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Jacky found and returned

Made a few rounds on the bicycle then walked the multi-storey car park then found him under a lorry in front of the car park.

Saw another newly abandoned female at *25 just now… sigh!

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Jacky has been sighted

Feeder F saw Jacky who had been missing for a month… this time at the other end of the bus interchange. He was frightened and very hungry… hope to be able to bring him back once again.

This is really very puzzling! If pest controllers trapped him I would not expect them to release him at the same area as the first time. Did he perhaps hide in a lorry to get away from King who still bullies him… then went in the same lorry to the same place? Guess we will never know…

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Jacky went missing again

Poor Jacky, we found him once when he was relocated to the bus interchange and now he is missing again….

Jacky was last seen 6 days ago.

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The Terror King

King is terrorizing the cats at 3 blocks… everyone runs when they see him!!

Jacky is limping, his left front leg swollen… and I am quite sure who did it! And today while poor Jacky was eating his food King quietly sneaked up on him and chased him into the drain… nothing I could do.

Will observe Jacky and wait… he would be difficult to cage and medicate.

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Dumy, Chocolate, Jacky


Lucky Dumy will be going to a foster home and have a chance for adoption. R found him and brought him in and Q lend me her cage. Dumy’s “brother” Damy has also be sighted and Q fed him some kibbles… He had earlier escaped from Q’s home. Hope he will stay around to be fed and get better…


Chocolate’s owner is closing his shop for 2 weeks and I will feed him every evening. Someone else will be feeding him in the mornings.


I was very surprised that Jacky let me stroke him today… for the first time ever! Does he know that I only trapped him in order to bring him back and is showing his gratitude?

The family of 4 and Prince have moved from their previous feeding place because of King. This newcomer really acts like he is the King of the place and all the other cats seem scared of him.

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Jacky is alive

Trapped at Interchange

and returned to Area1

Trapped Jacky at the bus interchange in the early morning hours. He looked lost and hungry… meowed very pitifully.

After returning Jacky I kept looking for Prince and Whitie Girl…both were missing at feeding time.

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Sita Pest Control seen removing cat

A reliable source saw an orange cat removed from Blk *26 Area 1 yesterday at about 9.45pm. The cat was in a cage and was placed into the SITA Pest Control van. Then the van drove off.

The feeder says that this new abandonee had been around for a few days. It must be this new cat since Rose and Benny are still around and there is no other orange cat in this area.

There is always a Sita van parked in front of this block, I will later check the vehicle number. A resident pest controller doing some business on his own?

Also this same feeder has seen Jacky from *30 (who was presumed dead) at the bus interchange.

The cat recognized her and she confirmed that it was Jacky after I showed her a photo. Will be meeting her at 2am to search…

Jacky is shy and will need to be trapped. Only someone with trap or net could have relocated him! Blk *30 is next to *26!

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Jacky missing

May Jacky be free from suffering!

Was he the one that was seen with wet fur and foaming at the mouth? Was he abused?

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Orange Boy, Jacky and Mickey sterilized

No luck trapping the last few females. Pearl is not going near the trap, Sandy has already given birth and I suspect Judy, mother of the remaining 2 kittens at the bin center (one kitten has been adopted) has also just given birth again :(.

Orange Boy from 848 coffee shop/car park has been sterilized and released back. The very vocal Mickey from the same area will go back this afternoon. Jacky was trapped at the bin center (*25 area 1) and has also been released.

Photos: Orange Boy, Jacky, and Mickey

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