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Nush eating some RC-Kitten

Nushi, Rocky and Beany all ate a little after offering choices of soup, wet-food and dry food… can skip the syringe-feeding for today.

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No more fights under the bed!

My son made a wooden square to fit under the bed… one less worry now! Nushi would also hide under the bed whenever I wanted to syringe-feed her… before even starting to prepare the food! I have no other explanation other than that she must be able to read my thoughts!

This and the new gates make life a little easier… now I wonder how I ever manged without the two gates!

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We have a home

Even though it’s a home shared with 20 more… it beats living on the street! Actually only 19 more now that Orange Boy had passed away… miss him very much!


Bunny was hit by a car and almost died after hiding with a broken jaw unable to eat and drink for many days. Nush can be seen in the background at the window. Everywhere there are steps for her to go up onto the furniture.


Nushi was abandoned at the void deck at the old age of 9. She was sitting in her own pee, too scared to move. Now she is 14 years old and the queen of the house! No one dare mess with her… not even Darly!


Hope was at risk of drowning in the drain. After sterilization he fell sick then started limping… in the end didn’t have the heart to release him.

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Nushi looking better after a week of supplemented diet

She came down with flu again and was on antibiotics for 10 days. Have added lots of supplements to her food for the past week and seeing her getting better makes it all worthwhile! Followed some of the suggestions in Anitra Frazier’s book “The New Natural Cat”.

Nushi is now getting digestive enzymes, a tiny bit of potassium, some vit C, Appelin Syrup, nutritional yeast, lecithin, wheatgerm, kombu, grains, vegetables, fruits, sprouts, wheat-grass plus a bit of egg and eggshell and raw meat added to her food.

Even bought some Kampong Eggs… mainly for Nush and Rocky. I suspect that Rocky’s kidneys are not working well as he passes large amounts of colourless urine and also lost some weight even though he has good appetite. He is getting the supplements plus some raw chicken… but with more starchy food (oats) added. The eggshells are used as calcium supplement.


Eggshell Powder

Eggshells are very high in calcium carbonate. Here’s how to make eggshell powder. Wash the eggshells right after cracking and let them dry until you have accumulated a dozen or so. (Each whole eggshell makes about a teaspoon of powder, which equals about 1,800 milligrams of calcium.) Then bake at 300°F for about ten minutes. This removes a mineral-oil coating sometimes added to keep eggs from drying out. It also makes the shells dry and brittle enough to grind to a fine powder with a nut and seed grinder, blender or mortar and pestle. Grind well enough that there are no sharp, gritty pieces.

(include the membrane of the eggshell… it is good for the joints)

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Nush has better appetite now

Wet food and dessert

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Nushi dehydrated and low potassium levels

The coughing has improved but she was becoming more and more weak and listless so brought her to Mt Pleasant Hospital today. She will need to have liquid with potassium injected under the skin for 5 days… if she improves then the low potassium levels could have been caused by the new medication if not then may be cancer…

She had her first drip at the hospital today and already looks so much more lively and even ate a little! For the first time in a week she went up on the furniture instead of staying at floor level and sleeping in the cage or under the bed.

I just hope it was the medication…

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Nushi still coughing

Brought Nushi to the vet today, still coughing… still not eating.

She was diagnosed with bronchitis. The vet changed the antibiotics to Relexine, and also gave meds for the cough and a vit. C injection.

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