. When the dog was mentioned, the doctor right away identified the dog as the cause.

Since then, the dog has been barricaded in a small corner of the kitchen. His fur is now matted and his nails are long. There are bits of faeces stuck to the fur. He jumps and barks in excitement whenever there are visitors, but no one picks him up, pats him on the head, bathes him or takes him for walks.

I have offered to adopt the dog but the child’s mother said her husband might not be willing to part with it.

I feel sad and helpless.

I can only appeal to my fellow doctor colleagues: Please refer a child with suspected allergies to a specialist to be tested for allergies. Do not make sweeping statements.

Even if the child is laboratory-tested and is allergic to a pet, it is not necessary to so drastically isolate a pet.

There are humane ways to allow allergic people to coexist with a pet. As a last resort, find the pet a good home.

The pet is not guilty

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Complaint at Blk *02 Area 2

They are still letting their cats roam on the corridor even after one of them fell from 4th floor for the 2nd time (luckily unhurt both times).

Now there has been a complaint about defecation at neighbour’s doorstep. TC officer investigated and also informed HDB. The family lied to HDB and blamed it on the community cats. The TC officer told me that he himself saw their cats out on the corridor and he is also aware that the community cats at this block do not go upstairs.

Now that HDB has been informed the likely scenario is that Cinderella and the two Persians will be dumped downstairs… or somewhere else.

Will try talking to them again…but not much hope.

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Bayshore Park Poisoning of Cats

SPCA and Cat Welfare Society are offering a $2,000 Reward for information leading to the apprehension and prosecution of the person who may be responsible for the suspected poisoning of cats at Bayshore Park condominium since Thursday, 11 June 2009.

Please call SPCA at 62875355 ext 9. You may be required to assist the police in their investigation.

Cruelty to animals is a crime under Singapore law and is punishable by imprisonment of up to 12 months and/or fine of up to $10,000.

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More photos of Ringel & Coco

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The Stars of the Show!

Ringel and little Puny

… and Coco

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Ringel had a bath

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Cat-sitting Jumpy and Gang


Jumpy used to belong to an elderly homeless man. He was on a string all the time as the old man was worried that people would steal his kitten…

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Cat with broken pelvis

Yesterday caregiver J was looking for one of her community cats. It’s a black cat and just two blocks away form where Lau Hei was relocated… so obviously she was worried.

She did find him later but while searching she saw a very sick looking unsterilised young cat (also black). J said that she couldn’t take him in and couldn’t take him to the vet… but in the end she did take the cat in and brought him to the vet πŸ™‚

After consultation with the vet J was very worried about the cost of x-ray and possibly surgery and considered sending the cat to SPCA instead…

In the end she went for the x-ray and was told it’s a broken pelvis and to keep the cat in for a week… no surgery needed.

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The Terror King

King is terrorizing the cats at 3 blocks… everyone runs when they see him!!

Jacky is limping, his left front leg swollen… and I am quite sure who did it! And today while poor Jacky was eating his food King quietly sneaked up on him and chased him into the drain… nothing I could do.

Will observe Jacky and wait… he would be difficult to cage and medicate.

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June 9, 2009 · 8:22 am

Let out to roam and get pregnant?

Rolling about…probably on heat

New female

at Blk *11 Area 2

The first thing I noticed was the tight old and dirty looking collar which suggested abandonment. As she is a young and thin cat, not fully grown yet, the collar could choke her once she grows bigger.

After cutting the collar I noticed that there was a tag with name and address scratched into it. Will have to pay a visit to talk about sterilisation!

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Another newcomer

Same place as Dumy, Damy and Coco. It’s a male tabby-white with long straight tail.

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June 8, 2009 · 12:46 pm

Coco ready to be released

…probably tomorrow night.

Coco reminds me of Pema, but younger… less than a year old.

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Why kill a cat over scratches on car?

Why kill cat over scratches on car?

ONE of the common conflicts between humans and cats in an increasingly dense urban setting arises from our increasing attachment to material things.

The more expensive the item, the stronger the attachment. The stronger the attachment, the more intense is emotional suffering from losing them.

A highly educated woman, who recently acquired a brand new car that cost “40 grand” was so worried about possible scratches from the few cats in the carpark that she complained to the Cat Welfare Society and the town council for the removal of the cats.

As far as the town council is concerned, that means activating the pest controllers for the cats to be killed at the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority (AVA).

Rejecting an offer of a free car cover from the Cat Welfare Society, the woman threatened to claim damages against the town council if she could capture the video footage of feline “culprits” with a camera installed in the car.

