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Pinky getting better

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Sweet Tommy….

…or is he a big bully?

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Shiny and Coco get along

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Kiki locked out

Door locked and Kiki is left outside at midnight…

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Damy meets Damy

Damy the human met Damy the cat at the vet clinic today 🙂

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Damy to be sterlised… Limping Tom next?


Brought the trap down to Novena but Limping Tom was not around for the past 2 days… really a difficult one… he must have a 6th sense. Tomorrow will be my final attempt at trapping him.

The elusive Limping Tom

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6 kittens dumped at void deck

No fosterer or nursing mother cat could be found but Ben didn’t have the heart to bring the kittens to SPCA. They syringe-fed them… but with ordinary milk. One of the kittens had died.

As shops were already closed I called Penny and luckily she had kitten milk. The kittens are perhaps 10 days old… eyes just opened.

Posters have been put up as the culprit is likely to be a resident of this block. The box with the kittens was found next to the lift.

Newborn Kittens

Dumped like rubbish!!!

Six newborn kittens were cruelly abandoned at the void deck of block 853 on June 26. They are very unlikely to survive even with 2-hourly feeding of kitten milk.

This is Animal Cruelty, a crime punishable by imprisonment of up to 12 months, a fine of up to $ 10.000 or both.

Please call Helga at 96799966 if you know who did this!

Thank you!

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