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Nush eating some RC-Kitten

Nushi, Rocky and Beany all ate a little after offering choices of soup, wet-food and dry food… can skip the syringe-feeding for today.

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No more fights under the bed!

My son made a wooden square to fit under the bed… one less worry now! Nushi would also hide under the bed whenever I wanted to syringe-feed her… before even starting to prepare the food! I have no other explanation other than that she must be able to read my thoughts!

This and the new gates make life a little easier… now I wonder how I ever manged without the two gates!

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We have a home

Even though it’s a home shared with 20 more… it beats living on the street! Actually only 19 more now that Orange Boy had passed away… miss him very much!


Bunny was hit by a car and almost died after hiding with a broken jaw unable to eat and drink for many days. Nush can be seen in the background at the window. Everywhere there are steps for her to go up onto the furniture.


Nushi was abandoned at the void deck at the old age of 9. She was sitting in her own pee, too scared to move. Now she is 14 years old and the queen of the house! No one dare mess with her… not even Darly!


Hope was at risk of drowning in the drain. After sterilization he fell sick then started limping… in the end didn’t have the heart to release him.

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Nushi looking better after a week of supplemented diet

She came down with flu again and was on antibiotics for 10 days. Have added lots of supplements to her food for the past week and seeing her getting better makes it all worthwhile! Followed some of the suggestions in Anitra Frazier’s book “The New Natural Cat”.

Nushi is now getting digestive enzymes, a tiny bit of potassium, some vit C, Appelin Syrup, nutritional yeast, lecithin, wheatgerm, kombu, grains, vegetables, fruits, sprouts, wheat-grass plus a bit of egg and eggshell and raw meat added to her food.

Even bought some Kampong Eggs… mainly for Nush and Rocky. I suspect that Rocky’s kidneys are not working well as he passes large amounts of colourless urine and also lost some weight even though he has good appetite. He is getting the supplements plus some raw chicken… but with more starchy food (oats) added. The eggshells are used as calcium supplement.


Eggshell Powder

Eggshells are very high in calcium carbonate. Here’s how to make eggshell powder. Wash the eggshells right after cracking and let them dry until you have accumulated a dozen or so. (Each whole eggshell makes about a teaspoon of powder, which equals about 1,800 milligrams of calcium.) Then bake at 300°F for about ten minutes. This removes a mineral-oil coating sometimes added to keep eggs from drying out. It also makes the shells dry and brittle enough to grind to a fine powder with a nut and seed grinder, blender or mortar and pestle. Grind well enough that there are no sharp, gritty pieces.

(include the membrane of the eggshell… it is good for the joints)

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Nush has better appetite now

Wet food and dessert

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Nushi dehydrated and low potassium levels

The coughing has improved but she was becoming more and more weak and listless so brought her to Mt Pleasant Hospital today. She will need to have liquid with potassium injected under the skin for 5 days… if she improves then the low potassium levels could have been caused by the new medication if not then may be cancer…

She had her first drip at the hospital today and already looks so much more lively and even ate a little! For the first time in a week she went up on the furniture instead of staying at floor level and sleeping in the cage or under the bed.

I just hope it was the medication…

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Nushi still coughing

Brought Nushi to the vet today, still coughing… still not eating.

She was diagnosed with bronchitis. The vet changed the antibiotics to Relexine, and also gave meds for the cough and a vit. C injection.

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Stoney got a bigger cone

Stoney’s leg looked so bad that I rushed him to the vet on Monday just before closing time. New E-collar, new meds…

Nushi is has been coughing for some time and is eating very little. Giving her Curam and Doxy.

Mango did not eat for 3 days and had diarrhoea…. and later also started coughing. He seems to be getting better but still not eating on his own. He is also on antibiotics.

One-Eye Jack has recovered from flu and has been released.

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Nush not eating again

No choice… need to syringe-feed! I have been trying all the tricks to get her to eat.

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Dinner for 20

Today it’s 2 cans of human-grade tuna (This is the only one with no salt added. Others have high salt content … not suitable for cats!), pumpkin, oats, wheat-grass, cranberry extract and 4 cans of Fussie Cat and some Avoderm Kibbles and Katzenflocken.

Nush wants her food served on paper and some Fancy Feast kibbles and Ocean Fish Feast have been added to her portion. I am still looking for small-sized and thin kibbles of better quality for Nush. Had a sample of Eagle Pro Chicken & Rice and she quite liked it.

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Shopping at Daiso

A bolster for Nush.. she always likes to sleep there and rest her head on the computer… now this looks much more comfortable! $14,- well spent… of course all for the cats 🙂

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Nush shows signs of getting old

Arthritis in her hind legs makes jumping up difficult. Noticed that when she jumps up onto my bed she actually uses her front legs to pull herself up. Now there are steps that lead to all her favourite places. cat-food boxes are stacked up to help her get onto the sewing machine. A little stool at one side of the bed and a carrier at the other… so no more need to do pull-ups.