She said that even cats should not escape being punished.

Paint on a car is manufactured to withstand the tremendous force of the gravel missiles as it speeds along the road, otherwise every car will be pitted all over as it speeds along the highway!

A paint technologist on this website ( wrote: “The worst a cat can do to in normal circumstances is leave cute little muddy cat prints – annoying but not inherently damaging.”

High ground

Cats, by nature, like to rest on “safe” high ground or seek the warmth radiating through the car bonnet.

Being animals, cats don’t know that it is “wrong” to do so.

A friend of mine, who grew up in the US, told me that when her brother drove home a brand new car, her father “christened” it with some scratches.

The father had the wisdom to save his son from “future sufferings” from inevitable scratches and dents.

The car has no feelings, no matter how badly scratched it is, but it is we human beings who feel the pain because we define our happiness in terms of material possessions.

Attachment, and not the cats, is the cause of our anger and therefore our wish to take revenge on the cats by wanting them killed.

The solution is obvious but has eluded many of us.

Reader Dr Tan Chek Wee

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We are living in exceptional times.

Scientists tell us that we have 10 years to change the way we live, avert the depletion of natural resources and the catastrophic evolution of the Earth’s climate.

The stakes are high for us and our children. Everyone should take part in the effort, and HOME has been conceived to take a message of mobilization out to every human being.

For this purpose, HOME needs to be free. A patron, the PPR Group, made this possible. EuropaCorp, the distributor, also pledged not to make any profit because Home is a non-profit film.

HOME has been made for you : share it! And act for the planet.

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When these terrible posters appeared in the TC notice board in Ivy’s area, we went to Town Council and explained why these posters will just encourage irresponsible feeding and worse may actually lead to more abandonment. Ivy also gave them her Responsible Feeding Posters. The TC agreed and replaced the offending posters.

Now half a year later the offending poster is back!!!

It’s time to see the MP!!!

Penny is also very disheartened that the cats she sterilised in an area where there is no caregiver have been rounded up…. which happen to be the same place where Rocky had been relocated to!

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Cute Dumy for adoption

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Longhair & Bottlebrush



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Actually not my cat…


Ginger-Tom was originally found at Blk *14

He was sterilised last year

Food and water outside 4th floor unit

While feeding the cats at Blk *10 I saw a family waiting to take the lift. The woman had a cat carrier. The kitten in the carrier looked about 4 to 5 months old and had a white face with some orange around the ears.

By the time I decided to approach them the women and 3 children had already taken the lift up but the man was still standing at the lift lobby. Yes, they were the family staying at that unit on the 4th floor but the cat was actually not theirs…. and he wouldn’t stay indoors.

The man told me that they had another cat (male kitten) which according to him was only about 2 to 3 months old and too young to be sterilised.

I advised on meshing and sterilising….

Will feedback to TC and perhaps need to talk to the complainant… since 3 out of the 6 families staying on the 9th floor never saw any cat on their corridor.

I know that a person with fear of cats is staying at this block…

Stitches was sent to AVA in 2006 because of complaints from this block. I claimed him back and the TC officer warned the Indian man who caused the complaint by irresponsible feeding at the lift lobby. The problem was solved but half a year later Stitches went missing…

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There had been 3 complaints recently in Area 2.

One was about a black cat (Heidi) hanging around the lift area of Blk *13. Talking to 2 feeders seemed to have worked. Heidi has now moved a few meters to Blk *14. Hope the complainant is satisfied.

There was also a complaint about Bottlebrush (so named by the principal of the childcare center) who had entered the office cum store area. I offered plastic mesh but the principal said that she would temporary block the gate with cardboard. Meanwhile Bottlebrush seems to have moved away from the childcare center.

Bottlebrush is a medium longhair cat with some hair-loss at the tail. She has been around for several months… very thin and very shy. The Auntie and myself saw her only occasionally and at different locations. She is now more regular and no longer shy and thin. I am reluctant to sterilize her because she is most probably already done… I tried to look for a tattoo but she is still a little jumpy. There is another older longhair female in the same area which can also be assumed to be sterilised (she has been around for at least 2 years). I explained to the Property Manager that these two are sterilised but not tipped.

The most recent complaint was about an orange tipped-ear cat with collar and bell going to the 9th floor of Blk *10. There are 6 units and I spoke to 3 of the families… none had ever seen the cat on their 9th floor corridor. Then another resident told me that the cat belonged to a family on the 4th floor. Sure enough there was a water and food bowl in front of that unit but no one was home.

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