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Flowers from my daughter and herbs from LK

I have suffered from insomnia for so long that I have forgotten how it feels to sleep through the night. So tired all the time…

Really hope this works! Yesterday night I took half a tranquilizer tablet left over from OB’s medication and went to bed… but then the phone rang. LK said she can hear One-Eye Jack softly meowing inside the power room. So I got up and cycled to Blk *03. The cleaning supervisor came to open the door but there was no cat. LK must have been mistaken…sigh!

I have put up Missing Cat Posters around the area.

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One-eye ginger missing

One-Eye Jack

One-Eye Jack has been missing for 2 days! This is very unusual… something must have happened! Called AVA and SPCA and searched with LK for a long time yesterday night. LK thought she heard a faint meow in the drain but maybe mistaken. Could have been the sound of one of the two busybodies who kept following us… Midnight and Beany! My hearing is hopeless…

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One-Eye Jack getting better

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January 28, 2011 · 9:30 am

Took him in…

Less worry this way…and also good for him to rest in a safe place for a while. He took the antibiotics with his food.

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One-eye Jack has flu

I knew something was wrong when I saw him walking slowly yesterday and not very interested in the food. He was coughing, his one eye looked watery and he felt a bit warm.

I came with carrier prepared to take him in if necessary… but he looks better today and ate 2 Fancy Feasts.

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Beany & One Eye Jack

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Cats keep the rat population in check

A neighbour mentioned that there should be more cats around. He had seen rats and they even gnawed through some of the wires in his car. Maybe he should complain to the Town Council that there are not enough cats around 😉 Community Cats, like Rocky, are doing a good job. Just today I received another non-vegan present from Rocky…. Well, it’s the thought that counts 😉 Even our One-Eye Ginger is still a good mouser!

Photo: Ginger aka One-Eye Jack

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Cats found but phone lost…

Just to inform friends who read my blog that I have lost my mobile phone 2 days ago (and with it all my contacts). It was taken from the bicycle basket while I was trying to trap Pearl. Surprisingly, I am not very upset about it, just glad that Sally and Sandra are back (both were sterilized last month).

Sandra had me worried when she disappeared for several days…I searched and called AVA… but then she came back, looking fine. Sally from *32 Area 3 was gone for about a week before I found her at *50 and carried her back but she left again. Sylvia found her yesterday at the playground near *48.

There has been a newly abandoned cat at *05 area 2. This young black and white cat was so hungry that she crawled right up to Ginger’s bowl to take a bite. I think Ginger aka One-Eye Jack was too shocked to react. I quickly gave the new cat her own bowl of food and had to refill twice before she ran off. Thought that I may not see her again as she was very frightened, but then saw and fed her at *02 yesterday. Hope she sticks around…

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Ginger, Patches, Lilly and Little Sky

Ginger’s stitches were removed today and Patches recovered well from dental surgery. She had 3 teeth extracted and was put on i/v drip. Patches has ulcers in her mouth and throat and the vet suspects FIV, as her immunity is low… but she seems to be much better now and ate a good portion, though still with some difficulty. I will keep her in for 2 weeks, to give her antibiotics and hope to get her to put on some weight.

Lilly and Sky are both doing well. Little Sky had a slight fever, but her appetite had improved and she has put on some weight since last month, so she was finally sterilized today.

Photos: Sweet Little Patches after surgery

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