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Nushi had steroid injection

Don’t mess with the Nush!

Her last injection was one year ago…

Nushi was found at the estimated age of 8 years with mouth ulcers and rotting teeth. Now she is about 13 and the queen amongst 19 other cats.

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Gum infection again

Had her on Prednisolone for a few days last week but still poor appetite and redness of the gum, some drooling. If it doesn’t improve with a course of antibiotics then I will have to bring her to the vet for the injection.

Orange Boy is back to normal. No poo for 6 days even though I gave Lactulose. I was just going to use the enema…then the big poo appeared. Maybe Orange Boy has a 6th sense.

Nushi also senses when I intend to syringe-feed or medicate her and will hide under the bed.

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Home-Cats relaxing

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Ashley has UTI again…Yesterday he was glued to the litter-box passing small amounts of urine and blood. Kept syringing him with tuna-flavoured water and cranberry.. also keeping him caged for observation and on wet-food only. He seems much better today. Nushi and Tommy also get syringed as they seem to urinate very infrequently… I don’t think Tommy can be released back – he is quite weak and clumsy. Nushi has poor appetite and gets her special kibble mix and Ocean Fish Feast for wet food. Tommy also has his own mix of kibbles.

Snoopy’s ballooning finally made me stop the free flow of kibbles. Now it’s strictly feeding twice a day and Snoopy will be caged after she finishes her portion until all the food has been removed.

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Great Pretenders

Dawn slowly inching closer to Nushi’s special mix of kibbles while pretending not to be interested… but Nushi is not fooled!

Fussy Nushi will get whatever she will eat… and it has to be served on the mat, even the wet food!

Earlier was watching Bunny jump up onto the sewing machine not realizing that Orange Boy was sitting there. Both shocked and don’t know what to do! So both looking the other way and then OB yawning and very slowly stretching his legs and moving away a little. Normally Bunny will whack whoever comes too close… me included.

Seems Nushi and Tommy are prone to constipation. Had given laxative to both of them yesterday. Tommy was meowing and wildly digging in his litter trays… managed to topple one… but finally a big poo was delivered! Nushi walked all over the room trying to poo. I was really worried… she even vomited a little. Then finally she managed to get it out.. but it had to be on my bed… sigh! Never a dull day with cats!

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New toys

Lots of useful cat stuff was given to me by another caregiver. They love the 3-way tunnel. The cat-tree went straight into my bedroom… before Ashley’s could spray on it!

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6 teeth extracted

Nushi was wide awake when I picked her up.

She pawed at her mouth a bit but then settled down to rest. I would normally have caged her for a day or two but all the cages are occupied so she is now in her favourite hiding spot under the bed. A big thank you to E for sponsoring Nushi’s dental work!

So relieved that it is finally over and done…

Had a look at Choc on my way back. He looks good but there are still some scabs. Will probably take the collar off and remove the stitches in a few days time.

Snoopy is improving … able to get up more easily now. Hopefully she will make a full recover soon and can be released. But Snoopy is not complaining, contented being in her cage… a very sweet cat!

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Nushi went to Mt Pleasant Vet today

The blood test result is okay except that the platelets are a bit low. However the gums were still too inflamed. She has to take another round of Prednisolone for 5 days (double the dose that I had given her before) and also a course of antibiotics. The extraction is scheduled for Monday. Looks like quite a number of teeth will have to go…

Nushi’s weight went up to 4kg now. I have been syringe-feeding her a 3/4 can of Avoderm every morning and night to keep her strong….

I think Nush is in good hands… Dr. Goh had also operated on her 2 years ago when she had the blockage…. but of course I still worry because she took very long to recover from the anesthetics when she had some teeth extracted at another clinic . That was 5 years ago just after we found her. The vet had estimated her to be 8 years old then.

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Cute Nush

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Nush & Mirko groomed

This was long overdue.

Found a groomer who makes house-calls… less stress for the cats!

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Nushi went to see the vet.

Nush shows her angry face

after injection and bitter medicine

I realize that the longer I delay the older she gets and may lose more weight… then any procedure will be even more risky!

Brought her to AAVC this morning… after the vet had reassured me that she would probably be able to check Nushi’s gums and teeth without needing to sedate her.

As suspected Nush has a decaying tooth but also mouth ulcers. The vet advised to treat the ulcers first… so Nush got an injection of Depredil and has to take a course of antibiotics (Metro).

Probably need to get that tooth extracted…. no choice – but will choose the most safest type of anesthetics for her.

Her weight has dropped to 3.55… it used to be 3.9kg

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A Sleepy Nush

… and another one of Ivy’s pretty paintings.

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Nushi is sick

It started with gum infection, then 3 days ago she developed red eye and some coughing. Have Isolated her from the other cats (in my bedroom) and giving her Zithromax and applying eye-gel. Also syringe-feeding to keep her strong. Nushi still eats some of her favourite food and snacks. She doesn’t look too bad but of course I worry…

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Outlawed Inside, Stray Outside

Read what Nushi thinks about the HDB ban on cats…..

in Pets Magazine Nov/Dec 2008 issue

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Home Cats


Ash is better but still syringing him water with cranberry extract. The extract is not very sour tasting (unlike vinegar or vitamin c) and can even be mixed into the food.

