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From Stray to MP’s Pet

THIS is the stray that stole the hearts of an entire neighbourhood.

Xiao Hei, or Blackie, used to be a homeless mongrel running around in Yishun.Then, local residents grew to love her.Now she has a family to care for her, and a proper home – the MP’s.

When the MP visits the constituency, so does Xiao Hei.

So the residents continue to have their pet. And she has become the ‘unofficial mascot’ of Yishun.

In February, The New Paper reported that the dog may have to be taken away because it was not legal for the residents to keep her in a public area.

But MP Lee Bee Wah, seeing how attached to Xiao Hei her constituents had become, looked for a way to save her from being put down as a stray.

Ms Lee’s solution: take Xiao Hei home herself.

Three years ago, a resident had found the abandoned puppy at Yishun Stadium and taken her back to Block 825, Yishun Street 81, which became herhome.

Soon, Xiao Hei (Mandarin for little black one) became a friend to the children, a companion to the elderly, and even provided solace to those who had lost their loved ones.

Residents of all races and religions cared for her.

Some of them built a makeshift shelter for her out of cardboard, others fed and bathed her daily.

But earlier this year, someone filed a complaint and officers from the Centre for Animal Welfare and Control came to take her away.

The residents managed to stop the officers and later moved Xiao Hei temporarily to Pasir Ris.

About 80 residents then petitioned Ms Lee to allow the dog they loved so much to remain in the neighbourhood.

Said Ms Lee, 47: ‘I read The New Paper’s article on Xiao Hei and learned that many residents have feelings for her. So I wanted to rescue her.’

The residents could not keep the dog under HDB policy. Neither could it be allowed to roam freely in the estate.

So Ms Lee, who lives in a semi-detached house in Serangoon Gardens, decided to do the next best thing, which was to adopt Xiao Hei as her own.

She and her teenage son went to the farm where Xiao Hei had been homed.

Ms Lee recalled: ‘We took her out for a walk and my son liked her. So we brought her home.’

Now, Ms Lee is known to her residents as the ‘MP with Xiao Hei thedog’.

She said: ‘I know the residents miss Xiao Hei so I try to take her to meet them whenever I can.

‘Xiao Hei has also brought me closer to the residents. She is a very specialdog.’

Housewife Dulcie Lim told The New Paper on Sunday that nowadays she goes for all grassroots events attended by the MP.

Madam Lim, 60, said: ‘Our MP is kind enough to adopt Xiao Hei. We don’t want to intrude into her privacy by visiting Xiao Hei frequently at her home.

‘We appreciate her bringing Xiao Hei to meet us whenever she can. Last Saturday, she had to attend another event in the evening, yet she brought Xiao Hei with her to see us. We were so touched by her gesture.’

Though Xiao Hei leads a comfortable life now, she has not forgotten her ol
d friends in Yishun.

When she saw Madam Lim, she wagged her tail, ran towards her, licked her legs and looked into her NTUC plastic bag.

She used to feed Xiao Hei at the void deck every day.

Madam Lim said: ‘Xiao Hei looks so pretty now. She has put on weight and is obviously happy living with the MP.’

When it was time to go, Xiao Hei just jumped into the MP’s car.

And it was ‘So long Xiao Hei, see you again soon.’

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Xiao Qiang caught by AVA

I received an sms from Juliana at 4.30pm that Xiao Hei’s son Boy Boy aka Xiao Qiang was caught by AVA this afternoon.

Terry was supposed to catch him for sterilisation but he did not see him on the day he came down.

When I called AVA I was told that the dog could not be claimed, as it was a police case…he had attacked someone. All I could bargain for was to keep him alive for 2 days until Friday.

I talked to the police and also to the lady who was bitten. She herself does not want the dog to be killed. Seems Xiao Qiang wanted to play with her handbag and bit her calf when she didn’t let go. She said that the bite wound is not serious and that it looked more like a cat scratch.

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Update on Xiao Hei

The CC is still processing the adoption of Xiao Hei…they are still waiting for some certs, which are with one of the residents.

Mr. Ong, who is handling the adoption, called me today after I emailed him about the 2 dogs that will be ‘euthanized’ if not adopted by end of the month.

He told me that most of the potential adopters were living in HDB flats, which does not allow such dogs of medium size, like Xiao Hei.

So the bad news is that there are only 2 or 3 adopters who are eligible. He will try and help but not that much hope. I have forwarded the SOS email and pictures of the dogs to him.

These are the 2 dogs Max and Ruddy, less than 2 years old…given up by their owner and now boarded until end of the month. Two kind people have offered $ 200. – each, which will pay for another month of boarding – until end of April…

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Update on Xiao Hei

Xiao Hei was not doing well at the kampung house. According to Juliana he looked very run down and depressed. I managed to persuade her to discuss with the others and have him boarded at Pet Villa, and also have him seen by a vet as Mohan and Cathy suspected that he could have tick fever or heart-worm. Mohan brought him to the vet for blood test, microchip and vaccination right next morning and then to the farm.

Juliana and some other residents visited Xiao Hei today and brought him for a walk. He seems to be much happier there.

The residents will be meeting the MP on Sunday.

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More support for Xiao Hei

From Calsifer’s Blog:

SOS: Help Save Xiao Hei the Dog –


Goodbye Year of the Dog, Goodbye Blackie? –


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Xiao Hei’s Story in The New Paper

Will Xiao Hai be allowed to stay and have a shelter built for her at the void deck…

More here:

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The Big Catch!!!

Yes, Mohan finally netted the untrappable Sandy (mother of Hazel)!

Now there are only 2 more difficult ones left, Judy and Pearl.

I saw Big Head yesterday for the first time after his release. He is quite friendly with Sylvia now but keeps away from me. I guess he remembers how he was caught and then kept in the cage for such a long time and then his escape at the vets… Well, can’t blame him.

Took in Golden Lion as a spare cat, in case I fail to catch either Judy or Pearl tonight for tomorrow’s sterilization slot.

M and myself visited the dog (Xiao Hei) at his temporary home today. We were surprised to see a group of people there. J and other residents were also visiting her and taking photos J

The place is not ideal for long-term and hopefully she can soon be adopted or transferred to a boarding facility.

Photos: Sandy and Golden Lion

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The Spirit of Compassion

The AVA van turned up at the area of blk *30 to catch the dog… someone had made a complaint.

This much-loved sterilized female dog named Xiao Hei aka Blackie has been around for about 3 years. She is very tame and friendly, even with the community cats..

Many residents, including Az and other Malay families, came down to plead with them. Finally the dogcatchers agreed to come back in a few days time.

The residents gathered and discussed and even signed a petition to the MP, who agreed to ask AVA to give them more time.

Meanwhile Sylvia kept me updated while I was trying to get a boarding facility to accept the dog. One resident came forward to sponsor the boarding fees. He had found the dog when she was still a puppy and later had her sterilized.

Then, this morning I came to know that another resident had called in the SPCA. Her reasoning was that the dog would have a chance there or at least would be put down more humanely. Managed to call it off while they were on the way.

The residents keep calling Sylvia for updates regarding the boarding. They are also taking turns to watch over the dog and look out for the AVA van.

One lady, a cancer survivor, says that she can’t sleep because of the worries.

Sylvia says, that the dog looks sad and seems no know that something is going on…

Hopefully she can be boarded by Monday…


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