Dawn & Sky

Home cats reclaiming the balcony after Pema & Silverine went to the cattery.


Nush… getting more furry

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A Tent for the Cats



Peekaboo’s guardian got this from Ikea.

The cats like it 🙂

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Two Heavyweights


Hope the hammock will hold…

Orange Boy

The swelling is all gone now

Nush has inflamed gums again…and Ashley has the urinary infection again. Hope Nush will get better with some antibiotics and I have been syringing Ashley with water and cranberry juice.

Mirko went for shaving yesterday…and Nushi will be done next week if she is better by then.

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Nush & Sash

Sasha aka Whiny-Purry on top of the wardrobe

Nushi in her favorite spot on the bed

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The No-Hair-Cat

Everyone stared at her and came up to sniff…could this strange creature be Nush???

Mirko will be next 🙂

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Nushi is unwell

Saw small spots of diarrohea at different places on the floor this morning, and Nushi also feels slightly warm. She ate 2 pieces of her favorite salmon snacks and then vomited. I am very worried that she has another blockage…There were also some hairballs recently although I gave her special hairball control food and in addition hairball medication and some laxative for her hard stool once a week, also brushed her often.

I will wait a day or two to see if she can recover on her own…if not I will bring her back to see Dr. Goh. Hope she will recover and then I get her fur shaved to the length of a shorthair cat. Should have done that earlier…

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Tummy missing after the rain…

There was a very heavy downpour yesterday. Was he caught in the drain and swept away? I am still hoping that he will be back today. The 3 kittens were always together.

Romeo had survived the rain and is hiding under a car. Juliana called SPCA again to help catch him…so that she can bring him to the vet.

Penny rescued an injured kitten…one of the legs had to be amputated…no photo yet. The kitten is now in foster care.

Nushi had blood in her urine this morning. Luckily she is bathroom-trained! Would be hard to notice the blood in the litter box as the wet paper pellets turn very dark grey….. I have boiled the gold coin grass for her and will wait and see if it helps.

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A walk in the wild

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Ashley caged for observation

Ashley had a piece of poo sticking to his fur. We cut it off and then saw something sticking out from his backside that looked like hairball…
I gave him a dose of Nushi’s hairball remedy and will leave him in the cage until his next poo… hopefully not another blockage.
Ashley has this habit of “grooming� me when I am sleeping…he thinks I’m his mama. When I get him out of my hair he will then happily snuggle up in my arms. Always worry that he might ingest some of my hair and it could entangle in the intestines.
Nushi has a bit of runny nose…that and the gums is probably what keeps her from eating. Mirko also sneezes once in a while…but still has good appetite.

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With this old camera my photo-taking is limited to day time only and then either outdoors or on the balconey where there is enough light…

Nushi’s wound has healed nicely but she is still not eating much. She sneezed a few times and has been caughing last night. Strangely she refuses the wet food but will take some kibbles, although she has problems chewing them and will paw at her mouth. I will srynge-feed her a while longer to see if her appetite comes back…

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Nushi has finally started eating

Nushi gobbled up some Fussy Cat tuna today. Brought her for check-up yesterday and the vet found that her gums were inflamed. No wonder she kept pawing her mouth and refused to eat. She had not been given any anti-inflammatory medication because of her sensitivity to nsaid.

I finally decided to get one of those Pill Poppers and found it a very useful little gadget. So much easier to pill her and without irritating her gums when she tries to spit out the half tablet of antibiotics…

This morning she actually couldn’t wait for me to get up and give her breakfast. Kept walking over my body, meowing and giving me massages. Poor Nush has lost quite a bit of weight…and my savings have also shrunk a little with that huge medical bill. The operation itself was only $320, – but there was a long list of other items so in the end with consultations and everything the bill came up to 1.150. – my most expensive cat so far…but all that matters is that she is well again 🙂

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Update on Nushi

A long cut at Nushi’s tummy

Nushi had a hairball blocking her intestines. The vet managed to remove it by massaging instead of cutting the intestines.

I stayed with her for an hour after the operation …she didn’t move much but seems all right and actually managed to stand up once…The vet also said that her liver and kidneys looked fine but the panaceas was a little inflamed, probably due to the blockage and should recover.

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Nushi is not well

Nushi is not eating…

Brought her to see the vet this morning and they are doing a blood test for liver/kidney function. She has some ulcers in her mouth…but not so bad that it would make her refuse even soft food.

Or could it be a blockage…hairball?

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Photos of the rest of the family

Sky, Dawn, Nushi & Mirko

Photo 1: Sky is less shy now and has a better appetite

Photo 2: And here is our heavyweight champion! Look at that belly

Photo 3: Grandma Nushi and newly adopted Grandpa Mirko

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